'High hopes and deferred dreams' for black Americans

Jan. 24, 2010: Post 1-24-10, 6:55 pmET

Black History

Is black America’s love-affair with Barack over?

States rethink 'adult time for adult crime'

Promises, promises - How Obama has fared

Georgetown Professor: Obama 'Runs From Race Like A Black Man Runs From A Cop

Report: Minorities majority in public schools in South

13-year-old student wows Morehouse

Steele to GOP critics: Fire me or 'shut up'

Will Georgia elect its first Black Libertarian Governor?

Black activists launch rare attack on Cuba about racism

The Extraordinary Story of the Hanging of the Black Man Who Owned Slaves

Official: Jamaica to take in radical Muslim cleric

Black New Orleans could elect first white mayor in 30 years

KFC Australia pulls controversial ad

Amtrak "Train From Hell" Delayed Almost 24 Hours

Tiger Woods must risk embarrassment and humiliation: Harmon

U.S. judges seek massive California prisoner release

Steele's book release, fiery rhetoric fuel dissatisfaction within GOP

Black Entertainment

Did Jackson Bid $5 Million to Replace Obama?

Fewer Americans think Obama has advanced race relations

Black Is Not So Black

What's The State of Black America? Video

Rush, Robertson take heat

Adoption plan needed for Haitian children

CIA bomber video shows militant links

Tyra Banks Gone Wild

Census estimate: D.C. black population still shrinking

Race Assumes Central Role in New Orleans Vote

Mary J. Blige Confirmed for ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL

If you're Black, get back. If you're Brown, stay around, but if you're light, bright and almost white: you're alright!

Does 'Judge Shopping' for the right court in Chattanooga undermine the US criminal justice ?

Losing Your Focus in Sports

Mantan Moreland & Nipsey Russell 1955

Mariah Carey on 'that' speech

The Extraordinary Story of the Hanging of the Black Man Who Owned Slaves

Celebration of emancipation proclamation remembers history

Latinos Surpassing Blacks, Catching up with Whites in Internet Use

AT&T latest sponsor to drop Tiger Woods

Black Crime

Reid to Obama: Sorry for 'no Negro dialect'

CIA bomber calls for attacks on US in video

Former Bush lawyer charged with attempted murder

Ohio city settles for $2.5M with children of black woman killed by white officer in drug raid

Black cop roughed up by two cops; says he was racially profiled

Black Civil War troops to get recognition in South Carolina

U.S. state prison cuts spark controversy

Detention officer fired for KKK membership

Ex-Voting Section Chief Defends Black Panther Case At Goodbye Lunch

Wrong to give bomb suspect civilian rights: McCain

Keyshia Cole Confirms Pregnancy, Addresses Family Conflict

Haiti's history as first black republic

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