We shall watch as well as pray for this change of heart!

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Bush tricked the American people about Iraq

Stupid Bush is the worse President we have ever had!

He's like Dennis the Menace.

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Letter to the Editor

Toronto woman accuses Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct: Say it ain't so, Bill!

Bill Cosby has been running around the country "ranting and raving" about Blacks not taking responsibility for their children, and he's the worse hypocrite you can find.

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Hate Email

Rice faces second day of grillings: don't let that bitch off the hook!

Dumb FBI may have to scrap a $170 million project

The Feds want Armstrong Williams investigation

Black Conservative, you may go to jail!

Armstrong Williams is just one of many so-called Black conservatives who are hustling stupid Republicans

Letter to the editor

Uncle Alberto a disgrace to the Hispanic race

Everybody that's your color is not your kind!

At death's door, Thief Justice Rehnquist still a liar

Republicans divided on immigration issues

U.S. ups tsunami aid from $35 million to $350 million, but world knows it's not sincere
Bush And Most Americans Are Fakes!