Our Government Can Not Protect Us From The Terrorists

By Sinclere Lee

WASHINGTON (BNW) —Acting more like a bunch of Keystone Cops, the CIA, the FBI, the NIS, the US Congress, the President, the Courts and all the rest of these stupid politicians have failed to protect us, and it’s becoming more apparent by the minute that we all face immanent death from religious fanatics! In fact, not only can’t these fools protect us as American citizens, with all the money we pay in taxes, but our own government is the problem by letting all these crazy foreigners in the country in the first place. And the nuts are still doing it!

Just last month, following months of increasing interest in immigration and a three-day state visit by Mexican President Vicente Fox, our government asked Americans to set aside their fears of change and loosen regulations on immigration. And the very next week these motherfuckers bumbs us! What kind if shit is this?

Rep. Ed Pastor of Arizona used the Democrats' weekly radio address to emphasize the party's support of a revamped immigration policy in response to the nation's changing needs. ``Attracting ambitious workers from all over the globe is a sign of our national strength, not a weakness,'' he said.

The focus of the issue should be redirected ``to take advantage of, rather than fear, the economic and cultural evolution of our nation,'' said Pastor.

Just last month, business leaders told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that the nation's economy will have an estimated 161 million jobs by 2008, and only 154 million Americans available to fill them. Now with our asse on the line, what do you say about bring all these crazy foreigners over here, now?

Labor leaders also suggested that forcing immigrants to accept substandard pay and working conditions will in time only create the same situation for American workers.

Parts of the issue have crossed party lines. A bill was evern passed by the Senate last month — extending the deadline for illegal immigrants to apply for visas — also has the support of President Bush and Republican lawmakers in the House.

Now you see what I mean by, who created the problem in the first place!

But Pastor said his party's goal includes much more, such as expanding limits on some immigrant visas and exempting Canada and Mexico from limits entirely. Canada is were the terrorists came from and you want to give them even more access. Only a fool would do that!

``There are millions of resident undocumented immigrants in this country ...,'' he said. ``This is their home, and they are not going anywhere.''

That’s the problem, and they are trying to kill our ass!

3,000 take oath as citizens

About 3,000 immigrants became American citizens last month in a ceremony made unusually solemn by last week's terrorist hijackings and crashes in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, but no politician in our government as given consideration about how many of our new citizens are here to kill us and change our way of life. The don’t give a damn! All the want is the cheap labor for business at the expense of the security of the American people. That’s not right!

``The people who died in those tragic events were people like you. They went to work and wanted the best for their children,'' said University of Miami President Donna Shalala, keynote speaker at the event, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. That kind of stupidity is why we are under threat from enemies and terrorists from abroad, and you can’t tell these fools that!

``Become good citizens so you may honor the memory of those who died in those attacks. Tell yourselves: `I am an American,' '' Shalala said.

The audience burst into applause.

This country's strength is based on tolerance and the ability of people from many nations to live side by side, Shalala said. ``Neither religion nor skin color nor race matter here,'' she said.

``I'll do whatever needs to be done, and I'm willing to take up arms if necessary. I have much to thank the United States for,'' said Julio César Camacho, Miami director of Voice of America, who became a U.S. citizen after living here for 30 years.

People born in 98 countries left the hall waving small American flags and smiling. ``I identify myself [with the United States] and am willing to help in this cause,'' said Georgina López, who is from Cuba and has lived here eight years.

Gloria López of Peru said she felt happy and eager to help the victims of the terrorist attacks.
``I love this country and want to help wherever I can,'' she said. Right!

Last month’s oath-taking coincided with Citizenship Day. On Sept. 17, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was approved and the nation's first naturalization ceremony was held.

About 8,300 immigrants became U.S. citizens on that Monday in 22 such ceremonies nationwide.
In the past decade, 7.4 million people applied for citizenship, one million more than the total for the previous 40 years. How many are out to get our asses? You don’t know, and you have fucked-up by letting them in. That’s what got everbody scared because we don’t who all is over there, and how many are out to get our ass?

For fiscal year 2001-2002, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service expects to grant citizenship to about 800,000 more immigrants as the melting pot is boiling over.

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