Black Man Shot 43 time as Six Chattanooga Police Officers Take Revenge For Officer Julie Jacks

By Sinclere Lee

Reminisce of a time when a Black body was riddled with bullets, after the victim was castrated and mutilated to send a message to the Black community. Another Black man was shot on July 18 by six city police officers who said he threatened them. Not shot one or twice, not even shot twenty-times, but hit with 43 bullet wounds after over fifty shots were fired, an autopsy report shows. So, we get the message, you can kill us at will!

This body was so riddled with bullets that his family could not even recognize the body.

“They used him for target practice,” relatives said! “They could have shot him in the leg or anything. … They didn’t have to shoot him down like a dog!”

Just last month, a Chattanooga Housing Authority officer (Lt. Erik Reeves) shot and killed a 15-year old boy near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and East 26th Street, according to police. The police in Chattanooga have a history of murdering Black men that goes back several decades. It's the culture, the police culture of racism that holds that as long as you're white and have police [power] the most power you can give one citizen over another, you [white people] will always use that power against Blacks.

The suspect, identified as 15-year-old Alonzo O'Kelley Jr., was taken to Erlanger Hospital where he died of a single gunshot wound to the back. Another juvenile was taken into custody immediately after the shooting and is believed to be connected to the initial incident.

“How do you shoot a man 43-times when he doesn’t fire a shot said Clifford Eberhardt, editor of Black News and community activist. “To me that was a summary execution. … Some say revenge killings by members of the Chattanooga's Police for the killing of Officers Julie Jacks, who was killed by a crazed Black man a few years back is behind all of the police abuse in Chattanooga." You know it had to be some kind of revenge killing on the part of the Chattanooga police because they didn't shoot Bonnie and Clyde that many times, Eberhardt said. Eberhardt maintains that it's the most heinous police murder of a Black man in the history of the world: and that the city of Chattanooga will never live it down!

The killing of Officer Jacks has set some members of the Chattanooga Police Department out to get revenge for the killing of Jacks — and many community leaders believe there are rouge cops on the Chattanooga Police force are out to get revenge against Blacks — kind of a vigilante mob!

The medical examiner's office said some of the wounds could have been from the same shot so it does not mean that Alonzo Arness Heyward was shot 43 times. Yet, if they all came from the same gun, it was overkill of a man who didn’t fire one shot.

The shots ranged from one near the mouth to one on the lower right leg. Many of the wounds were near the groin area, while others were in the chest and several on the legs.

There were also a number of wounds to the back. Yeah, the Nigger tried to run too! It was not clear whether they were all exit wounds. A full autopsy report is to be released later.

The six Chattanooga Police officers involved in the fatal shooting early that Saturday morning were placed on seven days administrative leave. And, the city is peaceful, more peaceful than in recent years. Consider this, the peace is because more officers are on adminitrative leave for killing Black Men. That's why the police force is short on duty officers.

Officers Lauren Bacha, Deborah Dennison, two women, were a part of the shooting. They are no different from white women in the South who encouraged and participated in lynchings of Black men.

The others were four white men who are bragging today about getting their first kill. Zachery Moody, George Romero, William Salyers and Bryan Wood were placed on paid leave according to Chattanooga Police Department policy, celebrating their first kill.

TBI Agent Tom Washington is investigating the incident. The autopsy report says the victim died of "multiple gunshots."

It says he threatened to shoot himself with a rifle. Police confronted him on the porch of a house at 4316A 7th Ave. Alonzo A. Heyward, 32, apparently was pointing an unloaded shotgun at his face outside the Rossville Boulevard McDonald’s restaurant on July 18. When approached by police, according to officers he headed for a safe place, home. Officers followed Mr. Heyward to his home on 7th Avenue, continually asking him to disarm, they claim.

It says negotiations were not successful and an attempt was made to tase him.

The excuse for the murder is that the Chattanooga police said the victim expressed suicidal thoughts so he was shot and sustained 43 bullet wounds.

When he did not comply, officers said, they shot him with a stun gun. When that wasn’t successful in getting Mr. Heyward subdued, the six officers on the scene fired on the man.

The medical examiner’s report indicates shots struck the man in practically every portion of his body. He had bullet wounds from his face all the way down to his ankle, according to the report.

The report says, "Police officers fired multiple rounds with their pistols, resulting in the death of Heyward." But, when will the murders stop.

“Someone complained to the gang members in Chattanooga, “You better watch out, because you may get killed by a incompetent cop rather than another gang member.

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