Tyson: Can this nigger fuck-up some money or what?

By Sinclere Lee

Memphis TN (BNW) --
Mike Tyson’s spending habits are outrageous when you considers the poverty of Black in this country. I know he hates the white man and the white man hates him, and some niggers just love it! But, when a fool blows money like Tyson has, he does a disservice to his own people; the very people the says he loves so. If he loved Black people so much, why hasn’t he given back more instead of just fucking the money-up?

Furthermore, if he loses to Lennox Lewis and this bout turns out to be his last big payday, he may be up shit’s creek.

For the past few years, Tyson has been living and training on borrowed time and money. He claims he has blown a half of billion dollars: yes Billion!

As impossible as it may sound, the half a billion estimate might be too low. According to records filed in U.S. district court in New York in his lawsuit against promoter Don King, the court records show how Tyson managed to fuck-up $115 million in the 33 months after getting out of prison for rapping that girl. That is about $3.5 million a month.

Moreover, from 1995 through '97, he also spent about 4 million during training(s) for six fights that earned a total of $112 million. Yes, the fool lost over $20 million for the six fights; you do the math!

How does one spend so much money so fast? he’s a damn fool! However, according to a detailed summary of his financial affairs prepared for the boxer by his former accountant, Mohammed Khan, Tyson went through nearly $8 million in "cash and personal expenses" -- that is "walking-around" money. The average monthly outlay came to $236,184 per month, or close to $8,000 per day.

Those daily expenditures do not include monthly tabs of $94,555 for jewelry and clothing, $18,145 on travel expenses. Various automobiles and motorcycles cost the fighter $4.5 million, plus $1.7 million in insurance and maintenance. In addition to his own fleet of vehicles, he bought 20 cars as gifts, giving many of them to his women.

Tyson’s three houses and two apartments cost him more than $18 million. He spent nearly $1 million in lawn care alone during these 33 months. According to the record, Tyson spent $5.7 million on yet another house. Documents prepared by another of his accountants, John Evans, suggests the house was for a girlfriend.

His expenses also include settlements of $1.7 million in liability cases. Most of that sum went to Desiree Washington, the young woman he was convicted of raping in Indianapolis during the 1991 Miss Black America pageant. And the records show that during this period he made a one-time payment of $4 million for a son named Amir and paid another $228,321 in child support.

Meanwhile, in 1996, he gave himself a birthday party for $410,822. He lavished another $411,777 on his pigeons and cats. Yet another $239,552 went to pagers and cell phones ($7,259 a month).

Now, state and federal taxes, according to the records, totaled $32.4 million, plus he faced additional charges from the Internal Revenue Service.

If Tyson cannot win this fight and earn another big fight purse, he’s dead in the water. And, he has no one but himself to blame, because he has fucked-up too much money!

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