Inner city violence causes oppression in Chattanooga’s Black community

By Sinclere Lee

Chattanooga (BNW) — Inner city violence is not new, but when most crimes aren't gang related, city leaders start looking for other culprits to blame. Why have seemingly trivial reasons caused Blacks in Chattanooga to go at each other with reckless abandon? In other words, “Why are Blacks trying to kill each other over nothing?”

“Somebody didn’t let me into the party… He looked at my girlfriend funny… She dropped grease on the kitchen floor...” These are some of the reasons given after the crime, but they aren’t things done in a civilized society to resolve dispute. For example, according to police reports a gunman approached their duplex, asking for one of the victims by name; then opened fire as he came to the door. He was shot multiple times in the chest.

The other two victims were sitting on the porch when the shooting happened. They suffered gunshot wounds to the lower portion of the bodies. All three victims were taken by ambulance to Erlanger. Their conditions have not been released. Police say the suspect is described as a tall, light-skinned black male wearing all black. No motive has been established in the case.

It must be something in the water (sic) because these crazy fools are even attacking dogs. Police said a 59-year-old East Chattanooga man beat his girlfriend for nearly an hour, and then turned the savage assault on his pit bull dog. Gregory Brown has been arrested for the brutal beating of 54-year-old Laverne Brundidge at 1100-A Sheridan Ave. on Sunday night. Ms. Brundidge is still hospitalized with severe facial abrasions and contusions.

According to witnesses and Brown’s own account, Brown repeatedly beat Ms. Brundidge by punching her in the face and ramming her head into the concrete floor of her apartment. Ms. Brundidge said the beating went on for nearly an hour until Brown got tired and went outside where neighbors saw him covered in blood.

Multiple early morning shooting incidents sent three men to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Wow, you could be an innocent bystander, standing next to an innocent bystander and get killed in Chattanooga.

The first incident occurred on the lot of Walt’s Bar at 6238 Bonny Oaks Dr. just after midnight. The victim, Ralph Higgins, told police that he was sitting in his car on the lot of the bar when he was approached by a suspect and told to give up his wallet. When he refused to do so, the suspect shot him in the abdomen.

Higgins described the suspect as a short black male, between 4’11" and 5’1" wearing a brown shirt. After the shooting, Higgins said the suspect got into a small four-door brown car and left the scene. The second incident happened around 1:30 during a large house party at 909 Crutchfield St. and injured two men.

Reginald Locklin told police that he had just been called to work as a bouncer at the party when he was shot. According to Locklin, two men in the crowd of party-goers began to provoke the crowd and, when he began walking toward the men to make then leave, one pulled a gun and began shooting. A bullet went through one of his legs and lodged in the other. He was transported to Erlanger Hospital by private vehicle.

In most cases of violence in Chattanooga’s inner city, either the victim didn’t know whom the perpetrator was, or they wouldn’t cooperate with the police to bring the criminals to justice. For example, a second man, Brandon Robinson, said he was shot in the foot as he was being patted down to enter the party. Robinson was taken to Parkridge Hospital by his girlfriend. The bullet that hit him is believed to have grazed his heel.

Locklin described the shooter as a black male, 6’1", wearing a brown button-down shirt and jean shorts with dreads or plats pulled back into a short ponytail. These crimes are not the problem, but symptoms of the real and greater, problem; which is the lack of social development at the expense of political control.

In others word, the city’s movers and shakers have spent more time concern over political control of these Black communities, that any social development in the ways of conflict resolution, adult basic education, child development and human development and other social behavior modification solution that allows a community to grow beyond crime and violence. Attempts at trying to bring civility to the inner in Chattanooga have gone undone at the expense of violence in the street.

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