Obama's Black Lackeys Are Defending The Indefensible

By Sinclere Lee

Not a day goes by that some lackey or surrogate of Obama's come to his defense about what he is doing or not doing for the Black community. People like Al Sharpton and Benjamin Todd Jealous of the NAACP would make you think that Obama can do no wrong. For sure, Obama has done very little for the Black community since he has been in office and the proof is in the pudding.

His support for gay-marriage is against what most Blacks stand for; his support for illegal immigrates has taken jobs from the Black community, and his undying love for Jews and the state of Israel has not benefited our community one bit. Yet, his statement about not being a president for Black America is just one of many examples of his neglect for us. To me, it’s like defending the indefensible!

"My general view has been consistent throughout, which is that I want all businesses to succeed,” Obama said. “I'm not the president of black America, I'm the president of the United States of America, but the programs that we have put in place have been directed at those folks who are least able to get financing through conventional means."

That kind of statement is not only disingenuous, but should serve as a wake-up call to Blacks that should keep us at home on November 6.

Sure people like Al Sharpton will defend Obama to the end because he has benefited from the first so-called Black president — he has gotten a TV show and only God knows what else from Obama's election. Sharpton said he was glad Obama “finally” stood up to his Black critics who are "trivializing" the work he has done for Black Americans.

Sharpton also compared Black support of Obama to that of Clinton when he said he couldn’t forgive the Black academic and media community for holding Obama to a tougher standard than they held for Bill Clinton.

Obama went on to state that —“I’ll put my track record up against anybody in terms of us putting in place broad-based programs that ultimately had a huge benefit for African American businesses.”

There are other Blacks standing up for Obama as well. Zerlina Maxwell, writing for the social media Website TheGrio which is owned by NBC, stated that his statement was "straightforward, correct, and should not be controversial." She appears to be blind, stupid and dumb like most Blacks who believe Obama piss milk and shit cookies.

That process-wearing, slick-talking fool Sharpton also said that the very fact Obama sat for a White House interview suggests that he’s focused on the Black community.

In comments coming from their Website (Black Enterprise) some viewers accused Obama of taking the Black vote for granted.

"He's not the president of Black America, yet he needs the Black vote!! When other groups holler, they get his attention, when we do we're told to stop complaining and put on our marching boots," wrote one reader. "Black unemployment is through the roof and we have no right to complain? I'm sorry but singing Al Green and going to Harlem for a fundraiser (not to listen to regular folk problems) is just not going to cut it anymore."

"Clearly he doesn't want my Black American vote," added another.

Hazel Dukes, another lackey for Obama dismissed what she called emotional responses to Obama’s remark. You can expect a fool like Hazel Dukes from the NAACP to say such a thing because people like her will eat Obama’s shit hot before it hits the ground.

"I think he is the President of the United States and I believe he is addressing the people regardless of race, creed or color by saying he wants to be president for all of us," she said, adding, "That's the message I hear."

As for whether he is taking the Black vote for granted, she said: "I don't think President Obama is taking any vote for granted."

Right now, the Black community stands at the crucible when it comes to the 2012 presidential election. Either we can be a fool for Obama, or reject him by putting him in his place and staying at home on Election Day.

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