Fuck their national anthem, it's for racist whites and Jews: Betting on the national anthem: An American tradition

What about Black News' cinematography? San Diego Black Film Festival Spotlights African-American Cinema For 17th Year

Is a mystery plane heading to Russia loaded with Venezuelan gold? Trump wants that gold!

LOL: Trump boosts bills to teach his favorite book — the Bible — in public schools

Atlanta Police Chief, NAACP discuss 'serious concerns' about police shooting of unarmed Black man

I'm Black and Gay. This Is Why Jussie Smollett’s Attack Hurts So Deeply — Is This Faggot Lying?

Harris, Booker call attack on Black gay actor an 'attempted modern-day lynching' — Right!

Putin presents Xi Jinping with Russia’s highest state award

Intelligence threat assessment: Your friends hate you and the bear and wolf are at your door

Closing the Gulf Between Black and Racist White Christians

Black Panther more exploitive to Blacks than all the Tarzan movies with one caveat, they had real Africans not a bunch of Niggers playing Africans

THE LEGEND OF TARZAN and Hollywood’s View of Africa and people of color

Democrats' race for the Black vote is on. It could decide everything.

Kamala Harris' prosecutor past, leaves her dead in the water in Black community

Eyeing 2020, Harris addresses prosecutorial past in memoir that destroyed lives of Black men

As a district attorney, however, she only pursued 25-to-life sentences on a "third strike" that was a serious or violent felony.

Checkmate: Nancy Breaks Trump and Ends the Shutdown

Trump blinked, caved and folded all at the same time under the boot of the 'Iron Lady' Pelosi

Pelosi and Schumer rubs it in on Trump, calling him a wimp

'Largest scam in history': HALF of Facebook accounts fake, says Zuckerberg's Harvard classmate

Sheryl Underwood was in a beauty contest with an orangutan and the orangutan won, hands down!

American business is based on the honor system; 'we expect you to tell the truth about your business behavior' — American Jews have shited on that

5 Jews make Forbes’ list of top 10 wealthiest Americans

Clawing Money Back From These Thieving Jews: Warren’s Plan Is to Raise Taxes on the Rich

The Finance 202: Warren's wealth tax is fundamentally about fairness

How did American Jews get so rich?b Stealing!!

Why Do Jews Keep Tearing Down Black Leaders? Because Niggers won't do what we tell them to do!

Rep. Jackson Lee to step down as chair of subcommittee and Congressional Black Caucus’s nonprofit arm, lawmakers say

Jackson Lee steps down as Judiciary subcommittee chairwoman, good fucking riddance to this 'Village Fool!'

Jackson Lee was recently named in a lawsuit alleging that she unlawfully fired a young woman who planned to pursue legal action against the CBCF. Jackson Lee denies any retaliation took place.

Black student awarded $1.25m settlement after Chicago police tackle him for ‘stealing his own car’

Fuck An Aplogy! Where is the money for work already done?

Sanders Reaches Out to Black SC Voters Before 2020 Decision, But Where Does He Stand On Slave Reparations?

The debate against Slave Reparations

Thinking Al Sharpton controlled the Black is a receipt for failure in 2020

Nigger vote brokers like Al Sharpton already trying to sell the Black vote for pennies

Everything Al Sharpton Has Lived for Is at Stake if Hellary won, the bitch lost by thinking Blacks care for Rev. Al.

'O Captain! My Captain' Walt Whitman's Elegy to Lincoln

Vote them rotten N-words out of office and them dirty crackers out too

U-M students debate, shout down 'Bell Curve' author Charles Murray

Charles Murray's magnum opus "The Bell Curve" Postulates that Niggers are inferior

Gladys Knight Issues Statement on Colin Kaepernick and Super Bowl Involvement

Gladys Knight defends decision to sing anthem at Super Bowl: This stupid fool don't have an ounce of social consciousness

Black Lives Matter calls Women’s March on N.J. a ‘white women’s march led by Jews.’ Group pulls out as a host

Latest: Prosecutor hopes case cracks ‘code of silence’

Pictured below are Judges Lauren Edidin (left), John D. Turner, Jr., and Domenica A. Stephenson. See you at the polls you fat witch

Surely to be run out of office, Judge Domenica A. Stephenson ain't shit for acquiting 3 Chicago cops of covering up Laquan McDonald's killing

Alexandria lambasts US government shutdown in first House speech — damn, she got presidential potential — she might could be one!

Stinking Black Caucus members rally behind the antiblack hating Nancy Pelosi

Shitting on Blacks with 1994 crime bill: Pelosi shits on Black Caucus in Swearing-In

Black Caucus at Crossroads as Marcia Fudge Mulls Speaker Bid

Jewish liars assault Women’s March co-founders, attack Farrakhan to protect power, privilege and White women

Wes Montgomery: Early Recordings By A Late Guitar Great

The best in the west and east; Wes Montgomery - Windy

What made Wes Montgomery a legend?

The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery (full album) (1080

The 12 (of 39) Members Black Caucus Who Voted Clinton Crime Bill; Them Rotten Ass Niggers

FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR ROLL CALL 416 — this is why the world thinks Blacks are inferior to everybody

Bill Clinton's crime bill destroyed lives, and there's no point denying it

10 People You Probably Didn't Know Were Black

Passing for white; Carol Channing hit the big times passing for white

Broadway Legend Carol Channing Dead At 97 — Here's What She Said About Her Black Heritage

Susan Zirinsky named the first female president of CBS News. Even with this ugly ass bitch, it's more of the same at CBS

All White — Day and Night: NAACP Slams CBS News’ 2020 Team’s Lack of Black Representation

A Response to Rabbi Abraham Cooper on The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

Farrakhan Vs the Jews; Blacks love Minister Farrakhan but hate the Jews

Louis Farrakhan … Again with free speech

Trump: NYT report on FBI fear that he worked for Russia is 'most insulting article' ever

DNA pioneer James Watson stripped of honours after 'reckless' race remarks about Niggers being inferior

Don't reject the null hypothesis out of hand: James Watson stripped of honorary titles for calling Niggers inferior

Nobel prize winner James Watson stripped of titles after suggesting genes make black people less intelligent

Republicans say Steve King's 'stupid,' 'racist' remarks may result in action against him

That worthless, Black Caucus Calls For GOP to Act Against Congressman Steve King

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When one of the most famous black and gay men in America is not safe, the message is clearer than it has ever been. But, the Faggot is lying


Tempted to Compare anti-Semitism With Anti-black Racism? Just Don't!


Negro National Anthem Is What We Must Sing To, Not Their Shit


Fuck their national anthem, it's for racist whites and Jews: Betting on the national anthem: An American tradition


A Jew in the White House; who wants a Jew in the White House?


Nigger politicians allowing it to happen: Social justice and the Super Bowl: Two fatal police shootings of Black men in Atlanta raise questions


It was fucked up for you Niggers back in the day


'Black Panther' wins top honor at SAG Awards. Thank God, now maybe these Niggers will stop begging for Oscar


Income disparity between Blacks, Whites is everywhere in racist America: they got everything. We got nothing but some stupid politicians


From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter: Honoring Black Mothers Who Lost Their Sons


In segregation era, 'Green Book' helped black travelers avoid discrimination in US


A blast from 'Black News' Past


When them weak ass Niggers left the bottom: ‘Black Migrations’ is the theme for SIU’s Black History Month commemoration


Black Women Voters Emerge as Top Target in 2020 Democratic Race. So, Black Men to Be Damned


Speak English or Ebonics and not the fucking Nigger talk


‘My God, can this be happening?’ How the Romanovs faced their gruesome deaths


Video showing officers' deadly struggle with Black teen sparks outrage: Vote County State's Attorney Joseph Rileym out. Send the cracker to the unemployment line


It's Not anti-Semitism if You Just Hate the Bad Jews


No Charges In Death Of Black Teenager Who Died After Being Chased By Police: That's one running Nigger


Let them eat cake? Wealthy Republicans play down severity of shutdown


These some lowdown racist dogs Florida secretary of state resigns amid ‘Hurricane Katrina victim’ blackface scandal (PHOTOS)


More than 50% of Black Southerners report discrimination in past year. So do 18% of whites.


Doomsday clock stays at two minutes to midnight as crisis now 'new abnormal' Something rotten in US!


Giving US Clarence Thomas To The High Court, Joe Biden Is a Traitor to Blacks

Joe Biden’s Role in ’90s Crime Law Could Haunt Any Presidential Bid

Hollywood, please don't patronize the US by giving these gatekeeping Niggers an Oscar! Most Blacks are suffering and all these Niggers want is Oscar


Program allows ordinary digital camera to see round corners


White supremacist pleads guilty to killing Black man as 'practice' for racist plot


The 2020 Democratic nomination will run through the heart of Black America. Not Al Sharpton!


The Great Mahalia Jackson - Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho


This Shit Is Fake; Trump Makes Surprise Visit To MLK Memorial, Leaves After About 2 Minutes


Politicians mark King holiday with appeals to black voters and commemoration of the civil rights leader — they do it because they think Niggers are inferior


Whites passing for Black in racist America will get you everything


Too fucking old: Bernie is stumping in the South and winning over some Black voters


Martin Luther King's Last Speech: "I've Been To The Mountaintop" Al Sharpton, you're not MLK


Black voters warn Democrats with 2020 ambitions about listening to stupid Al Sharpton


You can't make this shit up — toddler emerges from truck with her hands up as she walks towards police — This is a police state and you're going down! You have the right to remain silent and if you piss in your diaper, that will held against you


Everything You Need to Know About the Women's March 2019: Locations, Speakers and Recent Controversy, And How Wicked Jews Tried To Stop It


Please don't kill me, I'm just a baby, they gave up — #Me Too


Another on bites thr dust: Tempe police release body cam of cop fatally shooting teen as he fled from police


Activist who met with congressmen about 'DNA' posted about black 'violence gene.' Niggers got that crazy gene


Black teen’s family laments sentence given to white officer


Are NC schools biased against black students? New report points to suspension rates. Look, and you'll find Niggers behind it!


Sick of Niggers in Chattanooga Cops; we gone beat some sense into this Nigger


Gladys Knight slammed for accepting Super Bowl gig: 'You're too old to not know better. That bitch is stupid ' This what Watson called inferior behavior


The 'Jewish conspiracy' in Asia


Do the Jews control the world? Fucking A! Them crooks have always controlled the world — or wanted to!


‘Gun violence among young African-Americans is a crisis,' says Black Commission at emergency meeting


Activist who met with GOP lawmakers also promotes ‘black violence’ gene: report


Black workers at GM plant where nooses were found allege racial harassment is ongoing


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Criticizes Donald Trump, Government Shutdown in First House Speech: "This Shutdown Is About The Erosion Of American Democracy"


"Black growths" found in government center after teacher complaints


A New Dallas Restaurant Week Will Showcase Black-Owned Establishments


How Organizations Are Failing Black Workers — and How to Do Better


Can't fit in; Black student told her skin was ‘too dark’ sues Blue Valley for race discrimination


Local Black professionals talk workplace inequities


The Culture Of Policing In Chattanooga - And Response (3)


Jewish women divided over Women’s March face difficult choices


What Will It Take To Close The Funding Gap For Black Female Founders?


White women loved that N-word. Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness" Live 1967


These crooked ass Nigger politicians in America; all for themselves and not for US!


Polish mayor stabbed in shocking on-stage attack dies in hospital


Maxine Waters (The Black collaborator on the 1994 crime Bill) meets with CBS News to cut a deal for Niggers — the last time this witch spoke for Blacks, we all ended up in prison


CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accuses David Webb of ‘white privilege’ before learning he’s Black


Metro Detroit woman beaten in parking lot, she says because she's Black


'Barely Treading Water': Why The Shutdown Disproportionately Affects Black Americans


How the Illuminati’s “the Jews own all the banks” & “blacks motivated by (Fake) Jews” Propaganda  Destroyed  the ‘once upon a time’ legitimate White Nationalist movement.


Beware Of The ADL’s Cyberbullying Law


Fired Black TV news anchor alleges her boss banned her natural hair and pressured her to look like 'a beauty queen'


A split Black vote could undo Preckwinkle’s front-runner status


Research details the 'rapid increase in homelessness' in certain U.S. cities


Aretha Franklin's Assets Were Stolen Prior to Her Death; Look At Al Sharpton For The Money


Ocasio-Cortez calls out CBS News for not assigning a 'single Black journalist to cover the 2020 election'. They got that gatekeeping bitch, Gayle King


Ocasio-Cortez calls out CBS News for not assigning a 'single Black journalist to cover the 2020 election'


Gayle King: How I became a 'CBS This Morning' host and O magazine editor-at-large by eating Oprah's ass