Jesse Jackson Exposed!

For decades the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson has been an icon for the liberal media. Nary a word of media criticism about him has hit the papers.

CNN even gave him his own TV program and paid him a fortune for it.
But Jackson's days of being "untouchable" will soon be over!

That's because an earth-shattering book about Jackson will be hitting bookstores soon. will be getting some of the first copies of this book: "Shakedown: The Life & Lies of the Reverend Jesse Jackson" by author Ken Timmerman.

This blockbuster book is published by the same publishing firm that came out with the best-selling books: "Bias" and "Final Days."


In "Shakedown," you will find out about the REAL Jesse Jackson - the one the media will never report on, including:

* How Jackson personally profited from "non-profit" groups whose funds were intended to help poor minorities and civil rights

* How Jackson used his "public service" image to live the lifestyle of Donald Trump: jets, top class hotels, million dollar homes - the best of everything - you name it!

* How Jackson earned the name "Action Jackson" because of his voracious appetite for women

* How Jackson used his complaints of racism against major corporations as a method of out-and-out extortion and blackmail in order to reap millions for himself and his organizations

* The special relationship Jackson formed with Bill Clinton during the Monica affair and how Jackson got millions in taxpayer funds for being a Democratic Party mouthpiece

"Shakedown" will knock your socks off! There are so many more shocking revelations we have to tell you about Jackson -- but in keeping with good taste, we won't print them here. In fact, you'll find out that almost everything you knew about Jackson is a lie:

* Jackson was NOT anointed by Martin Luther King to be his heir.

* Jackson was NEVER even an ordained a minister.

* Jackson was NEVER poor or victimized by racism, as he has alleged. But it gets worse. "Shakedown" reveals that Jackson acts more like a mobster than a civil rights leader.

"Shakedown" reports on Jackson's ties to the Chicago mob and his "ruthless" methods:

"Beatings, death threats, career destruction and verbal assaults that border on incitement to murder are all staples of the Jackson Treatment."

If you are tired of Jesse Jackson and fed up with the media cover-up of his outrageous behavior, you need to get "Shakedown."

Send a message to the big media -- buy more than one copy and share it with friends. This book could lead to a full Justice Dept. investigation of Jackson, his cronies and his shakedown business activities.

To help make this happen, let's put "Shakedown" on all the best-seller lists. Let's put it right up there so every book store in America and every library carries this book on the front shelves!

Let's force the media, once and for all, to cover the REAL Jesse Jackson. And let's make sure Jackson is held accountable before our system of justice. You can get some of the first copies of "Shakedown" from NewsMax as soon as it is off the presses, Just CLICK HERE NOW.

Let's do this one for truth, justice and America. Put "Shakedown" on the best-seller list. Get one of the first copies of this book from NewsMax at a discount price today.

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