Oscars Mark a Breakthrough For Blacks In Hollywood, But It’s Too Little Too Late To Mean Anything

Sinclere Lee

Until Sunday, just one Black actor in 73 years had won an Academy Award in a lead role. Now there are three. Right!

Now that Denzel Washington and Halle Berry have won Oscars for best actor and actress respectively, is this token gesture suppose to make-up for the seventy-five years of racism and humiliation Hollywood has heaped on Black American since, "The Birth Of A Nation"? I don't think so! Oscars to Denzel Washington and Halle Berry are too little too late to have an impact on the Black community. It’s just a bunch bullshit to try and unite Blacks behind this racist country after 911.

Consider this, if 911 hadn't happened, I doubt if either of those Hollywood Niggers would have even been nominated for an Oscar, not to meantioned win. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Halle Berry was named best actress for ``Monster's Ball'' and Denzel Washington took best actor for ``Training Day,'' joining Sidney Poitier in an emotional evening as the only Blacks to win those top-tier awards.

By coincidence, Poitier was on hand to receive a lifetime achievement award. He had won his best-actor award for ``Lilies of the Field'' in 1963. I don’t have anything against Poitier letting himself be used by Hollywood for over fifty years at the expense of other Black actors.

The racists in Hollywood went to the Bahamas to find a Black actor just to keep from giving the work to real Black Americans back then, and they tricked Niggers into thinking Sidney Poitier was African American, when he’s from the Bahamas. Even today, stupid Blacks in Hollywood are still fooled by that trick.

``Forty years I've been chasing Sidney. They finally give it to me, and they give it to him the same night,'' Washington said with a smile, raising his statuette in Poitier's direction.

Poitier stood and raised his in a toast to Washington, but I can never remember Poitier saying one thing about the injustice of Black Americans when Hollywood was making him a star.

Washington also had won the supporting-actor Oscar for 1989's ``Glory.'' Among the nominees he beat Sunday was Will Smith, for ``Ali.'' It was the first time two black actors competed against each other in the category.

Berry, the sixth Black actress nominated for an Oscar in a lead role, was the first to win. She broke down in tears, saying she was accepting the award for every Black actress who had preceded her, naming Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne and Diahann Carroll among them.

Berry won a 1999 Emmy for the title role in ``Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,'' the story of the first Black actress nominated for a best-actress Oscar.

This is also ``for every nameless, faceless woman of color who now have a chance because tonight a door has been opened,'' Berry said.

The ceremony's host, Whoopi Goldberg, who won a supporting-actress in for 1990's ``Ghost,'' acknowledged Berry's achievement. Hollywood can always depend on Whoopi; who can forget her and Ted Danson in blackface! If the Hollywood Jews can make a star out of an ugly bitch like Whoopi, they can make a star out of anybody.

``It has been a very large door and I'm glad she has kicked it down,'' said Goldberg.

It was only the second time that three Black actors were in the running for lead-acting Oscars. The last time was 29 years ago, when Diana Ross was cited for ``Lady Sings the Blues'' and Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield were nominated for ``Sounder.''

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