Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet; We Back!!

Florida pardons 4 Black men accused of 1949 rape. What the fuck — too little too late!

No Way Would I Host Oscars — Good

Company cops backlash for confusing Oprah with Whoopi

Begging for an Oscar: Oprah Winfrey AKA beached whale is embarrassing the Black community begging for Oscar

#BankingWhileBlack: Ohio Bank Calls 911 On Black Man For Trying To Cash His Own Paycheck

Nigger, we want two forms of ID, your finger print and DNA before you cash this check, and call the police on this Nigger too!

Black man in Ohio trying to cash paycheck is handcuffed after bank teller calls 911

Senate just passed criminal justice reform — they did something right!

Twelve Republicans voted against advancing the legislation despite President Trump endorsing the measure in November: Sens. John Barrasso (Wyo.), Richard Burr (N.C.), Tom Cotton (Ark.), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), John Kennedy (La.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Jim Risch (Idaho), Ben Sasse (Neb.), Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Mike Rounds (S.D.) and Pat Toomey (Pa.).

Russia targeted Black voters in attempts to suppress Democrat turnout in presidential election, Senate report says

Russian trolls tried to discourage Black voters to get Trump elected, and it worked

Some of the Popular Images and Themes the Russians Posted on Social Media That Tricked Niggers

Black voter turnout declined sharply in 2016 and Facebook may be part ... The Russians did this by posing as African Americans and recruiting .

Trump’s “Charity” Has Been Shut Down Because He Used It Like A Slush Fund

Donald Took $7 out of his Charity to pay for his Son’s Boy Scout Membership Fees —You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan Politics: Who Nominated Him?

Who Is Judge Emmet Sullivan

After public beatdown in Federal Court, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan called Michael Flynn a traitor and appears ready to 'Lock Him Up!'

Russian Trolls and the Trump Campaign Both Tried to Depress Black Turnout

$1 trillion buyback for top one percent — A turkey dinner and a coat for the bottom 99 percent

Corporate America gives out a record $1 trillion in stock buybacks

Steve Harvey Crowns Wrong Miss Universe Then Misspells Country Names in Apology Tweet

Steve Harvey; This no reading Nigger got it right this time

Lessons Learned From Miss Universe: Teach That Nigger How To Read

Tom Cotton says he's running for re-election in 2020 — Cracker you crazy — don't pick Cotton!

That racist dog, Tom Cotton new Strom Thurmond in US Senate

How Did Strom Thurmond Last Through His 24-Hour Filibuster? He pissed and shited on himself!

Slavery Reparations could cost up to $14 Trillion. 'It's a 'Deadbeat Country' that won't pay its bills

Shut the fucking government down until 'Slave Reparations' is on the table! We need our money!

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

United Nations panel says U.S. owes reparations for slavery, mass incarceration

UN DEMANDS America Pay Black People. For… Slavery?!

Like American inner cities, girl who died fled intensely violence in poor Guatemalan village

Ministry of Magic: Two Saudi women arrested for 'witchcraft.' Never fuck a witch! Yo' dick will fall off!

Are witches real? Are American whitches behind the "Me Too Movement?"

Woman charged with witchcraft in evil spirit blessing scam that left man out $600K

How Maria Butina, accused Russian spy, fucked her way into top US circles, and got the pussy?

What is the state of the Black Community in America? Surviving in a Gay Nation is hard.

Remember, your 'American Dream' is achieved on the Backs of Black Americans!!

7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Murdered (sic) In U.S. Border Patrol Custody

Girl who crossed border with dad died in Border Patrol custody

Alleged Russian Spy Maria Butina and the NRA: A Photographic History. Who all got that pussy? Enquiring minds want to know!

After the Feds got through with Russian agent Maria Butina, she folded like a beach chair

Federal Prosecutors Have Way Too Much Power

American Federal Prosecutors no more than 'Grand Inquisitors' of innocence

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina cooperating ahead of plea hearing Thursday

FACT CHECK: Trump Says 'A Lot Of Wall Has Been Built' As He Demands We Build More

Hector, Hector, how to get over a 12-feet wall? You get a 13-feet ladder, stupid!

Donald Trump said a shutdown would be on him. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were happy to agree

Pelosi: President Trump Does Not Have The Votes To Pay For His Wall

After 'Cage Match,' Pelosi throws low blow to Trump ‘It’s like a manhood thing for him’: But he's not a man!

Pelosi privately disses Trump’s manhood after White House meeting

It was rotten Nigger women behind the brutality of Jazmine Headley

Outrage grows over 'disburbing' video showing New York police ripping baby from mother's arms

California Proposition 8, the "Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry" Initiative (2008)

Negro Heisman Winner Apologizes for Saying “Queer” on Twitter — These fags won't be satisfied until we're all fucking each other

Missouri City elects first woman, Black mayor

Trump warns Iran's president in all-caps tweet to stop threatening U.S.

Kevin Hart fueled a dangerous trope: the unenlightened Black homophobe

Kevin Hart says he’s out as Oscars host after outrage over homophobic tweets. These Faggots give you something one day and take it back the next day!

Will he or will he not? Faggots' political correctness run Kevin Hart off the Oscar stage

These Faggots can't take a joke!

There’s Finally a Persuasive Case of Election Fraud, and Republicans Don’t Care

What's up dog? Man, you fucked-up killing that journalist — it was too messy — try poison next time!

The stock market is over-priced from the get-go, if you got a 401(k), take your money and run on the banks. Now!

The say money can't buy you love, but if you're Jeffrey Epstein and his road-dogs, it can buy you plenty young pussy

The one weird court case linking Trump, Clinton, and a billionaire pedophile

Jeffrey Epstein and the Decline of the American Experiment

CIA director Gina Haspel spills it to Senate! Senate to US!

Who did it? No smoking gun, but we have a smoking saw!

'Smoking saw' ties Saudi crown prince to Khashoggi killing: Sen. Graham

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die! You can't get there without dying!

Godspeed:’ Touching cartoon shows George H.W. Bush reunited with wife, daughter in heaven

Midterm election brought the Good, Bad and Ugly in Black community

Neil deGrasse Tyson claims of sexual harassment. Me too — these witches have lied on me too!

Neil deGrasse Tyson accused of drugging and raping this snaggletooth Tchiya Amet. We know he didn't get any head because your teeth fucked-up

Clarence Thomas marks 25 years on Supreme Court

Was President George H. W. Bush a racist in Politics?

Did Bush’s nomination of Clarence Thomas to U. S. Supreme Court leave a generational curse on the Black community?

Senator Tim Scott Sinks Thomas Farr’s Judicial Nomination Amid Racial Controversy

Farr Crashed And Burned: Republicans Sink Trump Judicial Nominee Hostile To Black Voters' Rights

Judicial Nom With Record Hostile To Voting Rights Moves Closer To Confirmation

Trump: How could he be impeached? For high God-damn crimes and fucking misdemeanors

Can Trump be impeached? Fucking A! But you better get it right the first time because you only get one bite off the apple

Has any US president ever been impeached? If so, why ? Like Trump, give 'em some power and it goes to their fucking heads. That makes Americans sick!

Tension Between Harry and William May Have Inspired Harry and Meghan’s Move to the Suburbs

Prince William to Prince Harry: That Nigger can't fit in!

Prince Harry and Prince William Reportedly Had a 'Bit of a Fallout' Over Meghan Markle Last Christmas

Not known in the South, Hakeem Jeffries defeats Barbara Lee to become Dem caucus chair

Weak Black Caucus prostrates itself like a slave before Nancy Pelosi 'The Iron Lady'

Tightest House leadership race isn’t Nancy Pelosi’s. It’s Barbara Lee’s

California Rep. Barbara Lee hoping to become the first black woman in House leadership

Majority Of Congressional Black Caucus Backs Pelosi Over Fudge, A Member, For Speaker

Is Trump panicked because Robert Mueller has turned on Paul Manafort

Manafort’s 'Double-cross Triple-cross' is stuff movies are made of

Manafort lawyer shared Mueller probe details with Trump’s legal team

Milwaukee, Racine Ranked 2nd And 3rd Worst Cities In America For Black People

Indianapolis' interim superintendent is the 1st black woman to hold the position

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'Black News' shows off its softer side


Russia's Putin accuses U.S. of raising risk of nuclear war


Is it official? Putin says he plans to get married ‘someday’


Honduran migrant gunned down shortly after U.S. deportation


Chattanooga got the dumbest stupid Niggers on the Earth running the Black community!


Why do America Jews hate Black Americans so much?


Blacks and Jews: oppression not the same


Bus driver in fatal Chattanooga school bus crash now charged with child rape


Former Black Panther, in prison for 47 years, denied release for the ninth time


Caught on camera: 2 former Louisiana cops indicted in violent beating of student


Why Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the U.S.? Them some racist mutherfuckers; you remember what them crackers from University of Oklahoma was singing Nigger on that bus that time?


You can't get to the presidency without going through the Black community — That's a fact!


Oil will skyrocket to $300 if OPEC-Russia alliance disbanded, Saudi institute claims


Black high school student bullied over her skin color, parents say


EXCLUSIVE: Terror tourists who attacked Black man in Chelsea have fled the U.S. — police sources


What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?


NAACP launches #LogOutFacebook after reports on Black voter suppression


Family: Alabama tries to shield officer who killed Black man


Andrew Cuomo: Legalize recreational marijuana in New York in 2019. That's presidential, potential — he might could be one!


Not Hard To Do In Racist America: Russian Trolls and the Trump Campaign Both Tried to Depress Black Turnout


Trump-Russia dossier was created so Clinton could challenge 2016 election results – Steele


Oscar-Winning, Barry Jenkins on America’s Ugly History of ‘Preying on Young Black Men’


Affirmative Action Niggers: Dress Well and Speak Softly: How Black Professionals Counter Bias


The Next 3 States to Legalize Recreational Pot


Why did 7-year-old migrant girl Jakelin Caal die in US custody?



Just 7 years old, Jakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin was picked up by U.S


Reparations For African Canadians: The Dirty Words We Are Not Supposed To Utter


Make witchcraft a criminal offence



Sheriff disputes injuries Chattanooga man suffered in beating by racist cop


Fuck America, Russia may participate in construction of Trans-African railway


Girl who crossed border with dad died in Border Patrol custody


Documents Reveal Maria Butina Has Offered to Betray Her Lover (a GOP Operative)


Maria Butina: Alleged Russia agent 'offered sex for job'. She used sex as spycraft!! Who got the pussy?


Putin claims Maria Butina is not known to Russian spy agencies as she prepares to plead guilty in US conspiracy case


How the Spanish Inquisition Worked


Maria Butina: Alleged Russian spy files to change plea in US federal court


Whistleblower cop releases video showing another officer sucker punching unarmed Black man




2 white students charged with threatening Black teacher


Does systematic racism drain, deny and diminish Black homeowners' wealth?


Black lawmakers seek tax dollars to document 400 years of African America history


Black girl, 9, kills herself after classmates bully her for having white friend



Two revelatory exhibitions upend our understanding of Black models in art


Data shows it is more difficult to be Black than white in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County


Accused Russian agent Maria Butina poised to plead guilty in US


Carson Kressley on Kevin Hart: “Don’t Mess With the Gays” who are agents of the devil


Five Dollars and a Pork Chop Sandwich: Vote Buying and the Corruption of Democracy


Report: NY's Black students suspended far more than whites, others


Break-in reported at detained Huawei executive’s house as she fears for her health in jail — fuck that bitch! You do the crime, you do the time! That's the American way!




‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Is a Powerful and Moving Depiction of Black Love


Uterine cancer rates rising, particularly among Black women


The reason for the season in this cop shop was to offend Black people

‘‘I Am the ‘Good Guy With a Gun’’’: Black Gun Owners Reject Stereotypes, Demand Respect


‘Is it OK if I still don’t want my son to be gay?’ What Kevin Hart should’ve said as he quit Oscars — You Faggots ain't the boss of me!


Convenience store clerk calls police on Xavier student for being "arrogant and Black" — Alien, understand Black culture or take your stinking ass back home!


Cohen to receive sentence for lying because you can't believe a liar even when he's telling the truth


Stinking Asian store owner punched Black woman in the mouth as her kids watched


‘We Can Kill Journalists’: Putin’s High-Five With Saudi Prince Is a ‘Snapshot of the Future,’ MSNBC Panel Warns


Political Parties Are Ruining America


The Republican Party, Not Trump, Is the Real Threat to American Democracy


Khashoggi's brutal killing could lead to charges against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman under international law. But experts say the Saudis will 'never go along.'


Now, let's hear the Goddamn, 'Suffering Tape' of the murder victim that Trump didn't want US to hear?


White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to Black people, a new study contends



It ain't over 'til it's over! 'This is not democracy': Republicans try to shrink power of incoming Democrats


Michigan to be first Midwest state to allow recreational pot


No good deed goes unpunished: Woman fatally stabbed after giving money to apparent young mother in need

The phrase 'No good deed goes unpunished' is a sardonic commentary on the frequency with which acts of kindness backfire on those who offer them. In other words, those who help others are doomed to suffer as a result of their being helpful.


The Black Codes and Why They Matter Today


White liberals dumb themselves down when they speak to Black people, a new study contends


What is a generational curse?


AP Was There: The Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings


US Public Colleges Fail to Serve Black Students, Study Finds


Arkansas' capital city could elect Black mayor. So what? Like most Black mayors, this Nigger ain't shit!


What is impeachment and how does it work?


Trump; a billion here and a billion there — now you're talking about real money. Pentagon says Riyadh is too important to whip, rolls out $15bn THAAD arms deal instead


Black women could be a decisive bloc


Mother and baby killed in 'bear attack'


Thomas Farr: Yeah, he's a rotten lowdown racist, Yeah, he hates Niggers, but elections have consequences


President Trump’s New Judicial Nominee Is ‘Moral Poison’


FRANK BRUNI: Black, female, Republican -- and gone


White Instagram model accused of pretending to be Black to gain followers


Fighting over Niggers: Father arrested for shooting son over Thanksgiving argument on kneeling NFL players


Black education: What makes sense?


Black Mississippi Deserves Better Than Some 'Poor White Trash' Shit


Michael Strahan Breaks His Silence And Reveals How He Solved His ED. He Ain't No Bob Dole



Another White Witch from the Dirty South goes to Washington


Ex-Florida police chief gets three years in plan to frame Black people


Black man arrested after helping drunk neighbor home


Black caucus members back Pelosi for speaker over their former chair. That's Niggerdom!


White Mom thanks stranger who taught her how to style her Black daughter's hair


WATCH: Congressional Black Caucus Releases Video Stating what People of Color have Lost with Republicans in Charge


Black Homeowners Saw Greater Home Price Appreciation Than Whites in Some Areas

The devaluation of assets in Black neighborhoods


The stats are against Black moms and babies. So why aren’t we more worried about prematurity?


Video shows moments after police shot Black man at Alabama mall