Russia pounds Ukraine's second-largest city. This shit appears to be another high stake flimflam to get money from the dumb US taxpayers. We the only one paying out!

Gatekeeper celebrates like Will Smith and real-life American Heroine. Please give this Nigger an Oscar!

‘I lost everything’: Janet Hubert confronts Will Smith about their falling out in the ‘Fresh Prince’ reunion

Will Smith: Fresh Prince reboot will happen when hell freezes over. Is a Black Gatekeeper a token because he's a Gatekeeper or a Gatekeeper because he's a token?

Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations will take place Monday on the Belarusian border

What does the 'law of diminishing marginal return' mean in America? You can have a hundred bedroom mansion, but you can't sleep in but one fucking bed at a time, you greedy White Supremacists. The rest is bragging rights.

A Call to Remember the 200,000 Black Troops Who Helped Save the Union

Biden Picks Brown Jackson for Court

Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson? Just Another Token. They Got So Many Token Blacks in America, We Can Ride The Bus Free Forever.

Stop hating, poll finds sharp partisan divisions on the impact of a Black woman justice

Endgame scenario — Putin waves nuclear sword in fight with the West

The Paper Tiger in retreat! Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin, just like 'Alexander The Great' warns US to stand down!

Jeff Bezos' racial hate against Blacks alive at Amazon. Union organizer, 2 others arrested at NYC facility

Former Amazon Worker Christian Smalls Leading Staten Island Union Efforts Arrested

The Dutch vow to rotten egg Jeff Bezos' yacht if a bridge is dismantled to let his boat pass

Three years in the NFL wilderness: what Colin Kaepernick lost – and won. Under NFL sanctions!

Colin Kaepernick unveils program to offer second autopsies in ‘police-related’ deaths

What Is Colin Kaepernick Doing Now?

Trump praises Putin for doing a good job. The bromance goes on!

Bombs vs talk, Biden’s Russia sanctions: why holding back could be part of his strategy

Crooks among US, some members of Congress have strangely good timing when it comes to stock investments.

Some critics also noted that Pelosi’s husband, Paul, recently netted a gain of more than $5m from trading stocks of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

Jamaican Police Officer Accused Of Smuggling Cocaine; Officials: 90 Pellets Found Inside Body

Never fuck with a man who has nothing to lose.

Putin delivers address laced with historical grievances — add slavery! Save Black Americans from white supremacy!

Self laceration — Only a fool would give their enemy wealth for self destruction. 50 years after Nixon visit, US-China ties as fraught as ever. What a fool!

Why China’s recent aggression towards Taiwan should be unsurprising

A lose cause, more involvement from Black churches could increase the success of liberal activism

History of Hate & Discrimination of Blacks in America, and We Should Love White Supremacy

Black News Podcast! Es' attack on White Supremacy! It's like a voice crying in the wilderness. But, he won't stop crying

Uncle Tim, only Black Senate Republican, hints he could be Trump running mate

"Most employers in US (who are racist white supremacies) believe that most Black people with criminal histories will commit offenses again. These some racist devils. We'll see how much you hate Blacks when Putin put his foot up your racist ass!

Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor opens up on support system that got her to Beijing

Inside Elana Meyers Taylor's Journey to Become Most Decorated Black Athlete in Winter Olympics History

Another suicide in prison, Jean-Luc Brunel, held on of supplying girls to Epstein and Gates found hanged

Feds Look Into D.C. Police Officer for Alleged Ties to White Supremacy. There's one hiding behind every tree in US

What Paul Robeson Said About Russia? They're Better For Black than America

It's a Mexica standoff! America Isn’t Ready for Russia’s Battlefield Nuclear Weapons

US cranks up the infor warfare against Putin. Fight, or end this cat & mouse game! Shit or get off the pot.

Final countdown, Russia has up to 190,000 military near Ukraine, says US – Putin may invade Feb. 20

Belarus ready to deploy ‘supernuclear’ weapons against West. – Lukashenko. Are they MAD? — It's mutual assured destruction.

Trying to kill a kid like Kye, video of police breaking up NJ mall fight sparks outrage

Police stop brawl by letting white youth sit on sofa as Black teen is handcuffed. That's some rotten shit they do to our kids!

Like a death in the family, Trump & children may be deposed by New York attorney general, judge rules

A double whammy, Black New Yorkers in high stop-and-frisk areas face more facial recognition

Infamous Stop-and-Frisk Policy Found Unconstitutional

When Can the Police Stop and Frisk You on the Street?

Another Bead Down, Cops Apologize After Black Teen’s Violent Arrest Goes Viral

The Bromance of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Kamila Valieva’s Olympic dream falls apart as Anna Shcherbakova wins gold. Putin now!

Erin Jackson wins 500m speed skating gold at Winter Olympics after teammate gave up spot.

Like Caesar, Putin ready to 'Cross the Rubicon' to Ukraine. Maps and charts of invasion explained.

Too little too late — Trying to avoid a fight, Blinken may blink as he threatens sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. Not fighting back!

Kaia Rolle was arrested at school when she was 6. Nearly two years later, she's still in 'dispair'.

'Don't put handcuffs on!': The aftermath of a 6-year-old's arrest at school

'Don't put handcuffs on!': The aftermath of a 6-year-old's Kaia arrest at school

Convict Leasing in Memphis and Middle Tennessee

The Convict Leasing System: Slavery in its Worst Aspects! We got to get paid off y'all!

5 ways prisoners were used for profit throughout U.S. history by racists in the land of the free!

How much do incarcerated people earn in each state?

Time to reckon with prison labor. Inmates earn 12 cents to 40 cents per hour. It's good work if you can get it!

'Prison Slavery': Inmates Are Paid Cents While Manufacturing Products Sold to Government

China's Trojan Horse in America — Payback for the 'Opium Wars.' Using deadly fentanyl for payback

Be careful of what you wish for, a grim portrait of Biden's unhappy America

Michael K Williams: four men charged in overdose death of Wire actor. He had fentanyl in system.

The insanity of these racist crackers in the South still live on! Religion in the Civil War: Their racist views.

A number of arguments have been put forward to try and justify slavery. God is on our side, and these Niggers born to be slaves.

The Story of Angela Davis. History Behind Her Arrest.

Miss Davis Freeded oN $102,500 Bail — Thanks to Bill Walton!

Behind Fani Willis' investigation into Trump's election meddling. She's headed into troubled waters!

Fulton County district attorney Fani T. Willis asks for FBI's help with security as Trump investigation continues

Trump pardon promise for Capitol rioters at rally in Texas on Saturday

What if Russia Cuts Off Europe’s Natural Gas?

Amir Locke was respectful and curious, parents say: 'My heart ripped,' Mother says!

Who’s in the Owner’s Box? Jews! Mostly, Old White Jews Who Owns Most Sports' Teams...

NFL’s racist hiring practices won’ change until the Jewish ownership changes

The Average Teacher's Salary in the U.S. by Schools

Would you like to be a fly on the wall? China's Xi Jinping to meet Russia's Vladimir Putin as tensions grow with West

China wins first gold medal of Beijing Olympics. Fiddle dee, Fiddle dum!

What The Fuck To Do In Case No-knock-warrant? Department of Justice Announces Department-Wide Policy on Chokeholds and 'No-Knock' Entries

‘The View’ Co-Hosts ‘Furious’ at ABC for Suspending Whoopi. They'll do the Isaiah Washington on her. Make her apologize and get her fired anyway

When cancel culture comes for Jews. How? When them rotten motherfuckers brought the game to town

Black Lives Matter halts online fundraising after California, Washington threaten legal action

After stealing from Black community, Black Lives Matter opens up about its finances. Shit's A Scam.

She's one ugly ass witch! Interview With #BlackLivesMatter Cofounder Alicia Garza: ‘Fight Against Despair And Keep Doing The Work Needed To Change The World’

Are Jews white? Is It A Race or Religion? Who knows! They some crooked people! They mo' crooked than Black Demorats', who'll steal milk money from Black kids!

Body of Missing Houston Man Taylour Young, 25 Found in the Trunk of His Car in Dallas

Here's the story behind Black History Month — and why it's celebrated in February? Who gives a fuck now and quit patronizing Blacks — racist America!

Biden weighing more than a dozen candidates for Supreme Court vacancy

Who Will Biden Pick for Supreme Court — and How? What Will Republicans Do? All About the Process

Bill Gates’ money manager accused of racism, sexual remarks and bullying, report says

Math Suffers From White Supremacy, According to a Bill Gates-Funded Course

Black candidates for US Senate smash fundraising records for 2022 midterms

Val Demings, Cheri Beasley: Are they just as corrupt as the Black male Dem. They conquered Senate primary politics.



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How Omicron Virus Spread

Remarkable photos of Black America 100 years ago

NYPD officers appear to be far more likely to file resisting arrest charges against Black suspects than white suspects. What that Nigger gone do about it?

Jewish and Japanese American groups among growing multiracial effort calling for reparations for Black Americans

What Are The Akashic Records? You May Be Too Stupid To Understand

The Queen tests positive for Covid. Die or Retire! They brought slavery to America!

Always cut your meat against the grain to make it tender.

Study: Child poverty rising after tax credit expires

Marjorie Taylor Greene says trans camp counselors should be “beat… into the ground”

After Guardian finds new evidence, judge orders new trial for US woman sentenced to six years for trying to register to vote

Pamela Moses, 44-year-old Black Lives Matter Activist in Memphis who was sentenced to six years in prison for trying to register to vote.

Who, What, Why: What can high -powered technocrats achieve that politicians can't?

The Curious Case of The Slut Ginni Thomas. He's a Gorilla on The Loose

1 in 10 Black people in the U.S. are migrants. Here's what's driving that shift

'I Was Scared': 15-Year-Old Martell Williams Coaxed Into Making False Confession Of Dollar Tree Shooting

Police offered teen McDonald's in exchange for confession to crime someone else committed: How many times this has happened without McDonald's

How to use food to help your body fight inflammation. Black hearts matter.

Trump plans to restore his 'beautiful' Boeing 757 with Rolls-Royce engines and new paint job for future rallies

Bettert late than never, at 16, Larry Miller killed another teen. At 72, the Nike executive is ready to apologize

New intel adds to US fears that Russia is readying for military action

Armed homeowner and armed protesters had confrontation before shooting that left 1 dead, 5 injured in Portland, police say

US Homeland Department to deploy robot dogs along the border with Mexico. Will that dog hunt?

Purdue Pharma owners willing to pay up to $6bn to settle opioid suits. Now, go after the crooked doctors who prescribed the shit. They got deep pockets!

Salome's dance of death! Bring me the head of the Baptist

Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on “Crimea Was, Is, and Will Remain Part of Ukraine” She got the whole shit started

Gates' Microsoft's blockbuster Activision Blizzard deal could raise uncomfortable challenges for US antitrust enforcers. Stop that mad dog!

An unsent text message and desperate phone calls detail California family's last moments before they died while hiking — the good die young!

The father of eugenics — did Bill Gates say ‘3 billion Black people need to die?’

Inmate Jerome F. Jones Charged in Cold Case Killings Allegedly Beat, Bound, and Raped a Woman, ‘Likely Shot Her Child to Death in Front of Her.’ The Neddle is Waiting for You!

Kim Potter, ex-officer convicted in fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, sentenced to 2 years in prison -- less than prosecutors requested

Driven By Racist Pain Management Doctors, Black Opioid Deaths Increase Faster Than Whites, Spurring Calls For Treatment Equity

Some Say 'Black News' Has Embarked On A Journey Of Revenge Against Whites. Confucius Say, Before Seeking Revenge, First Dig Two Graves!

Aristotle's "modes for persuasion" - otherwise known as rhetorical appeals - are known by the names of ethos, pathos, and logos. What's Trump?

Sandy Hook families reach $73 million settlement with gun manufacturer Remington. They won't see a penny!

Campaigning AOC electrifies crowds as Democrats fear brutal midterms. She got Presidential potential! She might could one.

Math made simple. Greatest common factor examples

US could loosen some restrictions on prescribing opioids

If you're white, you alright. If you brown, stick around. If Black, get back! From campus to Congress, colleges urged to end legacy boost.

National Guard's 1st Black woman pilot. Always the first, proof of racism in America!

Arlene Alvarez, 9 dies after mistakenly shot in ATM robbery. Broke Ass Tony Earls Charged.

Robert E. Lee's descendant proves his lineage and pushes for 'honest' history of racism. Denial is not a river in Egypt, so fess-up to the sins of the Forefather

Deputy who shot homeless Black man won't face charges. If he won't be charged, who will?

The 10 best new Microsoft Teams meeting features. It's free!

Marvin the prophet! Marvin Gay what's going on

Talk show star Wendy Williams is at risk of defaulting on her mortgage and leaving her employees without pay after Wells Fargo Advisors froze access to her accounts, according to court documents.

The Opening to China Part I: the First Opium War, the United States, and the Treaty of Wangxia

Don't make Putin madder! Russian Figure Skater Can Compete but Won’t Receive Medals

Valieva WINS GOLD in stunning Grand Prix debut. She's just poetry in motion!

26 simple charts show friends & family who aren't convinced on racism in US. Whity please!

Family was bothering nobody when 9-year-old girl shot in apparent road rage incident. Americans' have gone mad!

Anger, questions as ex-cop who killed Black teen Laquan McDonald is set free. What!

And in the end, there were none! Supreme Court sides with GOP in Alabama election map case

First you banned books, next you burn people! Schools banned books about black life. Black kids read anyway.

Police: Gunman killed four, then himself in Texas

The Black Lives Matter Scam. The GIG is up for those Black crooks. They're one way to jail!

Worst than Nazis, Amnesty says Israel is an apartheid state. Many Israeli politicians agree

How did Lauren Smith-Fields die? Making bad decisions!

Gestalt Laws finale: Simplicity, Symmetry, and Experience

Dogged Out For So Long, Black Women in Law Feel Pride and Frustration Ahead of Court Nominee

14 Most Notable Pros and Cons of Selective Breeding

Hundreds protest in Minneapolis after police killing of Black man during ‘no-knock’ raid

Amir Locke shooting: hundreds protest in Minneapolis after police killing of Black man

Gone get paid, Mississippi becomes 37th state to legalize medical marijuana

Are your son(s) victims of "The Oedipus Complex"? Is the sexual attachment real? In other words, what Freud is saying — little boys grow-up wanting to fuck their mother and killing their father!

When did Oedipus Kill his Father – Find it out

Juveniles investigated in bomb hoaxes against Black colleges

The Starfish Story – Original Story by: Loren Eisley

Many popular retailers are showing their support for Black-owned brands. Finally these Jews have stopped hating Black businesses

Doctors say Cancer patients cured a decade after gene therapy

6 historically Black colleges receive bomb threats

How Much Energy Does Russia Have Anyways? Alot.

Pandora papers reveal hidden riches of Putin’s inner circle

America got some new shit! A catapult like-system to sling the aircraft towards the edge of a seemingly impossibly short runway.

U.S. deploys troops to Eastern Europe; thousands more on standby

Long before the Philip Roth biography was canceled, Jewish leaders tried to cancel him

Is Abortion A form Of Selective Breeding? Should It Be Banned in Cases of Sex or Race

Black History Month exposes the fallacy of White 'discomfort'

Big tech faces growing scrutiny over digital ad dominance


5 drug convictions tied to corrupt ex-CPD Sgt. Ronald Watts vacated. This fool gives the cops a bad name!

Ron DeSantis pushes back against calls to condemn neo-Nazi protests

Burnt-out & frustrated, Covid-weary US accepts uncertainty as new normal

The year 2022 will be a critical one in the history of the world. In a few days, China broke!

A growing number in
US are going hungry especially in the inner cities. Let them eat cake! Look in that fucking mirror greedy?

Russia responds to US proposal to deescalate Ukraine crisis

Republicans’ redistricting maps are motivated entirely by race – not politics

Who is in Super Bowl 2022? Here are the teams, odds & spread for Super Bowl 56 matchup

Tom Brady officially announces retirement after 'thrilling ride' with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots. Don't buy that. He's coming back!

Last Hired, First Fired? Black-White Unemployment and the Business Cycle

Unintentional drug overdoses led to 200,000 years of lost life for US preteens and teens who died between 2014 and 2019, study shows

Down With History of Black History Month. The Token Acknolwedgement

Died by suicide! Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst dies at 30 after jumping from New York building, police say

America Is Having a Violence Wave, Not a Crime Wave mostly in our inner cities.

Trump offers chilling glimpse into possible second term. It could happen if he's not stopped!

Americans are feeling pessimistic despite a strong economy. Here's why

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellatied to Azerbaijan inquiry faces tough primary election contest

North Las Vegas police are investigating 'mass casualty' crash that left nine people dead

Georgia county purges Democrats from election board and cancels Sunday voting

Senators spar over Biden’s pledge to pick Black woman for SCOTUS seat

‘Free to do as you are told’: Florida Republicans advance wave of draconian bills

Actress Jacqueline Guzman, canned after complaining about cop's funeral procession