Nearing the End-times with stupid Christians in America... US outguns Iran, but faces painful realities in the event of war. This is not your father's Iran!

Nearing the End-times with stupid Christians

US outguns Iran, but faces painful realities in the event of war. This is not your father's Iran!

To the people paying $4,200 to see Michelle Obama talk – do you expect her to say anything interesting?

In Biden’s ‘Corn Pop’ story, his critics see yet another stereotypical portrayal of Blacks. But, who the fuck is ‘Corn Pop?’ Just making shit up.

The Joe Biden wokeness paradox: Can Black voters support him and also hold him accountable?

The 10 Biggest Revelations From Edward Snowden's Leaks You Should Know.

‘I was very much a person the most powerful government in the world wanted to go away.’ Edward Snowden

Snowden launches media tour ahead of book release. We owe him everything

Edward Snowden on 9/11 and why he joined the army: ‘Now, finally, there was a fight’

Ku Klux Klan application found in US police officer's home. Klan at home in most US police departments.

Joe Biden, designated white guy from the Democratic party hates Blacks and our culture

Biden sparks outrage after suggesting Black people don't know how to raise children: 'Put the record player on at night.' That's one thing he got right about you stupid ass Niggers

Joe Biden’s Stunningly Racist Answer on the Legacy of Slavery Has Been Overlooked

Since Black men can't vote (sic), Black women voters are key to the 2020 presidential race. Here’s who they support

Supreme Court allows Trump to deny asylum to many Central Americans

The Millennials Workforce: Engaging and Connecting with your Millennial in the Workforce

For rigging search results! Google faces antitrust investigation by 50 US states and territories. Because they steal 75% of all advertising money on Internet.

These crooked politicians in America are taxing US to death. Getting paid!

Biden, Sanders lead among Black voters: Two white Octogenarian men!

NCAA’s amateurism rule exploits Black athletes as slave labor

Universities Rape of Blacks for Sport and Games

It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave Racist White Colleges

A Jim Crow divide in college sports

2020: The Future of Black Voters

Trump's tactic to attack Black people and women: insult their intelligence. It doesn't take Trump to know Niggers are dumb and stupid!

Black Democrats overwhelmingly support Joe Biden to be the party's next presidential nominee: Stupid Black Democrats don't make up all of the Black electorate

A Generational Rift is Developing in the Black Electorate

What Do Black Voters Want? Most Blacks Too Stupid To Know

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‘Maximum lies’: Iran rejects US’ claim it attacked Saudi oil facilities, warns it’s ready for war

Republicans slam Ilhan Omar's comments about 9/11 following 'Face the Nation' interview

Times apologizes for tweet, revises Kavanaugh article

Black student beaten by white classmates in Florida

Evidence points to Iranian hand in oil attack, says Saudi alliance, as prices soar

Sloppy Joe uses Double-talk to stupid Niggers at Black church. Stupid Nigger blind to his shit.

T.I. destroys Candace Owens over MAGA & Slavery talk during revolt summit. Niggers went off on witch!

When these stupid politicians in America took legal pain pills off the market, China filled the need with deadly fentanyl. Now, 600,000 a year dead.

Snowden says would like French asylum

Making fun of Niggers, the American pastime: The Coon Caricature

How Kamala Harris' education at a Black college shaped her

The great Justice Neil Gorsuch decries too much shit in the game that denise justice for many Americans

How Black parents can help bridge cultural divide between students and white teachers? Don't go to the school trying to pick a fight with the teacher!

Hypertension: The No. 1 sign you have high blood pressure, according to a cardiologist

Black transgender woman found torched in car as campaigners warn LGBT rights are fragile in Trump’s America. We can't protect you!

Trump administration puts tough new asylum rule into effect

On the payroll: ‘We Can Reverse This’ — Why a Black Pastor Supports Joe Biden

Setting the record straight on Black voter turnout

A candid view of Candide — Voltaire's magnum opus!

Who won the third Democratic debate last night in Houston?

Black Americans Are Doing Great Under Trump

Crooked Google to pay $1 billion in France to settle fiscal fraud probe

How Black Americans Were Robbed of Their Land

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter apologizes for racially insensitive T-shirt. With this fat pig is where the racism starts with white cops in Philly .

Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter apologizes for racially insensitive t-shirt

Law enforcement task force tackling violence in Baltimore. Sorry, they getting to get them Niggers!

12 Different Taxes Americans Pay

Meme Shows Exactly How Many Taxes Americans Pay

Fuck Classes at UNC's McCants: 'Just show up, play!'

We smoking! These 3 States Will Begin Selling Recreational Pot Fairly Soon

It’s true: There are more governors who have worn blackface than Black governors

Putin says he warned stupid Bush about impeding attack TWO DAYS before 9/11 – ex-CIA analyst

UGA faculty becoming more female, less Black. Racism in higher education is a way of life

Sloppy Joe Biden bets it all on the Black vote

The Narrow Path For Black Politicians Who Want To Be President — And How It’s Changing

In Media War, It's Trump vs. the Black Knight

Chinese residents fear they're targeted by criminals, but the Black community fear targeted by Chinese


What Immigration Attorneys Are Telling Their Clients Now: ‘Brace Yourselves!’ Fucking A!

Black votes will define electability for Democrats, what do we get. Hustled and Fucked up!

U of Illinois Student Charged With Hate Crime, Accused of Hanging a Noose in a Dorm Elevator

Students Repeatedly Posed in Blackface and Threatened Black Classmates. Their School Ignored, Lawsuit Alleges.

What’s Holding Blacks Back? Eduction, education, fucking education!!

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Apologizes For Wearing Blackface During College Skit. You ugly witch, you probably look better in Blackface

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Apologizes for Wearing Blackface in College Skit

Johnson: Keep the apology, governor, just do better for Black Alabamians