We got an email from a viewer and it said 'Black News' was the worse scandal sheet in the history of news; you're homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-white, anti-Hispanic, anti-church, anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-American and anti-God... We said; you hold it one damn minute; we're not anti-God!



Any reasonable person knows this fool is mentally ill , and they need to hire him on FOX cable news with the rest of them nuts


The 'Face in the Window' in Carrollton, Alabama is the lynched man Henry Wells


Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, you go man, and keep up the fight!


Boy, this is some foreboding shit


Was Atlanta asleep at the wheel? Asleep at the wheel; they were asleep, but they were not even at the wheel!


Obama Administration to Commute More Nonviolent Drug Sentences too little too late


Will this token gesture get the Black vote out in 2014?


Why does any immigration reform has to consider giving any kind of benefit to illegals? Yes we have a broken system, but who broke it? The illegals!


Scientists discover a new, simpler way to make stem cells


Clapper says al-Qaeda hiding behind every tree in America; don't believe the hype!


Obama a lame-duck before State of the Union


Stupid Atlanta Mayor, Kasim 'Big Waterhead' Reed, Blames His Incompetence On God


What do most Americans want in immigration reform? They want the aliens out!


Snowden nominate for Nobel Peace Prize


Pete Seeger (The most hated white man in America) dies; He was a Nigger Lover!


Peekskill Outrage - Sidney Poitier, Pete Seeger, Paul Robeson


Demaryius Thomas’ mother, grandmother will watch him play Super Bowl from prison


Deadly Batch of Heroin Has Already Killed 17


The Jews in Israel are not God's chosen people and God did not deed them any land; they need to stop saying that because it gives all good Jews a bad name, and make the rest sound like they're crazy!


Obama's readiness to 'bypass''Congress on 2014 agenda could be the beginning to his end


Can't get no privacy because Big Brother is always watching me


Who Knew?! The real Django — Dangerfield Newby


"I am not a member of any organized political party," Will Rogers once joked. "I am a Democrat."


The same one percent that ruled Germany before the Nazis are the same one percent that rules America now: These Greedy Jews!

Mr. Perkins - here's a subtle difference, the likely outcome for a Jew under Nazis was death while the worst outcome for a rich person in America is that they will be a little less rich. The system here that has enabled you to be fabulously rich has made most Americans miserable, do something about it and maybe they'll stop calling you names

Another Stock Market Bubble (How is Google worth so much?) take your money and hide it under your mattress


Poll states that most Americans think Obama is a good father and a likeable guy, but incompetent as president


Justin 'The Kid' Bieber lawyer, Roy Black got damn just as much money as the kid


If Blacks leave Obama, his approval will be as low as it is cold — below zero!


Wealth: A few control almost all of it


The world hated the Nazis, but some of these Jews, we mean some, are no better than Nazis


That's the funking you get for the fucking you got


The Murder Of Emmett Till - Documetary in HD


The Black Vote for Gay Marriage


Most Blacks are against gay marriage, so quit trying to link your struggle with US


Sammy Davis Jnr "Mr Bojangles"


Governmental payback to Dennis Rodman, and you better keep your Black ass in treatment!


Tupac Shakur - Final 24 Hours


‘Systematic Torture and Killing’ — a New Report Points Fingers at Syria’s Assad


Why are lawyers killing themselves? It maybe a good thing!


Mexico to Texas on convicted cop killer —don't execute our citizen — drop dead!


NFL Talkboard: Conference Championship games preview


Joshua Black calls for hanging Obama should be charged with treatening the life of the president


You dipshit, dumbass white morans we will never be like you, so go suck an egg!


In Georgia we locks these Niggers down Nobel Peace Prize winner or nor, a Nigger is a Nigger down here — that Nigger King, going Readsville



Obama says marijuana ‘no more dangerous than alcohol’; he is spot on!


Madonna didn't use Nigger out of hate like these racist Crackers in the Chattanooga do


It's an art to knowing when to leave; most people stay too long!


Dennis alright, he just drinks a bit


American Racism Drives Poverty And Poverty DrivesCrime. EverybodyKnows That!


Chris "Toop Fat To Be President" Christie Drip, Drip Drip!


When you Niggers gone stop complaining about getting arrested?


‘The Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis says gays are pervert's


Don't get mad — that's how Niggers talk — scared the poor white girl to death!


Ain't it great that the two states that are in the super bowl is where weed is legal? Hotdamn!


1955 The Murder of Emmett Till; how can we ever forgive America for this?


Do it like you do Niggers; just shoot 'em, and send the family a bill for the bullet


The Peter Principle; has Obama reached his level of incompetence?


Will Giving Israel A Blank Check For War Against Iran Do US In?

Cybertoon #25

Cybertoon #26

911 Dispatcher Still Employed After Hanging up on a Caller


How can Obama justify increasing unemployment benefits while trying to add 20 million illegal aliens to the work force? That's crazy, man, crazy generous!


Lawmakers Roll Out Voting Rights Act Fix


Pope Benedict got them faggot priests on the run


'Duck Dynasty's' black supporters


What happened to Oprah and Lee

Daniels' The Butler?


So, you say you're not devils...


Black America braces for what’s ahead in 2014


Official Report Cites Drug Overdose (sic) as Cause of Alfred Wright’s Death


How to increase unemployment?


NAACP Image Awards Should Go Away


American Gulag Is What The Criminal Justice Is About


She just couldn't stop cuming... Really?


We got the best government that money can buy!


Marissa Alexander can remain free on bond, but judge clearly upset with home-detention supervisor


Amiri Baraka: Poet Laureate Dead

What did we call him back in the day?


Christie bridge scandal: five outrageous examples of political revenge


Supreme Court Justices Worthless In The Information Age.

The Supreme Court Ain't Worth Spit

US courts as the new slave master are worse than the original slave master


Robert Gates rips Obama, Biden and Clinton for putting politics over country


Did Lyndon B. Johnson arranged John F. Kennedy's assassination?


U.S. acts to keep minority, disabled students out of jail


U.S. Congressman, North Korean Exiles Ask Rodman to Call Off Pyongyang Game — you Don't tell Blacks What to do, You Jew!


Was Dennis Rodman the greatest rebounder in the history of NBA?


David Brooks smoked pot - but you shouldn't


The great Dennis Rodman has rocked your white world!

What happens when the State turns on its own people? Revolution!


The gay agenda strikes again!


Dennis Rodman Defends North Korean 'Basketball Diplomacy'


Swing-State Democrats Won't Survive Without Black Voters


Has Robin Roberts ever seen a dick? Don't knock it (girl) until you have tried it!


An incarceration nation will leave US all locked down


Don't fuck with me 'cause I'll feed your ass to the dogs!


Can We Have Capitalism Without Racism? The Invisible Chains of Debt and the Catastrophic Loss of African American Wealth


Marijuana: One of the fastest-growing industries in America


America is the most incompetent, corrupt, crooked country in the history of the world


Election-year politics shape congressional agenda


We can never stop racial hatred in America!


Push for sentencing changes underway in Congress


What happened to that lump of Nigger shit who killed the Great Sam Cooke? Nothing!


Historic ‘polar vortex’ could cause record low temps across Midwest, extreme cold in Northeast


Could Immigration Reform Plan Hurt Black Workers?


Immigration bills may take years to hit House floor


Freed Pussy Riot members say they still want to remove Vladimir Putin


Who's sorry now?


Social Security Changes in 2014: What You Need to Know


Black Leaders Urge Congress to Oppose ‘Irresponsible’ Gang of Eight Legislation


Florida's Population to Surpass New York's Population


US economy losing 'up to a $1bn a week' after jobless benefits cut


Leading Republicans' states among worst hit by jobless benefits cuts


Chris'Too Fat To Be President' Christie knew about lane closures


Firing her is not enough — these racist white women in America — they're the ones who hate US the most; you can see 'em on FOX cable news

Officer Bernadette Najor

Get rid of your 'Waterhead' mayor, Kasim Reed

What you do when your mayor is a fool? Recall the sucker!

The great Michael Strahan seems like such a nice guy on TV to have been such a terror on the football field

Michael Strahan on Warren Sapp's Hall of Fame criticism: 'The tiger does not pay attention to the opinion of a sheep'


How can Chattanooga Be The Most Religious And The Most Racist City In America At The Same Time? They're Psychotic!

This Webcast Is Special To 'Black News'


Progressive Blacks and conservative Tea Party members work together to remove gay councilman

Politics makes strange bedfellows


The geniuses at Google buy Motorola at $12.4 billion and sells it for $2.9 billion


De Blasio Says New York Will Settle Suit Over Stop-and-Frisk


That stop-and-frisk — that's mighty fine police work — if we stop enough people, we'll catch the man who killed Kennedy and King!



Is that why they do the stop-and-frisk? Right, spot-on; you move to the head of the class!

The cops in America are so incompetent they can't catch cold in the dead of winter, and make the Keystone Cops look like Scotland Yard


Chattanooga considered most religious city in America, (sic) but most white Christians here are racists


Worst of the Worst’ (All Black People) Removed From the Streets of Chattanooga; Black Community Comes to Their Defense

There's something wrong with this picture— how can you be the most religious and the most racist at the same time? The white racists in Chattanooga force young Blacks into a life of crime, and the white cops will kill Blacks on the spot. The Blacks above are looking at life in prison for selling drugs because white racist businesses won't hire them, and they called thenselves Christians — that's crazy — what a bunch of shit this is.


Chattanooga's Blacks come forward to recall first gay (Chris Anderson) councilman

He doesn't represent what the people want," said Mahmood Abdullah, owner of Southside Market. "His only goal is to boost homosexuality."

Presenting the petition were: Alfred Johnson, pastor of Church of the First Born; Gil Shropshire, president of the Alton Park Neighborhood Association; M.Abdullah, store owner in Alton Park; Teresa Wood, St Elmo resident; George Goss, East Lake resident along with 7-8 others from the Alton Park area.

One of those in the group said, "We have not been properly represented. Our interests have been set aside for matters Mr. Anderson considered more important."


At least she wasn't humping the floor


What cares about the illiteracy rate at the Grammy awards?


We love their music, but do you care if they can't read?


Obama maybe our worst enemy, lately, he doesn't seem like much of a friend



If you keep talking that shit, you may just get water!

Joe Arpaio, you already got 'em waring pink panies, don't be so hard!


If Madonna can date Rodman, she can say Nigger all she want

Madonna been had I am cool with 'Blacks Card'


Nigger you're not on your way to Congress, you're on your way to prison

Florida House candidate Joshua Black


Americans Celebrate (sic)The Assassination Of MLK

This Webcast is special to 'Black News'


Erin Andrews in another troubling encounter with a Black man


It's unreasonable to expect Uncle Tim to nothing but a lacky


Why Gay Marriage Isn’t the ’60s Civil Rights Fight


I saw my assassination in a dream

An Elegy to MLK

FINALLY REVEALED after 44 years: The haunting, rarely seen pictures captured on the night Martin Luther King was assassinated


How you gone execute a fourteen-year old boy who was probably innocent, and call yourself human?— Hell is too good for you!


George Stinney, who gives a fuck about a newtrial now?

The world's shame!


Is Chattanooga the most racist city in the history of the world?


Does Al Sharpton's face look like a dried-up prune with a mustache?

'Black News' Needs To Apologize For Comparing Al Sharpton Face To A Dried-Up Prune With A Mustache. Yeah, We Would Like To Ask Forgiveness To All Dried-Up Prune!

He's a gift that keeps on giving


Are Americans ready to confront slavery?

It wasn't me!!!! Yeah, it was your mama!


Institutional Racism VS Neo-racism In Racist America


When the cops in Chattanooga was trying to kill E. and he took out running, they called him coward. But, what did E. say?

“He who fights and runs away
May live to fight another day;
But he who is battle slain
Can never rise to fight again"


Playing Blacks Like A Piano And Beating Them Like A Drum

This Webcast Is Special To Black News


Obama to nominate first black lesbian judge in 20 years

Staci Michelle Yandle; big deal, she looks like a man anyway — it may have a dick, you never know!


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely; eat that fat boy

He's the elephant in the room — for real!


Chris "Too Fat" Christie is wide as he is tall


American racism behind toddler in 'thug' video!


You can stick a fork in him, this piece of fatback is done

I am sad and shocked that dirty tricks are being played; now let go and bash the head of a baby seal


These Niggers Need To Be Put Under The Jail!

They can teach this baby to say all this nasty stuff, but not train him to use the pot


Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Is One Rotten Ass Bitch


Counselor says some UNC Black student-athletes read at 3rd, 4th grade level


Is Big Fat Pig Looking Roger Ailes, The Queer Of The Year?


This troubled Black is a disgraced to Black Americans



Armond White, you stinking ass queer, sit your stupid ass down


Is North Korea's dictator better than American racism?


Dennis Rodman: I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize

Does Dennis Deserve the Nobel Prize for Peace?


Most Blacks Love Kim Jong Un Because The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

When are you going to get through your crazy head; most Blacks hate America!


He Was a Crook: by Hunter Thompson


Crying, there's no crying on TV: Melissa-Harris Perry has embarrassed the Black community and should resign from her show on MSNBC



Melissa-Harris Perry Cries to Keep Her Job During On-Air Apology to Romney Family


The little Jigaboo does look out of place with a bunch Mormons



American MSNBC host apologizes for mocking Romney’s black grandchild


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