Reparations for slavery becoming 2020 hot button issue. Fucking A! Fucking A!
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If half of Americans see Trump as a victim of a witch hunt, he gone hard to beat


Manafort’s sentencing shows again that white-collar criminals get off lightly — If he were Black, these racist white judges would have given him so much time he would need a wheelbarrow to carry his time around


Trump calls O'Rourke 'crazy' for his hand gestures


Prince William and Prince Harry Are Going to Split Their Royal Household


The myth of meritocracy: who really gets what they deserve?


‘It didn’t make no difference if you were Black, white, blue, green or yellow.’


Mosque attack suspect in court as New Zealand readies to bury dead — no copycat for US?


Black Woman Added to Jury Over Protests by Officer’s Lawyer


The fear of getting raped by the white man, Black women face unique mental health challenges, psychologist says


The first Black Catholic priest in the U.S. is one step closer to sainthood: report


LAWSUIT: Former Ferndale Police chief feared 'Black man' would become new chief


Brenton Tarrant: Christchurch shootings suspect said Trump is 'symbol of white supremacy'


To close racial gaps, Indiana sets a lower bar for Black students. Racist whites say that’s wrong.


Driving while Black: Black drivers in America face discrimination by the police


The Case of the Supposedly Sealed Files—And What They Revealed


5 Reasons People Have Stopped Attending Your Church (Especially Millennials)


Why I Don’t Teach Tithing


Putting a dollar in the collection plate won't save the Black Church


The Medgar Evers Assassination


Story of mother sentenced to jail for enrolling child in different district resurfaced amid college scandal


Armed home invaders get what's coming to them when son allegedly sees mother held at gunpoint


Succeeding While Black on the backs of Blacks


Black like Kamala Harris: An identity dilemma for second-generation Black immigrants


Calling the cops for help could get you the beatdown or murdered


'How to spot a Jew': Front-page headline in Polish paper openly sold in parliament sparks fury


Nooses, Confederate flags and monkey imagery: 19 Black UPS workers say company ‘encouraged a culture of racism’


How Russia sank billions of dollars into Venezuelan quicksand


More than 2,000 migrants quarantined in U.S. detention centers due to disease outbreaks.


NYC woman charged with hate crimes after series of pepper spray attacks. Blacks being mad at whites ain't hate



Elizabeth Warren is right – we must break up Facebook, Google and Amazon


Obama was a smiling murderer, says Ilhan Omar… then tries to backtrack — that Nigger was shit to Black Americans!


Another crazy Trump Nigger dismisses White House diversity question, asks about Black people in Lincoln admin — Blacks were still slaves stupid


Oklahoma Christian works to right a wrong against Black students 50 years ago


Black, Hispanic Drivers in Austin More Likely to Be Searched


2020 Dems criss-cross nation building early Black support





All Niggers look alike say the white man and his crooked Jew


Majority of those arrested at Portland high schools last year were Black, new report shows


Arizona Neo-Nazi Who Shot White Woman Because She Was With a Black Man Avoids Death Penalty


Black leaders call public hearings after investigation shows racial disparity in police use of force


Student leaves Tennessee after protest over blackface image spills over to basketball game


Time for a new Black political direction?


Documentary to tell story of all-black Army unit that protected Hawaii in WWII — what have not we done for racist America


'Survival Math' Is A Memoir About Growing Up Black In Oregon



Black Caucus chairman Sawyer all-but-certain to face runoff


Stephon Clark: police officers who shot man eight times will not be charged

Vote Anne Marie Schubert out of office

Live updates: Girlfriend mourns Stephon Clark; Gov. Newsom sees ‘hard truth’ in Stephon Clark case


30% of all traffic stops on North Carolina roads
are of Black drivers


Officials, residents defend Va. first lady after allegations she gave Black students cotton during mansion tour


The ‘heartbreaking’ decrease in Black homeownership


Signs and Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon