As-Salaam Alaikum -

I am writing in response to your statement in your Black News article entitled: “What Is The Lesson of 911 as It Relates to Native Black Americans?“ And, In particular your statement as follows:

“If there is a lesson to be gained from all the suffering in our country, it is that our destiny as Native Black Americans is inextricably tied to the destiny of the United States of America. In other words, when their ass is on the line, our ass is on the line.........“

I am sure that we all have thought over this situation and realize that Bush does the tough talking and Black men (Samson) die! This occurred in ALL of America's wars: The Revolutionary, 1812, Indian Wars and skirmishes, Civil War, Mexican War, Spanish America War, WW I & II, Korea, Vietnam and other “police actions“ around the world. The Black solider has ALWAYS been there! Black bodies litter every battlefield in every nation America has made war with, NEVER once refusing! “Naw s'r boss I ain't going this time.“ And what do we have to show for all of this dying and sacrifice?

Many Black soldier will tell you, if you ask them that they found Black men and women in the hills of Vietnam who told them that they had “nothing against them,“ but since the Black soldier was fighting with their enemy they had to defend themselves! There is NO man who is going to let you walk up in his home and take over without a fight!!

Do you know what America has been up to? You should, they do it in the name of every man woman and child who lives in the country, whether they are here legally or illegally!! Do you know what Shell and Chevron Oil Companies are doing in Africa? Do you know what is happening in America's prisons' (read: Acres of Skin and find out)! What of the New World Order and The New Corporate Empire a bit of which Gary Webb wrote about in The San Jose Mercury News regarding the America government's role in the drug trade. Talk about money laundering!! What did The Nation of Black get from the drug trade?

Nothing but suffering and death!! Whatever happens, no matter how much we comply, pray in or lay in; we pay the price for America's treahercy! Why was it necessary to kill 6,000 Black Panamanians in order to arrest one man (Manuel Noreiga)? What had those 6,000 Panamians done to deserve being bombed to death in the middle of the night? This was done in the name of every person living in America! Is there a price to be paid? What about, Grenada? What did Maurice Bishop and the 35 or 40 inhabitants of Grenada do to deserve to be invaded? Yet we applaud every thing white America does.

There is a reason the Bible says: “Come out of her, my people that you be NOT partakers of her chastisements or receivers of her plagues.“ The Bible is talking about a captive People in the hands of a mighty nation who has disobeyed EVERY law of God, and “her sins have reached unto heaven!“

We are in the position of the people the Bible called: “The Children of Israel,“ in Pharaoh's house when God sent Moses to separate them from their slave masters and his children. They didn't believe Moses, they didn't want to leave Pharaoh until God started sending plague, after plague against Pharaoh, the last of
which was the Angel of Death!

This is a parable of The Black Man and Woman of America. We are a Nation Within a Nation and Pharaoh (the President, government) has said to themselves, “come' let us deal with them wisely least they join onto one of our enemies and come against us.“ So they plotted to kill all boy babies.

I think it is generally agreed that The Black male is the most endangered species in America, and in the world. Being a freed-slave without any visible means of support (land), some have asked the question (“Who Needs The Negro“ David Duke). As freed-slaves we are a drag on the economy, still the last hired, first fired! Are position is precarious at best, even though our contribution has been great! Everyone can come to America and find the dream while we continue to run from the nightmare.

I feel it is time for us to STOP take a GIANT STEP BACK and assess our position as a Nation of People before we committing ourselves to another war which devastates our numbers! DO WE REALLY WANT TO REMAIN

As-Salaam Alaikum - Minister Salaam W. Allah
Nation of Islam - John Muhammad, Supreme Minister

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