Hate Marchers to Washington Seems Like a Lynch Mob

By Sinclere Lee

- Spurred on by racism and hatred that is driven by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'reilly, Shawn Hannity, so-called conservative protesters angered by America’s first Black president began marching on Capitol Hill in an effort to stop what racist organizers called increased socialism under the Obama administration. It looks like a lynch mob!

Singing "God Bless America" as they rode escalators to the street, these racists main objective is to undermine the president for only one reason: he’s Black!

"Nobody's standing up for us, so we have to stand up for ourselves," racist Phil Chancey said.

Chancey, who drove to Washington from Clinton, Tennessee — an area known of its Klan activities — for the rally. This fool carried a sign deriding the president health-care reform plan. The sign read, "OBAMACARE MAKES ME SICK."

The behavior of the marchers is nothing short of the Devil! But, what makes it so crazy is that these white haters will be in church Sunday praising God and calling themselves Christians! Now, you go figure.

Quacks in the demonstrations run the circuit from racist haters to conservatives mad at Obama for nothing, including opponents of his taxes, spending and health-care and protestors who question Obama's U.S. citizenship and compares his administration to the Nazi regime.

Registering online for a march was about 30,000 people. Most marchers have marched along Pennsylvania Avenue NW and assembly at the Capitol, according to one of the rally's sponsors, FreedomWorks, a Washington-based group. FreedomWorks is headed by the racist and former House majority leader, Dick Armey.

The Tea Party Patriots with FreedomWorks and other sponsors, including and ResistNet, comprise a loose coalition of conservative groups that helped organize several health-care and anti-tax rallies during the spring and summer.

Between Freedom Plaza and the Capitol were a lot of demonstrators chanting "USA!" and carrying signs such as, "TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY," "THE AUDACITY OF DOPE," and "CZARS BELONG IN RUSSIA."

Last winter's bank bailouts by the federal government provided an initial spark for the movement, said FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe.

In addition to Armey, speakers will include Rep Mike Pence (IN), Sen. Jim DeMint (SC) and volunteers who have organized grassroots protests in their own communities this year.

Other events are being held across the country Saturday in what FreedomWorks spokesman Adam Brandon described as "the first cracks in the cloud" of a liberalism that gripped the country after the 2008 election.

"It was looking pretty black there, pretty bleak, and now the light's starting to shine," he said.

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