Cincinnati Police Kills Another Black Man

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police killed a black man Wednesday in the second such shooting since rioting erupted in April over another black man's death.

Police said the officers were checking out a report of a gunman at a bus stop north of downtown and shot the man as they chased him. He died at a hospital. His name was not immediately released.

Racial tensions have been high in Cincinnati since a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black man in April. Three nights of rioting followed until a citywide curfew helped restore order. The officer was acquitted of two misdemeanor charges.

There was no unrest after a white officer killed a black man in July; authorities and police critics alike called that shooting justified.

Four officers, both black and white, fired shots Wednesday, police said. Police said they did not know if the suspect had fired a gun.

Bus driver Jack Ostrander said he called 911 after seeing a man with his hands in the air at a bus stop. Ostrander told The Cincinnati Post the man lunged at the bus to try to get aboard. The gunman tackled the man, and they scuffled outside the bus, Ostrander said.

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