Comments about how Americans feel about immigration and illegals

1. As a citizen of the US, I will take nothing less than the enforcement of our laws. If not, every current citizen of the US should get one Free' 'Get Out of Jail Card.'

2. To everyone talking about the "illegals" demanding: the "activists" doing the demanding are citizens, for the most part, NOT the illegals themselves.

3. Now we got the ILLEGALS telling us how to deal with the ILLEGALS. I'm in favor of sending all of them home and let them come in Legally ONLY, NO FREE RIDE FOR LAW BREAKERS.

4. Demand? Who the hell do they think they are? They just walk on in and start pushing us around! SCREW THEM !!!

5. Mexico has been exporting poverty to the United States for 40 years.

6. I can't speak for other areas, but here on the Arizona border the whole notion that these farm workers are paid slave wages is a lie they foster on the public to gain political advantage.

7. Congress and the President have a duty to protect Americans from foreign invasion, they should all be tried for treason.

8. No amnesty!!

9. deport all illegals back to their countries!!

10. I'm Mexican-American, I was born in the USA... And my parents came here legally. I think they're shouldn't be an amnesty, it's hard to get a job here in California, because all the illegal people have them already. Don't ask me how, they just do. They should go back and come in the same way my dad...

11. Let them push all they want and we will push back! No amnesty and no path to citizenship! Enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books. Start fining and or jailing employers that hire illegals.

121. NO FREE RIDE !!!!!!!!!!

13. "As for why Mexicans were less likely than other groups to pursue citizenship, the study said that Mexicans are more likely than others to maintain close ties with their home country because of its close proximity to the U.S"...meaning they're here to sponge off of the taxpayers.

14. We already have a path to citizenship. They chose to break the law instead.

15. Here's the path to citizenship: (1) leave the US; (2) apply for citizenship just as hundreds of thousands of other non-citizens already have; (3) wait your turn in line.

16. ARREST AND RETURN ALL ILLEGALS! If they return, deport them to another life.

17. When is THIS going to be a concern of Congress?
Yearly LEGAL immigration rates from the DHS website:

18. Maybe lawmakers need to draw a picture in crayon where the end of the immigration line is!

19. llegal aliens are criminals by definition. This includes Mexicans, Swedes, Italians etc etc. Send them all home to THEIR country of origin now.

20. They demand 'nothing less'? I demand nothing less than shipping them all back to that drug infested 3rd world country they came from. See ya.

21. one word if your here illegally. deport illegals are already criminals. jmo

22. It really would be an insult to those who have entered this country legally and gone through all the blood, sweat, and tears to become legal citizens.