2022 message from 'Black News! US corrupt politics is Our undoing! New York, Andrew Cuomo, and the six most corrupt states. These crooked motherfucker will sell out America for a song and dance! The two party system got a lock on stupid Americans!


Studying Cancers from Every Angle

After Subjetifacation From Black Men Megan Wins: Jury finds Tory Lanez guilty of shooting her

First Bite With Dentures: What You Need to Chew On!

A Tale of Two Cities occupies a central place in the canon of Charles Dickens's works

A broader view of psychopathy. If you got a psychopatic relative coming for the holidays, run for cover! They crazy!

Getting comfortable with death can mean getting used to talking about it, planning for it, and not being afraid of it.

Trying to control information in a democracy is impossible! Musk 'Twitter' reinstates accounts of suspended journalists and Mastodon

Jan. 6 committee considering criminal referrals for Trump, at least 4 others

Social Security: Where Do the 2020 Candidates Stand? With all the money US shits away, we can't help seniors have a better life?

Spend Like Drunken Sailors; How Much Do Americans Spend On Christmas? 2 Trillion!

Testing assessment; Regression Toward the Mean: An Introduction with Examples

The Big Potential of Karen Bass’s Homelessness Agenda. The Homeless Will Be With US Forever!

Trump Makes Pitch to Black Middle Class, Casts ‘Illegal Immigrants' and Refugees as Threats

Does Life Insurance Plans Pay for Deaths by Suicide?

For decades, Black students in the United States have lagged behind their white peers in academic achievement.

Most of the human body is water, with an average of roughly 60%. So, drink water, stupid!

A lost work by Langston Hughes

The “Jesus son of Pantera” Traditions or lies. If so who was the Virgin Mary?

Was Jesus' Father Really a Roman Soldier Named Tiberius Pantera?

What Is A Patriot Missile System, And Why Do Nations Want Them So Much?

It's Biden's Mess! El Paso experiences 'major surge' in border crossings. You better get this right!

Produced by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin at $1 billion a piece, US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine

DOE Explains...Nuclear Fusion Reactions: (E=m c2) A small amount of matter can release a lot of energy!

What a 1925 novel “Arrowsmith” by Sinclair Lewis can teach us about health care today

The crowd at the Chase Center loudly booed Musk, who had spent much of the weekend wading into the culture wars, making transphobic statements and seemingly echoing QAnon tropes.

Partisan affiliations of registered voters; Independence Rule!


Suicide deaths of 2 area teens subject of lawsuit against social media companies

Antisemitism, what the fuck does it mean? is on the rise, and it's not just about Ye! Crying Antisemitism is a way for these US Jews to cover-up their racist, fucked-up behavior?

Surprise. The Villain So Far in ‘Harry & Meghan’ Is Not the Royal Family.

Who Died and Made Van Jones King of All Black People? The Jews!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams fined for rat infestation at Brooklyn property

Woman who watched boyfriend kill 6 family members in Chicago robbery sentenced to 25 years in prison

Shannon Sharpe Dissed HBCUs And Black Twitter Clapped All the Way Back. The Undisputed host and former-NFL player said that if "I had the grades coming out of HS. I wouldn't have chosen an HBCU."

Off his meds; he's really crazy, Trump crazy! Herschel Walker falsely claims he never falsely claimed he graduated from University of Georgia

‘Next mass killer’: Dropped case foretold Colorado bloodbath

Good for nothing! Black mayors are leading the nation's biggest cities for the first time.

Advocates say increasing Black teachers should be a national concern

Great police work. ‘Times Square killer’ pleads guilty to 1 woman’s murder and admits killing 4 others. Mary Beth Heinz, Laverne Moye, Sheila Heiman and Maria Emerita Rosado Nieves.

Black News Podcast: White Evangelical Christians made suicide pact with the devil they didn't know!

A pioneering approach that could spread. New Mexico voted a child care guarantee into its constitution.

Money didn't mean a thing! The biggest losers in the US midterm elections? Republican mega-donors

Deaths Due to Use of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement

Know their names: Black people killed by the police in the US. I didn't know them, then they came for me!

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing; Black men say they feel ignored by politicians. A historic Senate face-off between two Black men isn’t helping

Even when your momma don't want you; Walker "one of the worst candidates" in GOP history.

Charlamagne Tha God says Biden hasn't earned Black vote ahead of 2024, warns it doesn't belong to Democrats

Why Black Americans are more likely to be saddled with medical debt

Kohinoor, the ‘Stolen’ Diamond’s Travel History

King (My King = My low Self Esteem)

Addressing The Interlocking Impact Of Colonialism And Racism On Filipinx/a/o American Health Inequities

Racism is a Serious Threat to the Public’s Health; these old racist white doctors!

Atlanta school under federal investigation after allegations principal assigned Black students to classes based on race

Kanye West's Twitter account has been suspended after Elon Musk says it violated rule against incitement to violence.

Why British royals face simmering resentment in Caribbean

Prince and Princess of Wales praise 'hardy Bostonians' as they arrive in US

US corrupt politics is Our undoing! New York, Andrew Cuomo, and the six most corrupt states

Bryan Kohberger: What we know about suspect in deaths of Idaho college students

Suspect Bryan Kohberger arrested in connection to Idaho college killings

Tracked down like bloodhound. An FBI surveillance team tracked him for four days before his arrest as law enforcement closed in!

The imprisonment of actress Taraneh Alidoosti is bigger than Iran. Back to good old days of Iran shah

Afraid for her life, Iranian mullahs arrest actress Taraneh Alidoosti for criticizing executions!

Key findings from the latest Jan. 6 panel transcripts, including from Donald Trump Jr. and others

Chess ts not checkers! Nigerian chess prodigy 12-old Tani Adewumi granted asylum in United States

Jewish zionist put 'Black News' on Black list! E. says it's Role of Honor Coming From Evil Jews!

Jews Have Too Much Power In America With Their Evil behind US debauchery!

ABC Suspends Whoopi Goldberg Over Holocaust Comments. She Never Lied!

Whoopi Goldberg faces scrutiny over renewed comments on Holocaust

Winter storm leaves 37 dead nationwide as residents in New York remain trapped under feet of snow

To Dump Trump, What’s in the House January 6 committee report summary

Thompson & Cheney, The Giant Killers Statement on Trump’s Defiance of Select Committee Subpoena

Big oil is behind conspiracy to deceive public, first climate racketeering lawsuit says

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly Launches $100 Million Affordable Housing Initiative

Being young gifted and Black won't get you off the hook!' It chips away at you': Misty Copeland on the whiteness of ballet. Open the door, I'll get it myself.

Misty Copeland Secretly Welcomes First Child: 'I Have a 3-Month-Old'

Worst Than George Floyd, Five Louisiana Officers Charged In Black Motorist's Deadly Arrest

Top Ten Facts about Social Security. As of 2022. 66 million Americans receive social security benefits average $1,550.48 month.

He plays his ace in the hole! In Illinois, Biden makes Social Security, Medicare part of closing midterm pitch. That's enough to get you reelcted. It worked in primaries.

HBCU Winston-Salem State University responds to video of student being arrested in classroom

Winston-Salem State University is ranked #285 out of 443 National Universities. It's the worst university in the history of schooling

Graduation Rates at Winston-Salem State University. Worst in US!

Trump’s claim that Blacks are hurt most by illegal immigration gets pushback. That's undeniable!

Who Is Jacqueline Cleggett? Horrifying Details About Pill Mill Opioid Doctor In Netflix's 'The Pharmacist'

CVS and Walgreens agree to pay $10 billion to settle lawsuits linked to opioid sales. Settlement lets these pill -mill doctors off the hook! Like a crack dealer!

Spiritual vs. Secular; Are They Both The Same? If Not, What's The Difference? None, we still in Hell!

Viewpoint: When did people stop thinking God lives on a cloud?

Is God Dead? Yes, and organized religion is what murdered it! It was murder most foul!

A hundred years ago, Upton Sinclair, the muckraker and socialist, brought out “The Jungle,”

US scientists expected to announce long-awaited nuclear fusion break. That got big oil running!

You can run but can't hide! Crooked creep, SEC charges Sam Bankman-Fried with defrauding FTX investors as he built a crypto ‘house of cards’

After 25 years in prison, 2 Georgia men released after podcasters uncovers manufactured evidence in murder case

Once Again, podcasters Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis. A True Crime Podcast Helped Free The Wrongfully Convicted

Freedom and justice served: Two men released after 25 years in prison after podcast sheds light on manufactured evidence

Otis Redding's last performance, 55 years ago today

The tragic death of soul legend Otis Redding

Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

Deion Sanders has decided to stop coaching at worthless Jackson State University a historically Black college. Here’s why people are so upset

If it's not broke, don't fix it, interracial marriages to get added protection under new law

Trump Organization convicted in executive tax dodge scheme. Is there prison time?

Coonrod Proposes Term Limits For City Council Members; Giving Mayor 4 4-Year Terms, Moving Elections Away From March

The Plot Thickens! A New Clash Between Faith and Gay Rights Arrives at a Changed Supreme Court.

Is there an Underground Economy? $2 Trillion Underground Economy May Be Recovery's Savior

Losing Count, And Counting Over $2 Trillion: U.S. Terror Rules Drive Money Underground

Antisemitic celebrities stoke fears of normalizing hate. Jews' censorship of Blacks ongoing

A Royal Visit, at a Careful Distance In US. Where is That 'Home Breaker' Camilla?

The British Empire Was Much Worse Than You Realize

Georgia run-off election: Ready to switch off from politics? Not here

Queen’s Former Lady-in-waiting Resigns Over Racist Comments. Who needs a king anyway?

King Charles accepted $1.2 million from Osama bin Laden's family; just walking-around money!



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