Why do we need a trial for 1963 church bombing?

By Noble Johns

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (BNW) -- I say justice delayed is justice denied. This is particularly true with of the Klansmen who bomb the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. It has been almost forty years and the murderer of four little girls, Bobby Frank Cherry, if finally on trial for the most heinous crime in the history of American. He really doesn’t need a trial; we need to just take that cracker out in the back, and just shoot ‘em!

Even prosecuting attorney in the case of the 1963 Alabama church bombing that killed four black girls said earlier this week that former Ku Klux Klan member Bobby Frank Cherry, "wore this crime on his chest like a badge of honor."

It is greater than an outrage aganst Black Americans for this country, for this government, for this so-called democracy to go half-way around the world to hunt down the terrorists who did the 911, but sits on its ass for almost forty years knowing very well who murdered those four litter girls, and not do one damn thing about it. Yet, they want us (Blacks) to go over to the Middle East and fight for what is bacially their war, when this so-called democary won’t even protect us from race terror and racism in our own country. That's bullshit!

Attorneys for both sides took about 20 minutes each to deliver their opening statements in the long-delayed murder trial.

Prosecutor Robert Posey implied that he was planning to present family members and friends who would blame 71-year-old graying and bespectacled Cherry for the bombing.

"It was understood by most of [Cherry's] family that he was responsible," Posey said. "His children knew the story. He said his only regret was that more people hadn't died in the blast."
Defense attorney Mickey Johnson said Cherry was being framed.

"This was never an investigation. It was a target," Johnson said.

"Bobby Cherry did not do this. He would not have boasted of this. You will not see a credible witness take this stand and tell you he would have boasted of this."

Twelve whites and four blacks made up the 16 slots at Jefferson County Criminal Court, a mile from Birmingham's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church where the attack occurred. Court officials did not specify which of the 16 would serve as alternates. Cherry is charged with four counts of murder and four counts of arson in the case. If convicted, he faces a maximum life prison term.
The girls were killed instantly on September 15, 1963, crushed by bricks and mortar. One other former Klansman convicted in the case died in prison; another suspect died before he could be tried. Tom Blanton was tried and convicted of murder last year and is serving a life term.

Last year, Cherry was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial, but a subsequent ruling found him competent. He has professed innocence.


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