Chattanooga Police Conduct Saturation Exercise
posted November 7, 2011

The Chattanooga Police Department conducted a saturation exercise on Friday and Saturday to address city-wide problems with car break-ins, burglaries and other offenses including gun crimes.

The saturation involved officers from within the department who went out into problem areas and created a saturated police presence.

Listed below are the results of the saturation exercise and the individuals arrested.

Total arrests - 48 (88 total charges)
Citations in lieu of arrest - 134
Drug Arrests - 10
Money seized - $2,021
Vehicle Seized - one 1997 BMW 528i

Clemon Dunlap B M 1300 Central Avenue Criminal Trepass-2 Counts, Evading Arrest, and Criminal Impersonation
James Atkinson Jr. B M 2001 South Lylery St Apt 121 Aggravated Assault- Domestic
Richard Williams B M 700 N. Willow Street Aggravated Assault-Domestic and Felony Reckless Endangerment- Domestic
Walter Hayes B M 4025 Oakwood Drive Apt. 924 "Domestic Assault and Vandalism-
Edwin Robinson B M 160 I-75 Theft, reckless driving, reckless endangerment
James Ware B M 1900 Roanoke Criminal Trespass
Cameron Williams B M 853 Wheeler Avenue Driving on Revoked, Light Law Violation
David Ray (Patton) B M 1020 W 37th Street Apt D203 Domestic Assault and Theft Under $500
Jeremy Ballard B M 1300 S. Market Street Failure to Appear- Criminal Trepassing
Darrell Armour, Jr. B M 3215 Wilcox Blvd Possession of Crack Cocaine for Resale
Demetrius Lewis B M 1000 N. Orchard Knob Public Intox.
Xavier Turner B M 1224 Poplar St. #C Poss. Of Marijuana
William Stamper B M 1100 S.Lyerly Driving w/o license, Seatbelt
Amber Kennedy W F 7500 Bonny Oaks Failure to maintain lane, open container, revoked DL
Tamasha Williams B F 3500 Wilcox Revoked License
Edward King B M 1300 Tunnell Suspended License, Poss. of drug paraphernalia
Carla Singleton B F 1300 Tunnell Poss. of drug paphernalia, Criminal Impersonation
Corey Twitty B M 840 N. Germantown Poss. Of Marijuana, Revoked License, Registration Viol., Poss. of cocaine resale
Joe Young B M 910 Dodson Ave. Revoked License, Criminal Impersonation
Herman Brown B M 1900 Wilcox Ave. DUI, Suspended License
Eric White B M 2100 E. 37th St. Child Support
Annie Williams B F 2300 Wilcox Ave. Domestic Assault, passing worthless checks x2
Darall Witcher B M 2100 Foust St. Revoked License
London Crutcher B M 1900 Heaton St. Agg. Trespassing, Marijuana resale, poss. drug paraphernalia
Troy Martin W M 2907 3rd Ave. Failure to appear
Leander Johnson B M 1800 E. 17th St. poss. of drug parphernalia
Robbie Bell B M 635 Maple St. Ct. Agg. Tresspassing
David Franklin B M 2413 4th Ave. Poss. of marijuana
Carlos Garrett B M 1900 Wilson St. Poss. of a controlled substance, Contempt of Court
Cornelius Garrett B M 1900 Wilson St. Habitual Traffic Offender
Maati Kingston B M 2400 E. 28th St. Suspended License
Henry Bennett B M 3600 Bonny Oaks Dr. Revoked License
Richard Shipley W M 3200 Hillwood Dr. Suspended License
Wendell Kilgore B M 3440 Wilcox Ave. poss. of a controlled substance
Terrance Penney W M 3600 Rossville Blvd. Light law, revoked license
Randall Beene W M 1073 Hooker Rd. poss. of crack cocaine
James Greer B M 2000 Rawlings St. Public Intox.
Rachel Williams B F 600 N. Orchard Knob poss. of crack cocaine
Emory Jackson B M 5204 Fisk Avenue Probation Violation- Robbery,Theft of Property, and Unlawful Possesion of Weapon
Domnic Jones B M 1103 Arlington Criminal trespass
William Foster B M 3700 Alton Park Blvd. Revoked Licnese
Dexter ? B M 3500 Hughes Forgery
Tyrell Pitmon B M 3800 Wilcox poss. of a controlled substance x2
Martemius Smith B M 4011 Rossville Blvd. Contempt of Court x6, Agg. Burglary x2, Criminal Impersonation
Leslie Taylor W F 2717 Rossville Blvd. Felony poss.of Meth, poss. of a controlled substance x2, drug paraphernalia
Shon Blanks B M 2400 Glass St. revoked license
Joshua Frazier W M 4200 Hwy. 58 Domestic Assault
Michael Springs B M 5013 N. Moore Ln Poss. Marijuana, Fel. Poss of a firearm

63 Arrested In Saturation Operation Targeted At Gang-Related Crimes
posted November 21, 2011

Officers from various divisions of the Chattanooga Police Department worked over a three-day period to impact many of the problems that the city has experienced with violent crimes.

The operation, which specifically targeted those involved in gang-related and gang-motivated crimes, began last Thursday and continued throughout the weekend. Officers were able to affect several arrests of wanted offenders.

One noted arrest was that of Bryant Cannon who was listed as one of Hamilton County’s Top 12 Most Wanted. He had a probation violation stemming from an attempted murder charge.

Another notable arrest led police to the suspect vehicle involved in a felony theft of clothing. Edgar Goodwin and Charles Blocker were both charged in the theft. All of the clothing taken in the theft was located in the vehicle and returned to the store from which it was taken.

Listed below are a few stats from the operation and attached is a spread sheet listing the individuals that were arrested along with their charges.

· Gang members arrested - 14
· Total arrests - 63
· Total Charges - 107
· Guns recovered- 1

Those arrested were:

George Houston B M 3/15/1985 Revoked License
John Davidson B M 11/8/1955 1910 Camden St. Crack resale
Robert Green B M 7/23/1965 1910 Camden St. Child Support
Barbara Johnson B F 12/7/1966 1910 Camden St. FTA Prostitution, drug paraphernalia
Leon Harris B M 8/27/1990 FTA, probation viol.
Eddie Davis B M 7/5/1947 700 Tunnell Blvd. Revoked License
Reginald Browdley B M 3/10/1960 2100 Shepherd rd. Suspended license, poss. of marijuana
Jermichael Nicholson B M 2/26/1991 1200 Belmeade Suspended license
Juvenile B M 900 Gillespie Rd. Poss. of crack cocaine, poss. of cocaine resale
Jermaine Suttles B M 9/6/1981 900 Gillespie Rd. Poss. of crack cocaine, poss. of cocaine resale, improper parking, revoked license poss. of marijuana
Dewon Heard B M 5/6/1989 1100 Arlington Ave. Poss. of crack cocaine for resale
Jeremy Watkins B M 12/1/1988 3400 Wilcox Ave. Seatbelt, Revoked license, poss. of marijuana
Jeffery Pines B M 10/9/1964 1104 Arlington Ave. Poss. of drug paraphernalia
Martell Jones B M 2/19/1986 4000 Dorris St. Revoked License
Brian Peek B M 2/26/1986 512 N. Parkdale Revoked License
Andrew Wright B M 8/15/1983 210 E. 23rd St. registration law, suspended license
Dominique Casteel B M 12/16/1992 Probation Vilolation
Brandon Stephens B M 9/10/1988 Probation Vilolation
Todd Langford W M 4/4/1966 Disorderly Conduct
Bryant Cannon B M 9/27/1989 Att. Murder prob viol.
Tony Ramsey B M 6/29/1977 Poss. of marijuana
Demetrius Hughes B M 6/18/1986 1209 Sheridan Poss. of marijuana
Deadrain Jarrett B M Poss. of marijuana
Cordarrius Cochran B M Unlawful Poss. of a firearm
Tony McReynolds B M 5/10/1982 1232 Cypress St. Ct. Poss. of marijuana. Poss. crack cocaine resale
Charles Hill B M 11/1/1986 457 Dodson Ave. Seatbelt, Suspended License
Wesley Williams B M 1/31/1988 3200 Wilcox Blvd. Suspended License
Reginald Locklin B M 6/18/1976 1400 Roanoke Seatbelt, Suspended License
Terry Crowder B M 7/23/1981 2500 Glass St. Poss. of marijuana
Demetrius Wolfe B M 10/14/1991 601 Walnut St. Failure to appear
Jolorey Elston B M 11/19/1977 24 N. Germantown Rd. Suspended License
Malana Melson B F 9/16/1991 2500 N. Chamberlain Poss. of marijuana
Dillion Cross W M 7/30/1991 5637 Brainerd Rd Poss. of Marijuana
David Onbey W M 5/22/1978 1100 Tunnel Blvd. Suspended License
Joseph Dill W M 6/2/1993 Probation violation X2, drug paraphernalia, prostitution
Cordarius Bush B M 4/21/1990 Probation Vilolation x2
Kevin Kinamore B M 5/17/1983 Theft over $1000
Jeremy Daniel B M 10/14/1986 2333 McCallie Ave. Revoked License
Charles Torrey B M 9/7/1988 3200 Wilcox Blvd. Suspended License
Jackie Reeves B M 2/18/1992 3300 Through St. Suspended License
Cedric Douglas B M 8/8/1991 3440 Wilcox Blvd. Suspended License
Philip Gore B M 10/15/1987 2300 Green Forest Dr. Poss. of marijuana, poss. of drug paraphernalia
Jeffery Hall B M 9/10/1987 Failure to appear
Vincent Anderson B M 9/3/1988 2301 4h Ave. Suspended License
Jalisa Harris B F 7/9/1990 3800 Central Ave. Unlicensed Driver
Deangelo Fleetwood B M 12/12/1985 101 E. 20th St. Suspended license
James Boatrice W M 1/15/1992 5600 Brainerd Rd. Poss. of drug paraphernalia
Johnny Brown W M 7/25/1991 5600 Brainerd Rd. Poss. of marijuana
Eric Harrison B M 4/14/1988 1700 E. 14th St. Suspended License, Financial responsibility
Darnell McCane B M 4/29/1983 601 Walnut St. Contempt of Court
Charl Taljaard W M 2/9/1987 2803 Morgan Ave. Obsructing a highway, poss. of drug paraphernalia, poss. of crack coaine resale
Jesse Shoate W M 5/25/1957 2803 Morgan Ave. Poss. of crack cocaine resale
Lionel Hughley B M 1/7/1981 1400 Dodson Ave. Suspended License, registation viol., suspended license (Warrant)
Randall Lynn W M 6/4/1985 2200 E. Main St. Light law, poss. of a controlled substance
Demetrius Ellison B M 8/13/1985 925 Shallowford Rd. Drive left of center, suspended License
Lakisha White B F 12/12/1977 900 Belle Vista Failure to maintain lane, suspended license
Joshua Crabtree W M 10/28/1980 2300 E. 23rd St. Seatbelt, Suspended License
Edgar Goodwin B M 8/18/1968 900 N. Willow St. Criminal Conspiracy, seatbelt law, theft over $500
Charles Blocker B M 6/20/1953 900 N. Willow St. Criminal Conspiracy, seatbelt law, theft over $500, light law, driving left of center, financial responsibility, poss. of a controlled substance, poss. of drug paraphernalia
Robert Walker B M 1816 Citico Poss. marijuana resale, poss. of drug paraphernalia, prob. Viol.
Robert Austin B M 426 E. MLK Gambling Promotion, poss. of a gambling device, poss. of marijuana
Ruby Austin B F 426 E. MLK gambling Promotion, poss. of a gambling device
Christopher Bennett B M 426 E. MLK Probation Violation
Danny Lacey W M 426 E. MLK Poss. of marijuana
Curtis Scott B F 426 E. MLK Poss. of marijuana

Those Arrested In Citywide Police Saturation Identified
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chattanooga Police identified those arrested in a citywide saturation:

1 Shannon Waters W F 9/6/77 1800 S. Willow St. Obstructing the Roadway
2 Randall Edith B M 4/11/67 1800 S. Willow St. Poss. Of Controlled Substance, Driving on Suspended License, Financial Responsibility, and Obstructing the Roadway
3 ? B M ? 1400 N.
Chamberlain Ave. Apt. 11 Simple Poss. Of Marijuana
4 ? B F ? 1400 N. Chamberlain Ave. Apt. 11 Simple Poss. Of Marijuana
5 Thaddeus Pollard B M 2/11/77 1800 Foust St Driving on Revoked
6 Victor Bell B M 1/8/64 1505 E 50th St Contempt of Court
7 Michael Crowder B M 4/1/92 4100 Fagan St Driving on Suspended
8 Juvenile B M 16 yoa 2311 E 14th St Poss. Of Marijuana/ Resale
9 Melvin Harrison B M 6/4/63 2400 Glass St Driving on Revoked, Financial Responsibility, Registration Violation
10 William Peaks B M 8/3/66 2000 E 23rd St Driving on Suspended, Financial Responsibiltiy, Obstruction
11 Dewayne Lewis B M 3/31/79 500 Workman Road Driving on Suspended, Financial Responsibiltiy, Registration Violation
12 Ashley Bush W F 9/8/89 5400 Brainerd Rd Driving on Revoked
13 Quintana Wordlaw B F 3/22/81 3500 Hoyt St Possession of marijuana, Driving on Suspended.
14 Courtney Anderson B M 8/16/91 700 W 48th St Possession of marijuana, Driving on Suspended.
15 Michael Davis B M 9/19/79 2100 E 23rd St Possession of marijuana, Driving on Suspended.
16 Edward Jones B M 11/6/78 1612 Roanoke Ave Possession of marijuana, Driving on Suspended.
17 Virgil Kyner B M 11/25/86 900 Riverside Dr Driving on Suspended
18 Jason Nicholson B M 9/1/80 2300 Kirby Ave Driving on Revoked
19 Shaday Millener B F 2/17/91 900 Wheeler Ave Driving on Suspended
20 Raymond Williams M B 4/12/88 220 E 26th St Possession of Marijuana
21 ? M B ? 4700 Rogers Road Possession of Marijuana
22 Sonjia Pryor F B 9/5/67 2200 E 12th St Driving on Suspended
23 Donamiche Evans M B 12/30/64 300 S Willow St Driving w/o DL
24 Juvenile M B 17 yoa 900 Hawthorne Ct Possession of Marijuana, Registration Violation, DL Violation
25 Simeon Dupree M B 9/1/90 2100 E 32nd Possession of Marijuana
26 Gerald Dennis M B 2/28/65 616 Gillespie Rd Driving on Revoked
27 Spencer Black M B 11/21/67 1221 E Main St DL Law, Registration
28 Baaron Bivens M B 11/23/81 500 W 43rd St Driving on Revoked Financial Responsibility
29 Christopher Coleman M B 3/5/89 5600 Brainerd Road Driving on Suspended
30 Goerge Evans M B 3/29/88 2448 4th Ave Ct Poss of Marijuana/Resale/Warrant
31 Juvenile M B 16 yoa 300 Tacoa Ave Possession of Marijuana
32 Ladarrius Jackson M B 11/6/93 300 Tacoa Ave Possession of Marijuana
33 Cornellins Birdsong M B 11/10/93 300 Tacoa`Ave Possession of Marijuana
34 Juvenile M B 17 yoa 300 Tacoa Ave Possesion of Marijuana
35 Jamichael Nicholson Mark M B 7/31/88 2800 4th Ave "Possession of Marijuana, Domestic Assault, Theft,
and Possession of Marijuana/Warrants"
36 Yoshika Cheroll F B 9/25/81 100 Hwy 153 Possession of Marijuana
37 Darrell Stewart M B 5/29/89 1727 Dodson Ave Resisting Arrest,Safety Equipment Violation,Driving on Revoked, Failure to Maintain Lane
38 Tobias Green M B 3/2/87 1727 Dodson Ave Disorderly Conduct
39 Jeffery Barr 7/17/76 Poss of Marijauna
40 Shannon Holcomb 4/7/93 Possession of Marijauna
41 Terri Burkhardt 2/20/68 Possession of Marijuana
42 Joshua Kilgore 10/31/80 Felony Warrants
43 John Doe 7/17/75 "Possession of Marijauna/Resale and
Criminal Impersonation"
44 Jeremiah Miller B M 11/4/93 2300 Wilson St "Possession of marijauna, Robbery, and
Theft- 2 Counts"

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