Trump nailed it: Speech to Congress equal to Lincoln's 'Second Inauguration' Trump signs executive orders to help Black colleges

Black News


"He has trained his Negroes well!"


Black Employees Are More Likely to Be Promoted When They Were Referred by Another Employee — This Black Crony Shit


Couple gets prison for terrorizing Black child’s birthday party


They ain't go no sense; they were out there just drunk having fun

Don't be crying now; we don't play that shit in the South


Black Congressional Leaders React to Trump Address


'Party for the people'? Democrats seek Perez unity but doubters are vocal


Lawsuit Charges That Georgia Law Firm Stole One Of The Woodmore Elementary Cases From Chattanooga Attorneys; If These Crooks Are Fighting Over The Dead Bodies Of These Poor Children, God Help The Parents


Who Counts as Black?


Rachel Dolezal, white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless


8-Year Old Blak Girl Becomes Youngest Person Ever to Receive a Scholarship to University of North Texas

Jordin Phipps, 8, of Garland, Texas

Black news channel to launch in 2018, organizers say — hope they won't need to beg for advertising


6 facts about black Americans for Black History Month


Blowing smoke up your ass: Tobacco giant uses Al Sharpton, other Black leaders to combat menthol restrictions


A home of their own: UC Berkeley's tiny minority of Black students finally get a space to call their own


Trump administration drafts plan to raise asylum bar, speed deportations


Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand Black Life


Author explores America’s original black elite through painful period of history


Blind racism; We had a so-called Black president before a Black Bachelorette on TV


Black Lawmaker Calls Bannon ‘Racist,’ Says He’s Not Invited to Trump Meeting


Ona Judge Staines: The Black woman who escaped from and outwitted George and Martha Washington


Blacks With College Degrees Are Twice As Likely to Be Unemployed as Other Graduates



DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they are not having it


Of the 48 University Leaders Calling on Trump's Retreat on Immigration, How Many of Their Schools Have Over a 10 percent Black Faculty ?


All you Black students with science and math majors erase your hand?


Those Black Democrats who stayed home handed the election to Trump

Detroit and Wayne County should kick themselves because of the 595,253 votes they gave Obama in 2012, only 518,000 voted for Clinton in 2016. More than 75,000 Detroi, Black Obama voters did not bother to vote for Clinton! They did not become Trump voters – Trump received only 10,000 votes more than Romney did in this county. They simply stayed at home. If even a fraction of these lethargic Democrats had turned out to vote, Michigan would have stayed blue.

With Patents or Without, Black Inventors Reshaped American Industry


For a Black Artist to Win Album of the Year, They Have to Make an Album of the Decade


More than half of NFL players booked for Israel PR trip withdraw


71 percent of Chicago cops’ street stops are of Blacks because Black politicians turning on their own


Black Republican strategist says Trump has same number of black Cabinet appointees as Obama did eight years ago


The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise. Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!


This Damning Chart Shows How Much of a Head Start White Families Have Over Black Families


Crackdown on 'illegal criminals' part of election promise: Trump


Black History Month Reveals the White Lies of America


Being Black In America And Being African Aren't Mutually Exclusive


The Green Book: The Black Travelers’ Guide to Jim Crow America


Black leaders to Trump: Chicago Black leaders need more money to steal from poor Blacks not tweets


A Black Dallas family 'did everything America said we should' but still endures racism daily


Understanding the principles of Gestalt Learning Theory


CNN Panel Goes Nuts When Someone Says Trump Cares About Black People


Will Andy Puzder Increase Opportunities for Black Americans?


Does Having More Black Officers Reduce Police Violence?


Teaching While Black


Tamron Hall booted from NBC for Megyn Kelly


Decades after civil rights gains, Black teachers a rarity in public schools


Bruno Mars Declares American Music Is 'Black Music'


Black History Month facts: 11 things that have changed since the first Black History Week

Analysis: Do We Still Need Black History Month?


Sen. Al Franken no Wellstone but he's been into Sessions shit


Sen. Al Franken looks to the late Paul Wellstone for inspiration

HBCUs Graduate More Poor Black Students Than White Colleges

Protect and serve my ass; we gone rob these fools

Seven Baltimore Police officers were indicted March on federal racketeering charges. They include (top row from left): Wayne Jenkins, Momodu Gando, Maurice Ward, Marcus Taylor. Bottom row from left: Jemell Rayam, Evodio Hendrix, Daniel Hersl.

Carson will lead an agency of some 8,300 employees and a budget of about $47 billion

Trump's executive order for HBCUs

5 Key Takeaways From President Trump's Speech

Trump nailed it: Speech to Congress equal to Lincoln's 'Second Inauguration Address'

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Trump signs executive orders to help Black colleges

Vice-President Mike Pence also pledged increased support of HBCUs as a part of a domestic improvement agenda for African American communities.

With Eye On FDA, Kite Says CAR-T For Lymphoma Holds Up After 6 Months

‘It’s All Rigged!’: Twitter Explodes With Election Jokes After La La Land/Moonlight Oscars Mix-Up

Was the Oscars rigged to give "Moonlight" instead of "La La Land"the award?

What does the Oscars mean to Blacks? After all these years, racist whites and Jews who own the Oscars have finally let a few select Niggers in the house

Like promised Trump budget plan will not cut Social Security, Medicare

The Same Pill That Costs $1,000 in America Sells for $4 in India

A Pill That Cures Hepatitis Costs Just $4, But If You Live in America It's $1,000; They'er Playing US Like Suckers. Should They Be Treating The American People That Way? That's Worse Than Clubbing a Baby Seal.

So-called Black leaders call for activism to counter Trump presidency

Memphis Hispanic group tells immigrants: Prepare for arrest

New South more appealing than North to Blacks: They're coming back home now that it's safe

For Black College Prospects, Belonging And Safety Often Top Ivy Prestige

There’s No Saving the Democratic Party If Tom Perez Wins DNC Chair

Tom Perez rigged election over Keith Ellison a Latino as Democratic Party boss locks grassroot Blacks out of the Democratic Party

Mexico fumes at 'hostile' Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom — damn — they act like they own US

Are Zionist American Jews creating anti-Semitism in US?

Supreme Court orders new hearing for Black Texas inmate

Supreme Court orders new hearing for Black Texas inmate

You got that good news — didn't you dog? We feel good for you too. For years, Buck had tried to get federal courts to look at his claim that his rights were violated when jurors were told by a defense expert witness that he was more likely to be dangerous in the future because Buck is Black. Boy, they got you dumb ass Niggers going and coming — they got to do this Nigger because they think he gonna do it again.

Man charged in triple shooting that killed 2-year-old on West Side

The "Liberal Global World Order" under siege because of elitism and crony capitalism

Billboard proclaims ‘Black people are being pushed out of Atlanta’

Protest at Shirley Franklin’s house prompts a furious email exchange

In March, the Rev. Joe Beasley, a longtime civil rights activist in Atlanta, accused former Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin in an email of causing "the gentrification of Atlanta." You dumd ass Niggers;  Your own political elected officals are selling you out — bigtime!

A Change Is Gonna Come

Why they killed Sam Cooke?

Sam Cooke - Chain Gang

The best things in life are free

Blowing in the Wind

A Circle of Friends: Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke & Jim Brown

Great Encounters #22…Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, and Sam Cooke — the Clay/Sonny Liston fight, Miami, 1964

Was Sam Cooke the Greatest and Blackest American entertainer?

In Black America, The Depression Rolls On

Immigrants plan to walk off their Philly restaurant jobs on Feb. 16 — that's a good thing may be unemployed Blacks can get these jobs

Why are some Black Africans considered white Americans?

Man, 19, charged with fatally shooting 11-year-old Takiya Holmes

Antwan C. Jones, 19, murdered and Takiya Holmes, 11

Racist CNN Losers Can’t Tell Difference Between Elijah Cummings & Racist Loser John Lewis!

Is Chris Cuomo an undercover racist? Maybe not racist but he damn show thinks he's elite

This Is the Coretta Scott King Letter That Elizabeth Warren Was Prevented From Reading in the Senate

Tom Brady's victory in the Super Bowl is worse thing to happen to the South since Sherman burned down Atlanta

None! Put Black Americans First!

Donald Trump Against the World: The Birth of a New Nationalist World Order

Donald J. Trump: He was born to be King

Donald Trump is erratically unraveling the world order

How the world reacted to Trump's inauguration as US president

Has Trump's tweeting put an end to the 'Media's Middle Man' domination?

Trump tells Black churchgoers in Detroit ‘I’m here to learn’

Trump Takes First Steps To Free Blacks Stuck In Democrat Voting Rut

Trump Meets African-American Leaders

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