Chattanooga Was Behind Convict Lease System... is Chattanooga the most racist city in America?



Is Brat Pitt Blacker Than Obama?

He certainly has done more for Blacks


Richest presidents from Washington to Clinton

The do it for the money!

If Obama thinks the "My Brother's Keeper" program will get Blacks to the polls in November to save the senate; it won't work!


Booker T. Washington Delivers the 1895 Atlanta Compromise Speech

“Cast down your bucket where you are.”


Most Americans are too dumb and stupid to live in a democracy; go join the Flat-Earth Society you assholes.


What world famous men said about the Jews


Obamacare Jumps 33 Percent to 4 Million Sign Ups


Religious Freedom Bills Rooted In Fears That Obama's Policies May Require Us All To Get Booty


NSA Leaks Show Us What New Fascism Looks Like

NSA surveillance a step towards fascist state in America


Is Black History Month still needed?

Can a dog walk on two legs?


A New Tidal Wave of Money Could Decide Senate Races


The best government money can buy


Ugandan president: Gays are 'disgusting'


The world finally turns on the selfish Jews in Israel


Know Your Enemy: Raymond Evans and 50 Years of Hate, Violence, and Riots in Chattanooga


Chattanooga is the most racist city in America! Everybody knows that...


United Auto Workers union files appeal over Volkswagen vote, cites interference from lawmakers


A New Poll Showing Why Immigration Reform Probably Won’t Pass This Year


This Mexican Cartel Kingpin Supplies 80% Of The Drugs Flooding Chicago


Chattanooga's all-white criminal justice system is run by a bunch of racketeering criminal lawyers who shoud be investigated by Justice Department


Chattanooga still rigging local elections


Bessie Smith St. Louis Blues (1929)


Mississippi bluesman Robert Johnson's son wins rights to photo profits


The Girl Scouts and pure capitalism at work


Corruption at Historically Black Alcorn typical of Black run universities


Rebekah Brooks: He fucked me but he wasn't my man

Go get fucked Oprah, and you will end your loneliness!


Dunn's daughter, 'It should never have happened.'


American criminal justice gives Hitler's kangaroo courts a bad name


What is the great caveat for Black men in the 13th Amendment?


Georgia approves special license plate featuring KKK flag



Rack, if getting 'older and creakier' all you got to worry about; there's hope for all!


This stupid ass Nigger is worse than Dunn!


Talking about race matters in a racist society! From the minds of children, and a child shall lead the way!


Arkansas man charged with killing a 15-year-old prankster


Union leaders condemn 'despicable' Sen. Corker GOP effort to influence UAW vote


Sounds like a mistrial for that murderer Dunn; he'll be tried 'till hell freezes over!


Election Commission Allows Group To Go Forward With Recall of Chris Anderson


How do you go and elect these crazy ass Niggers to office


Voter ID laws: if we can't beat 'em, let's cheat 'em!


Local politicians in Chattanooga rigged Volkswagen employees vote!


How are you gonna fight for increased minimum wages, fight to cut unemployment, and at the same time drop 20 million illegal aliens in the job market? Obama, must know magic!


New Study Proves African American Males Are Targeted For Arrest More Than Other Groups


Who is the Greatest Criminal in the History of the World?


Sorry brother Obama; too little too late — Niggers are in too bad a shape!


What is the power behind the 'Elastic Clause?'


Comcast: we will rule the world!


African American pastor calls for Blacks to end “slavish devotion to the Democrat Party”


Oh no, not another Clinton


Quit crying you bitches; it's like this everyday for people living in Alaska


Letter from Sochi: The Olympic Debut of New Russia


Killing the baby was beyond the pale


Prosecution rests in trial for Michael Dunn in Fla. killing over loud music


You don't murder, you dipshit!


Jordan Davis' friends testify in Dunn murder case


US considers drone strike on American al-Qaida suspect abroad


Philip Seymour Hoffman is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws


U.S. has aimed hard at reaching a comprehensive nuclear accord with Iran, so why are they still talking shit?


Why hate your friends?


Should Chicago go to 'Vigilante Justice;' in others words, should go out and start killing our children?


Hollywood hasn't changed since 'Birth of a Nation'


We need to drop Black history month for the good of our race


Sorry Woody, you ain't the only one who got to put-up with these crazy ass bitches

Woody what did you do to Mia Farrow? Is she a scored woman?


The most dangerous cities in America are control by Blacks! Don't these Niggers know how to do anything?


Martin Luther King's children disgrace to his legacy


DMX beating up George Zimmerman? Vigilante justice I could get behind


Protesters say convict Fla. man who killed black teen


Deporting these aliens now, deport them tomorrow, and deport them forever and their anchor babies too!


Will vigilantism work in the inner city? We know who they are, will we have to start killing our own children stop this?


Have Black populated cities turned away from Blacks to whites to run things?


Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead with needle in arm: cop


In at home getting-off alone, and heard the Bells!


Israel to America is like the tail wagging the dog


'Crony Capitalism' is about denying opportunity


Christie knew of traffic lane closures as they happened, former official says, so no more ice cream for you


Why can't black Americans have a tea party movement of our own? Because they are too damn stupid!


Tide May be Turning on Medical Cannabis in Georgia Legislature


The Top 10 Things Black America Will Have To Show For 8 Years of President Obama -- None of Them Are Good


Progressive Blacks and Chattanooga Tea Party work together to remove gay councilman


Atlanta's mayor just another dumb Black politican a bunch of dumb Blacks elected to office; you get what you vote for


Rare Martin Luther King, Jr. recording unearthed in University Archives—Listen online


Gallup: Only 3% of Americans Rank Immigration Reform as Top Priority


Incarceration Rates for Bcted to officelacks Have Fallen Sharply, Report Shows


Chicago-based African-American activists to Obama: ‘Just be gone!’


Planning an event for Black History Month? Screw you!


Knox's judge says he suffered over guilty verdict — send that murderer Back

Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollectio, Knox


Raffaele Sollectio makes break for it after guilty verdict


GOP continue making-up lies about Obama


Fox News Anchor to Black People: Surrender to Institutionalized Racism


More Snowden leaks - and this time Al Qaeda is the surveillance target


Close call: 78-year-old wakes at funeral home

Workers were startled when the "corpse" inside Walter Williams' body bag began kicking.

Obama embraces a lifelong cause: Helping minority boys succeed


Too little too late to help Black men; what we have here is a failure to communicate!

Clarence Thomas knows if he keeps his mouth shut people won't know he's stupid


Clarence Thomas and his fat white wife, Virginia Thomas; they always go get a fat white woman!


Yes, our immigration system is broken; who broke it? The illegal aliens that's who!

They will never stop coming

Africa's response to the gay agenda: You ain't the boss of me!


Pastor Martin Ssempa celebrates the signing of the Bill at the National Theatre in Kampala yesterday

Chattanooga Was Behind Convict Lease System


We got Shorty and he's headed to America's supermax!!

Shorty supplied 80% of the drugs in Chicago; is he going to America's worst prison?


Black juror claims ‘race was never a factor’ if race wasn't a factor, your hair wasn't a factor!


There's a cracker hiding behind every tree at Ole Miss


King's items to be be placed in safe deposit box away from greedy children


Did a senator break a federal labor law with his Volkswagen statements?


Republican VW Union Busting Victory Turns Into a Major Defeat For The GOP

Bob Corker knows he's an embarrassment to a state like Tennessee where most people are fools; he's acting like the crazy uncle who comes over during the Holidays that everbody dreads to see.

Here, we have a Nigger Dunn, and you're on your way to prison too!


Willie Noble is charged with 1st-degree murder after allegedly shooting into a car full of teenagers, killing 15-year-old Adrian Broadway


A modicum of justice: did they take him out in handcuffs to the county jail?


Dunn's reason for killing a Black is of bygone days

Dunn; you gone be someone bitch in the joint, and you won't leave prison alive, you Nigger hater!

Gay councilman Chris Anderson fights for political life in Chattanooga


Ellen Page coming out as gay means nothing because she can't get a man anyway

And most of you lesbians out there — don't deserve a man — dick's in short supply!


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


Nicki Minaj Apologizes For Linking Malcolm X to Expletive-Heavy Track


Saint Malcolm speaks


Black history question for you dumb ass Niggers: Who gave Malcolm X that AK-47 to defend him and his family from 'The Black Muslim?'


Pay a million in taxes and get the guillotine



Ray Nagin not only incompetent but first class rogue


Jordan Davis' murder didn't have to happen

Special Webcast to 'Black News'


Who wants a gay in NFL football —it's football not gayball; why couldn't he get a Black to screw?

Will faggots rule the world? Will they have a 'get somebody's boody-day in Ameria?'


They busted them Italian crime families for killing that 3-year baby last week


Would you screw this? Would you take the chance?

Carmen Carrera’s Quest to Become a Victoria’s Secret Angel


How do you plead guilty to something you didn't do; you just want the beatings to stop!


Antonio Yarbough, 39, and Sharrif Wilson, 37, appeared in a Brooklyn courtroom Thursday afternoon. A judge vacated their convictions in the 1992 murder of Yarbough’s mother, 12-year-old sister and the girl’s friend.


Mexican Vigilantes Beat Back Ruthless Knights Templar Cartel



Vigilante justice? It’s OK now


Seymour Hoffman died with the spike in his arm

The great Thespian is gone... Exit stage left!



Stars pay tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman - video


Is America safe from terrorism?


Can a sheep like America survive an attack from the Lone Wolf ?


Chris Christie attacks N.Y. Times, David Wildstein


A State-By-State Look At The Future Of Legal Marijuana


Progressive Blacks With Tea Party Backing Could Change The Ethos Of Body Politic In America



America for Americans; not for illegal aliens to fufill some political agenda

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