The last days of Chief Freeman Cooper

By Sinclere Lee

Chattanooga (BNW)—
Some say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This can be said about Hitler’s power over the German people. It can also be said about American politicians who are corrupt by power from the people they disserve. On the local level in Chattanooga it can also be said about Freeman Cooper, former Chattanooga police chief. He brought corruption and perversion to the department at a level of disgrace that the Fraternal Order of Police forced him out because of his perverted actions as a civil servant. The story you are about to read is fiction and the opinion of the author, but is a reliable account of Freeman Cooper's last days on the job.

The last day for Chief Cooper was filled with suspense and intrigue about the up coming vote to keep him on as chief after his retirement, and reveals how he held certain members of the Council hostage with his sexual perverted lifestyle. The least qualified applicant when he was first hired for the job, more experience and decent officers had to endure years of disgrace he brought to a force that had undergone years of intimidation from other Black chiefs who were unprofessional and uneducated.

Cooper is on the phone talking to Manuel Rico, chairman of the council.

“Manny, how you think the vote will go to night?” Cooper asked Rico.

“Don’t know because some members have gotten wind about what we are trying to do. I know we got Sally Robinson’s vote because she’ll vote any way the mayor wants. But, that Jack Benson is talking about hiring you on as chief after retirement is double dipping. … But, we will see tonight. You know you got my vote.”

“I know Manny. How did you like that boy I sent to you last night? He is a new recruit who is trying to get ahead on the force.” Cooper said with a laugh. “If I don’t get the votes to keep the job, you know this free dick will be over for you and the mayor.”

“Don’t talk like that, anybody can hear you out there and our business will be all over Chattanooga.”

“Don’t worry Manny, your secret is safe with me, but he do have a big dick, and I know how much you like big dicks. … I like big dicks too, that's why he’s been fucking me for over two months, and if there’s anything I’ll miss about this job is getting big fresh dicks.”

“Mayor Littlefield will argue that you are the right person for the job, and it would not cost the taxpayers any more money.” Rico said. “He thinks he can trick the Council into a yes vote to keep a Black person on the job.”

“I hope so, that's why it pays to be a Black man like me in a racist city like Chattanooga — you can get anything from white people if you play their game — but if Councilman Benson objects, I think the rest of the Council will follow his lead,” Cooper said.

“Well, I hope Jack keep cool about this because we are having too much fun with this department.” Cooper continued. “Well, I will see you tonight at the Council meeting, Manny.”

Cooper gets up from his desk and went to talk with his secretary.

“Stop all calls and I will not be seeing anyone for the rest of the day. I plan to take an early lunch and go home for the rest of the day.”

Cooper left for his private apartment in East Chattanooga where he carries out acts that will make most people cringe at the thought. He started out as a new recruit himself who lied about is qualifications on his application years ago, and now he was the chief of the department, looking to getting a three-year extension on his contract after his retirement. How sweet it is he thought to himself as he pulled into the driveway of the apartment.

As soon as he was in the apartment, he made a phone call. “I’m hear now, so you can come over. Did you get the money from them crack dealers last night?”

“Yeah, we got it — about forty-five hundred dollars. And some damn good crack I know you will like. I have to make a few stops on my patrol to trick the supervisor, but I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Sounds good. Did you give Bill Cox his cut of the money?”

“No, not yet but I can catch him before he goes to court.”

“Do that because she’s been asking about that money all week, and after lunch she'll be no where found because she'll be with them boys, freaking,” Cooper said while laughing and then hung up the phone. That closet queen, Bill Cox, is a pedophile masquerading as a prosecutor. He never met a teenage dick he wouldn’t suck. He's worse than me when it come to being a freak, Cooper thought to himself.

After smoking some weed in a blunt, he was paranoid about everything when he heard a knock on the door. He went to the door and it was what he was waiting for: money and crack.

“Did you get a pipe?”


“Give me the money and crack. I don’t like you holding my property,” Cooper said.

He took the money and dope and went into the back room to smoke the crack.

Within a few minutes he came out shaking like a leaf on a tree. “This some good shit. Who did you get it from?”

“We busted some niggers in Alton Park, and took the money and dope from them. I tried it so I know it’s the fire.”

“How much you got?”

“About twenty rocks, big rocks!”

“Give ‘em to me and you can get back on patrol before you get caught.”

Cooper spent the hold day smoking crack, even knowing he had to be at the Chattanooga City Council meeting for a vote on his future, but he was so corrupt and convinced the mayor had things in control, he went to the meeting shaking from being high on crack.

Below is the result of the Council meeting as reported by the TimesFreepress


Chattanooga Council Declines to Keep Police Chief Cooper on Contract

Dep. Chief Mark Rawlston will serve as Interim Chief

March 30, 2010 6:31 PM

Karen Zatkulak

By a vote of 6 - 2, the Chattanooga city council has voted to NOT keep Police Chief Freeman Cooper on as a contract employee.

Mayor Ron Littlefield had asked that Cooper be allowed to stay on as a contract employee for three years. The council voted on a measure to amend that from three years to one year, but that amendment failed, 5 - 4. They then voted on the original three-year contract, which also failed 6 - 2. Carol Berz abstained from the final vote.

Manuel Rico voted "Yes," and Sally Robinson voted "Yes."

Cooper's retirement is effective Wednesday. Dep. Chief Mark Rawlston will serve as Interim Chief until a permanent chief is named.

Mayor Littlefield had argued that Cooper is the right person for the job, and it would not cost the taxpayers any more money.

"The issue is not double dipping because we have hired police chiefs before who were drawing pension and pension is not compensation," said the Mayor, who insists there has been a misunderstanding about the whole issue.

But several city council members disagreed. Councilman Jack Benson said the contract would be double dipping into the city's fund. He said, "there has never been an issue like this where I have heard 100 percent opposition."

The Mayor also said that he wanted Cooper to stay on during a transition to combine the city and the county's law enforcement agencies into one service.

The Characters In This Melodrama

Mayor Littlefield

Manuel Rico

Bill Cox


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