Is Party Politics More Important Than Race Loyalty?

By Noble Johns

ATLANTA (BNW) — When Black lawmakers insist that illegal immigration does not take jobs from the Black community, they are just whistling Dixie and playing to their Democratic base at the expense of the Black unemployed. Black Democrats have always put the interest of the party before our race. So the question is, “Is Party Politics More Important Race Loyalty?”

Recently, members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) at a House hearing accused Republicans of attempting to ignite racial friction; following GOP claims that illegal immigrants in the U.S. take jobs from African-Americans.

“I am concerned by the majority’s attempt to manufacture tension between African-Americans and immigrant countries,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), chairman of the CBC said in a statement, “It seems as though they would like for our communities to think about immigration in terms of ‘us versus them,’ and I reject that notion.”

Now, here is the head of the CBC talking about ‘us versus them,’ when in face Blacks and Browns have never gotten along because the fights over social services. It is also a well-known fact that in prisons across this country, Blacks and Hispanic gangs are at each other throats.

While Black politicians criticized Republicans about own failure to support affirmative action, job training, college financial and other programs tailored for minority employment as a the problem, it’s hard to convince any reasonable person that illegal immigration does not take jobs from the Black as well.

Rep. Elton Gallegly, Republican from California explained his belief that those most affected by the surge in the number of illegal alien workers are low-skilled workers.

"Our focus should be on ensuring every…American who is willing to work has a job instead of filling jobs with foreign laborers," Gallegly said at the hearing. "Immigrants often compete for jobs with low-income laborers."

As long as people we elect to office are concern about issues against the interest of the Black community, how can we keep sending them to Washington? It’s insane for Blacks to support Democrats when they don’t support the Black community, and lie against the very interest they should be supporting. They do this because Blacks are too stupid to call them on it.

A report in The San Antonio Express also supports Republicans claims with statements from George Rodriguez, president of the San Antonio Tea Party. Rodriguez who said he witnessed illegal immigrants travel across the Rio Grande and take jobs from American workers at a local print shop. He added that his father helped to establish a printer's union to defeat competition and wage cutting due to Mexican immigrants.

“Most Mexican-Americans feel we must do something to stop aliens from entering the country illegally and taking jobs from Americans using false documentation,” Rodriguez told the panel, according to the Express.

The Pew Hispanic Center found that in 2009, foreign-born workers gained 656,000 jobs while native-born workers lost 1.2 million. However, Wade Henderson, chairman and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, told the AP that high unemployment among African-Americans has an array of causes other than competition from immigrants, including inequitable opportunities in education, housing and criminal justice.

Black liberals and politicians will tell any lie to support the agenda from the Hispanic Caucus. Hispanics are trying to increase their numbers in America — Now the make up about 30 million, and their goad is to make all the illegals citizens to increase their numbers about 15 million to 45 million, and then that will give them more numbers than Blacks. And, our Congressional Black Caucus is helping them do it(sic)!

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