Bill Cosby freed on $1 million bond in sex assault case


Black News


I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people


31,000 Louisianans set to lose food stamp benefits on Jan. 1


A Year of Black Lives Matter


Father after 2 shot dead by Chicago police: 'I don't feel his life was worth losing because he got upset'


Is bias behind Black church bankruptcies? No, them Niggers just broke!


Bill Cosby charged in 2004 Philly incident


Why 'calls for calm' in Tamir Rice case strike Black activists as condescending


Why police so often see unarmed Black men as threats?: because we're scared of them Niggers!


When rap raged against racism – 2015 and the Black protest anthem


Why white people see Black boys like Tamir Rice as older, bigger and guiltier than they really are


With its wicked behavior against Blacks; America appears to be the Antichrist, the False Prophet and the Beast all rolled together


‘Dear White America’: Black Professors' Open Letter Asks Readers to ‘Admit’ to the ‘Racist Poison That Is Inside of You’




Farrakhan’s Fiery Rant on Obama and Jews: ‘I Am That Man That Represents the Messiah That Has Come to End This Civilization’


Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar who will tell a lie quicker than a cat can lick its ass!


A million racist Devil Cops from the pit of Hell can't stop a movement whose time has come


Black Lives Matter protest halts traffic on 405 Freeway


Protesters stage 'Black Christmas' among last-minute shoppers


Judge bars only Black Lives Matter organizers from Mall of America protest

Screw that racist judge, and spend the hollidays in jail


Hunger, homelessness on the rise in major US cities, study finds


What Really Keeps You From Buying Black?


No, doctors did not “inject HIV into a dying girl” to treat her cancer


Diversity in America doesn't mean rounding up a bunch of Niggers who think like racist white people


Dead Sea Scrolls Versus The Bible


The American people are so mad at these rotten politicans and their corrupt media that we don't care what Trump says


Young, Black activists emerge amid repeated police controversies in Chicago

Lamon Reccord, left, stares at a police sergeant during a protest and march against police violence at State and Randolph streets Nov. 25, 2015.

Have Black Entrepreneurs Driven the U.S. Crime Drop?


New survey casts doubt on Latino loyalty to the Democratic Party


Why prayer does not work.
A common sense approach to prayer


Justice Scalia Suggests Blacks Belong at "Slower" Colleges


South Carolina military college suspends cadets over Ku Klux Klan hoods


Training More Black Men to Become Teachers

Cops: The Nigger hunt is on and in full-force


Where’s anger for what Niggers do to selves?


Black Lives Matter Is Not a Civil Rights Movement


The County:
what happens after police kill someone you love?


Did This White Cop Rape 13 Black Women?

Daniel Holtzclaw

Chicago mayor says 'sorry' for police misconduct in Laquan McDonald case— sorry ain't enough — you dipshit!


FBI effort to track police killings is key step toward leaving no case uncounted


Obama caught between Iraq and a hard place in Middle East


Did the US occupation of Iraq create ISIL? You got that right!


A next generation of black activism gains steam


San Bernardino shooter’s dad: He was ‘obsessed’ with hating Israel


Potential Act Of Terrorism Tests A President — And Americans' Nerves


Sanders Struggles to Dent Clinton’s Lead Among Black Voters


Black clergy who support Donald Trump are ‘prostitutes’: Here's the pot calling the kettle black


Insert Sighs Here: Watch These Two Black Women Pledge Their Support For Donald Trump



Mother says San Francisco police 'executed' her son


The sad state of Black women in statewide political office


Black Lives Matter protesters cut off Donald Trump in North Carolina


White Officer Tells Black Driver: I hate you Niggers


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Says He Won't Quit


Black Pastor Calls Trump Meeting A 'Get-Played Moment'


I Refuse to Have ‘The Talk’ With My Black Son


Laquan McDonald Shows That Black Lives Matter Is Right to Target Dems

Men accused of shooting up Black Lives Matter protest appear in court — and guess what? They’re ‘not racist’

Is God sending America a message with these floods about the murder of his people? Black Americans!

Killing of black people by U.S. police draws spotlight in 2015

For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions

They got all the money; what fucking hell else do they want?


Final word from 'Black News'

Cleveland’s Terrible Stain

The things that got Americans hot enough to fuck

If you don't keep your Black ass at home; the devil gonna get you!

This webcast is special to 'Black News'

Fuck the Grand Jury; It ain't God Damn fair for Tamir Rice

The fix was in on the part of the racist prosecutors, and Black lives don't mean shit to racist America; you're forcing US into the hands of your enemy ISIS!

How the Supreme Court Protects Racist Cops

About 100 'Black Christmas' protesters block shoppers

Black Lives Matter organizer says mall was 'decoy' fool cops


'Black Lives Matter' Has Rocked Your Racist World: You Feel Me?

All I want to say; They don't care about US

Barbara Dawson: Florida woman dies after being forcibly removed from hospital


White America's racial hatred of Blacks: Denial is not a river in Egypt

Grand Jury wrong in Bland case, and go to Nigger prosecutor, Darrell Jordan used to defend murder

This rotten ass Nigger is due for a big job

Oh no! Steve Harvey crowns wrong woman Miss Universe

Yeah, your dumb ass, grinning ass Nigger done fucked your shit up — this Nigger is over-worked!


Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli arrested by FBI on fraud charges

Uncle Sam showed that sissy whose the boss! He got what he deserved

America's most hated man who hiked HIV drug fee by 5,000 per cent ARRESTED on fraud charge


Trump should use the open primary states to get disaffected Democrats to cross-over

Donald Trump has a plan to win ‘100 percent’ of the Black vote and prove he's not a racist

Don't be crying now; you just funked-up, now take two-hundred years

Most of white America don't give a fuck about US

The jury is in; they hate our guts


Angry Alvarez on McDonald case handling: 'I'd rather lose an election'

You ain't gonna win anyway; you too tall, too ugly and you look like a man — next!

Antonin Scalia says you Nigger students ain't ready for prime time

Armed to the teeth: Amnesty slams US & allies for weapons falling into ISIS’ hands

How can we save ourselves from crony politics that corrupts US all?

This Webcast is special to "Black News"


Double Down Donald: We mad as hell and we ain't gonna take no more

This is your new normal: are Americans safe at home?

We glad he wasn't a Nigger; we already catching hell from white people because of Obama

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik: why did they do it?


If he won't resign; Recall the sucker

  Chicago police reports depict different narrative of shooting death of black teen

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