How Can You Explain All That Lynchings Of Blacks In The South? ...Well You Know, It Wasn't That Bad! What About The Murder Of All The Black Leaders At The Hands Of The KKK? ... Well, I Don't Know If It Was So Bad! So What About The Years Of Forced Slavery, Rape, Murder, And UNGODLY Treatment Of Black Men, Women And Children? ...The Slaves Never Complained About It, So It Wasn't That Bad! What You Say About The Degrading Era Of State's Rights, Segregation And Reacial Hatred Against Black Americans? It Wasn't That Bad For The Nigras! And, All This Is Done By White Americans In The Name Of Christ! Hey, Its Ain't That Damn Bad!For Them NIGGERS! Black News

Obama 101: His Re-election video

Dec. 30 2010: Post 12-30-10, 10:50 pmET

Black Entertainment

Stepin Fetchit, then and now

Skin Color Wealth Gap: Whites Average $95K Richer Than Blacks

If Hugh Hefner At 84-Years Old Can Catch A 24-Year Old Honey, There's Hope For Us All !

Could Gov. Paterson Replace Charles Rangel?

Assange lashes back at U.S. critics

Barry Scheck
Attorney and Founder of the Innocence Project

Petition To Support Julian Assange

Black Clergy Blasts Atlanta Test Cheating Investigation

After Prison, Ron Isley Picks up Where He Left Off

Bradley Manning: The prime suspect of giving files to WikiLeaks

New Study Claims Prosecutorial Misconduct Is Rampant down after U.S. firm ousts controversial site

Excerpt from "Judge Priest" (1934)

Australia & US to kill me!

U.S. denies urging technical takedown of WikiLeaks

Wife of Justice Thomas regrets call to Hill

Forgotten Funny" Documentary - Stepin Fetchit

Black Crime

What Is the Symbionese Liberation Army?

LAPD releases photos of possible 'Grim Sleeper' victims, asking public for help

Obama says tax-cut deal good for Blacks. How?

Haley Barbour's Racist Remark Was No Mistake

The New Jim Crow

Inmates Freed Because Of The Innocence Projecy

Assange ordered to jail while court decides on extradition

Oprah Winfrey: 'I'm Not A Lesbian, I'm a Bull-Dyke!

Was John Lennon's murderer Mark Chapman a CIA hitman?

Little Bobby Hutton Held as Role Model for African Americans

U.S. denies asking others to attack Wikileaks

Profile: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

NAACP contests suicide as cause of hanged man's death

Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army

Ron Paul Defends WikiLeaks

Can Prayer Save The Black Church And The Black Community?

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