Boston officer questioning Black reason why we hate you devils — all Niggers don't look alike!

Boston officer questioning Black reason why we hate you devils — all Niggers don't look alike!

Niggers done got lynched for that shit

No Jail For Texas Teen Who Lied About Being Raped By 3 Black Men — Lock Her UP

Frank Olson; the man who knew too much!

Scientist Frank Olson was drugged with LSD and 'murdered by CIA'

Worse Than the Nazis: CIA Secret Experiments

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize — he got the potential — he might could get one

Trump’s Approval Rating Passed Obama’s at This Point According to Rasmussen Poll

Bias kept Black scientists out of Oak Ridge's atomic bomb work — Say it's because of racism, and these racist crackers in Tennessee start foaming at the mouth with KKK stamped on their forehead!

The Enduring Conflict Of W.E.B. Du Bois' and Booker T Washington

How ‘Atlanta Compromise’ divided Black America and cemented Washington’s legacy

Paul Manafort : Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you take the chance?

Mueller Squeezes Manafort and Gates With New Tax Charges

Dr. E. today to settle all "Black News'" Business

Video delays misled cops at Stoneman Douglas shooting

Cowardice deputy, Scott Peterson says he who hides then run-away, live to hide and run-away another day

Russia looms large as American sucker Government readies for 2018

Sandra Bullock:

Taylor Swift:

Family of Korryn Gaines awarded $37 million two years after Baltimore mom was fatally shot by police

Korryn Gaines' family won one of the largest awards ever against Baltimore-area police. Will they see the money?

Traffic Stop Of Korryn Gaines Before Baltimore Cops Shot & Killed Her In Her Home

When America behaved like ISIS: Jesse Washington and the Bible Belt’s dark history of public lynchings

The Bible Belt Is the Lynching Belt:
Slavery, White Supremacy and Religion in America — It all started in Chattanooga!

More than 4,000 Black people were lynched in the South. Where are their monuments?

Is Black Panther co-opting African struggles against oppression? Or just another Blaxploitation movie Filled with Niggerdom


American greed against the poor's needs has left the Homeland a sitting duck — See something — LOL


Trump wants to turn Food Stamp program into care boxes

Trump administration wants to scrap food stamps and give poor people boxed food instead


The Man and the Mystery Behind the SLA Terror

The life and times of SLA

Donald Defreeze AKA Cinque Mtume: Bad seed or freedom fighter


Rob Porter Is the Latest Example of the White House Believing Men Over Women — For a Change

'Women lie about abuse to get rehoused': dangerous misconceptions about domestic violence

Big Little Lies: 'No woman just lets domestic violence happen. But maybe we do'


Does the Bay Area have a problem supporting Black politicians? Yeah, because they're crooks — All!

FEMA Gave This Fashionista Tiffany Brown $156 Million Contract To Provide 30 Million Meals – She Delivered 50,000

FEMA paid $150 million fool in Atlanta to feed Puerto Ricans, and it backfired

When the bottom falls out, and you're still holding on to the market — something wrong with that picture!

'Black News' warned you to get out, now your 401-K is down the drain

Dow nosedives more than 1,000 points as stocks' losses deepen


What she did was just another, old played-out witch trick

Nancy Pelosi breaks record with eight-hour speech on floor — her success depended on Depend

13 Signs You’re a Witch.


Two Candidates Trying To Make History As First Black Aldermen in North Side Wards

4 of Illinois' last 7 governors went to prison

Old crooked, Pritzker apologizes for remarks crooked Black politicians — the crooked Niggers can't get elected


Drunk Driver Who Killed Indianapolis Colts Player a Two-Time Deportee

Take your money out the market and run before the 'Bottom Falls Out'


The DOW is falling, the DOW is falling — It hit US on the head

Stocks Extend Losses, With Dow Plunging More Than 1,000 Points

'Fiction is outperforming reality': how YouTube's algorithm distorts truth

Convicts leasing, some shit worse than Slavery

Slavery By Another Name: The Convict Lease System


Read the full GOP memo on the Russia investigation

Voting Rights Denial For Florida Felons Unconstitutional, Judge Says

Florida’s vote-restoration system for felons is dead, but what happens next?


The Racist Origins of Felon Disenfranchisement in Tennessee – A person who is convicted of certain felonies may not regain voting rights except through pardon. These include: murder, rape, treason, and voting fraud. For a person convicted of a lesser felony, disenfranchisement ends after terms of incarceration, completion of parole, and completion of probation.

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Black player says students made monkey noises as he shot free throws


Football star released from prison over false rape claims wants $100 for every day of the six years he was jailed (that's $219,000)


Guatemala syphilis experiments worse than Tuskegee. - Slate Magazine


The 30 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History


Should Dreamers come before the needs of ' American Children?'


World's 15 richest cities revealed - and the list contains a few surprises


It's getting ugly: Samuel L. Jackson mocks Trump as a Motherfucker — Now they're playing the dozens!


CPAC Official Says Ex-Republican Chief Was Chosen Because He’s ‘a Black Guy’ — Tell US Something Fucking New!!


Atlanta, GA Women's Conference Events; Be There Or Be Square!


Perilous times for Black colleges — Dr. E. said you can't help these Niggers running from technology


Trump wants to pit Black Americans against Latino immigrants. Do they take opportunities from Blacks? Fucking A!


Black history month is crafted to mock Black people It starts on the 32 day of the year and ends 59.


How the Black Power Protest at the 1968 Olympics Killed Careers


A coward has many lives, a hero but one...


The FBI's War on Black-Owned Bookstores


Omarosa; witch, you're nothing but a monkey anyway


Everybody is trying to be a Black American — That's why we care about our ancestors?


FBI Miss on Florida School Shooter Isn’t Acceptable, Trump Says


'Black Panther' tops North American box office with $192M — were Niggers the only ones watching


Sexual harassment isn’t just about men, it's also about women like Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey who are enablers



Seal Accuses Oprah Winfrey of Enabling Harvey Weinstein: You Are ‘Part of the Problem’


Bail denied for man accused of threatening violence, hurling epithets at Black mother and son


Detroit Lions Black History Month Profile: Wally Triplett


Ed Johnson Commemoration Day remembers 1906 lynching on Walnut Street Bridge — It is what it is — The Nigger os long gone


111 Years After Ed Johnson's Lynching, a Permanent Memorial Planned, But They're Still Lynching Niggers Today in The Courtroom


Until there are facts on election meddling, it’s all just blather – Lavrov on Mueller indictment


100 years of lynchings


Racist trolls are saying Black Panther fans attacked them. They’re lying.


Illegal immigrant faces deportation after allegedly crashing into ambulance and killing toddle


‘Worst case scenario’: Underwater magma chamber ‘could kill 100 million people’


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida: what we know


Investors Join Calls for Facebook, Twitter to Take More Responsibility


Which House Members Voted Against Their Leadership on the Budget Deal


15 White Lies Women Tell Men And What They Really Mean


Proof That Black Politicians Helped Freedpeople During Reconstruction


Now, there goes your fucking tax dollars: See Rand Paul's, 6 Ridiculous Examples of Government Waste


Black people in tech are still paid less than white people, according to Hired


The New Yorker Loves to Put Black Women on Its Covers. But Black Women Still Don’t Draw Them.


Illinois governor candidate J.B. Pritzker said crass things about black politicians. Here's why that doesn't matter. It doesn't to them Nigger politicans


Witches and Freaks come out at night


Beating witches ain't as bad as burning 'em


When Black Voters Exited Left — Because Black Politicans acts are nefarious to their own people


Get ready for most cryptocurrencies to hit zero says Goldman Sachs



House Democrats want 'Shutdown' because it won't protect the Dreamers — Black Caucus want it too!!


A Black Lives Matter activist who once grabbed a Confederate flag was killed in New Orleans


Children’s Books About Black History, Heavy on Biographies


How to Access Your Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH)


These doctors are trying to get more people of color to join their ranks. What some have overcome is startling


Senator warns YouTube algorithm may be open to manipulation by 'bad actors'


What happens when the bubble burst and the bottom falls out?

$4 trillion wiped off shares as sell-off continues — you fucked a duck!


BBC's 'GENIUS' satire of Piers Morgan's Trump interview is an ass joke, literally


Republican memo: What you need to know about alleged FBI & DOJ abuses


Black America’s ‘bleaching syndrome’




‘Black excellence at all time high’: Adorable kids star in CNN parody for Black History Month


San Francisco To Dismiss Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions


Teacher sparks outrage for using Black students in slavery lesson


The Farce, and the Grandeur, of Black History Month Under Trump


22 million reasons Black America doesn’t trust banks


Black unemployment spikes after Trump touts record-low level in fight with Jay-Z, State of the Union speech


The Women We Forget During Black History Month