A prayer from 'Black News': God defend us from our family and friends because we can take care of our enemies ourselves



Congress averts Homeland Security shutdown with one-week extension


Hardcore; keep 'em on the fucking run and stay hardcore


Title II is the key to net neutrality—so what is it?



House votes to undo Obama immigration actions


Whites have a role in the plight of black families


DC Mayor: City to Legalize Pot Despite Threat From Congress


Marijuana Appears To Be Safer Than We Thought


If you're a white cop, you can always shoot to kill a handcuffed Nigger because other Nigger cops will support you!

Can you believe this shit?

Father confronts his son's killer in court

Chicago police torture of Black men worse than ISIS


The Courage And Ingenuity Of Freedom-Seeking Slaves In America


Garner’s daughter on Sharpton: ‘He’s all about the money’



Sharpton paid to keep quiet about lack of black TV programming: suit

First rate sellout and third rate dog


Awash In Social Media, Cops Still Need The Public To Detect Threats


US prisons outsource inmate healthcare to private companies. My son died in their care


John Legend Makes Slavery Comparison in Acceptance Speech


Giuliani suffers from foot in mouth disease



Lock them Niggers down like Charlie Brown


Al Shabab Calls for 'Westgate'-Style Attack in U.S., Canada and U.K.


Why so many Americans still deny racism exists when the evidence is everywhere

Eracism — now!

Activists suspect cover-up after files into 1946 Georgia lynching destroyed



Loretta Lynch's HSBC deal could do her nomination in


Black Americans will never accept same-sex marriage!


American Hostage Kayla Mueller Possibly Given to ISIS Fighter as ‘Bride,’


The Forgotten History of Black Republicans


Why Are Black Girls Being Pushed Out Of Schools In America?


‘Religion problem’ arises when it’s magnified through wrong lens


Is Black News For Black Men, Only?


Three Sentenced for Hate-Crime Murder of Black Man




Federal Judge Rules Black People Can’t Use N-Word in Workplace



Black women's progress collides with media stereotypes


As gay marriage bans fall, LGBT rights come under fire from state legislatures


BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2015: Heading out on the road – & rails – for travel, culture


New York city council bans the N-word — why hate the word but accept the racist behavior that give it life


Malcolm X’s challenge to mass incarceration


Shut the government down and send these illegal aliens back underground


D.C. police chief signs ‘special order’ for officers on legalized marijuana


Activists protest alleged Chicago police 'black sites'

Worse than ISIS!

Obama's pandering of the Hispanic community leaves Black voters out in the cold


Keep your greedy hands off my Internet; you dipshit


'Gestapo' tactics at US police 'black site' ring alarm from Chicago to Washington


Using the N-Word could be hazardous to your health, Niggers!


Racism affects Black girls as much as boys. So why are girls being ignored?


We hate all Niggers and that means you, too!

Troubling trends in higher education


Can historically Black colleges survive?


Did You Know? The Number Of Black Men Imprisoned In U.S. Could Fill The Prisons Of 8 Other Countries Combined


Comcast, Time Warner Cable hit with $20 billion racial bias lawsuit


Powerball Jackpot Winner in North Carolina: Single Mom of 4


Scott Walker if you want to be president someday; resign from the Flat Earth Society

Yes, There Are Still People Who Believe the Earth Is Flat


Why does Jeb Bush Hate Black Americans so?

Is this fool cock-eyed or cross-eyed —it may the old left deadeye — whatever, the eyes have it


6 facts about black Americans for Black History Month


al-Shabaab threats enough to make you shit on self

If you see something —don't say something — but run for your life


The rich own our democracy, new evidence suggests


What Would Malcolm X Think?


Blacks' Loyalty to First Black President Got Blacks Nothing


Idol worshiping ain't the way


No hope for the poor and crazies in American prisons and jails


F.B.I. Director Speaks Out on Race and Police Bias

Can we talk? Talk about racism in America that forces Black men into a life of crime.


Stopped dead in its tracks; Obama amnesty to illegals aliens stopped dead in its tracks


Is all religion(s) the problem with the world today and behind all the world wars? What the fuck!


Illegal Immigrants getting work permits, gets most Americans worked up

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