OxyContin maker offers up to $12bn to settle more than 2,000 opioid claims. Will the greedy states steal the money from OxyContin victims?

Defending champion Naomi Osaka ends Coco Gauff's US Open run, then comforts Gauff afterward

Naomi Osaka comforted Coco Gauff after match in beautiful U.S. Open moment

Meet Naomi Osaka’s Parents And Family

What I learned as an outsider in elite Black America

Probe of missing Georgia votes finds "extreme" irregularities in Black districts. Cheating for years!

Was BILLIE HOLIDAY born in Baltimore or Philadelphia 

On her centennial, what Billie Holiday means to Baltimore

Rep. Omar Holds Black Caucus Meetings

Black victims forgotten in national fog of gun violence

Black lawyer, white killer, and the principles of US justice. A white lawyer may have saved from prison!

Simone Biles' brother charged in triple homicide

‘We are waiting for war’: Lebanese say Israel has gone too far. Will Black Americans die for Israel?

MTV VMAs 2019: Watch Lil Nas X Perform “Panini”

Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' removal from Billboard country charts a baffling move was it because he is Black or gay

Lil Nas X addresses gay revelation backlash

KOCO Anchor Alex Housden Tearful Apology After Telling Black Co-Anchor Jason Hackett He Resembles ‘Gorilla.’ Please no more gorilla jokes.

Transcontinental Railroad was paid for by slave labor, and slaves and chinese did the work

Stories Lost: Slavery and the Railroads. Blacks did the work and paid the money and rotten America got the credit

Warren bashes Koch brothers day after Sanders scolds crowd cheering David Koch's death

Rep. Jackson Lee reflects on slavery, talks about reparations for Black Americans

Black News mark 20-year run on the Internet

Nearly 475,000 family units caught at the southwest border. That's about half the people in Guatemala

Endless fear: Undocumented immigrants grapple with anxiety, depression under Trump

Evoking 1968, Joe Biden asks New Hampshire voters: What if Barack Obama had been assassinated in 2008? That Nigger's dead. Me president now!

Mass shootings are a call to arms for some Black Americans, not a moment for gun control

Kamala Harris speaks at a Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People. Much about nothing.

Florida man found guilty of manslaughter despite 'Stand Your Ground' defense. You won't leave prison alive.

They got him: Florida man convicted in parking lot shooting of Black man

Florida man convicted in parking lot shooting of Black man

Slavery Made America Rich But The Descendants Of Slaves Are Broke

Gingrich's Hissy Fit: "Propaganda" For NYT's "1619 Project" To Claim American Revolution Was About Protecting Slavery

To that stupid racist Gingrich: How is it constructive or beneficial for US to deny our history and the wealth achieved because of slavery

10 Ways To Pay Reparations If You’re a Broke Ass White Person

Who Was Fred Hampton, the Black Panther Shot and Killed in His Bed by Chicago Police 50 Years Ago?

Virginia marks pivotal moment when African slaves arrived in America accompanied by Massa

An African American mother and daughter journey to their family's past in Ghana

Conservatives’ Freakout Over the 1619 Project Reveals Their Fear of America’s Actual Past

Trump administration moves to terminate court agreement, because they're gaming the system to get in!

What is the Flores settlement that the Trump administration has moved to end?

Spike in Unaccompanied Child Arrivals at U.S.-Mexico Border Proves Enduring Challenge; Citizenship Question on 2020 Census in Doubt

Eric Reid calls Jay-Z’s reported NFL ownership stake ‘despicable’

Jay-Z Helped the NFL Banish Colin Kaepernick for life

Feathering his own nest… Jay-Z and the NFL: Thanks, but I’ll take a knee

The NFL using a retard like Jay-Z to undermine the Kaepernick struggle is a disgrace to Blacks.

Jay-Z's NFL deal: Savvy or sellout? A third grade explanation from a Hip-Hop retard

5 things people still get wrong about slavery

100 years after hundreds of African Americans were reportedly killed in Elaine, Arkansas, a memorial is set to bring details of the tragedy to light

Hong Xi Jinping and Oxygenarians caught between Hong Kong and a Hard Place

Kong: 1.7m people defy police to march in pouring rain

Store clerk found guilty of murder for chasing, fatally shooting teen who stole $2 drink. We just cooked a murderer last night.

Memphis store clerk found guilty in slaying of teen who stole a $2 drink. You won't leave Tennessee alive

When Ida B. Wells Married, It Was a Page One Story

Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases by Ida B. Wells (1892)

White Mob Destroys Memphis Office of Ida B. Wells’s Newspaper

Back in the day, Nigger, roving eyes would get you fucked-up

Black News: News-in-Review. Fighting the Black lawgivers in the world of Trump!

Boy fatally shot one day before starting second grade, is 11th child in St. Louis area killed in shooting in last two months. What them Niggers doing in St. Louis?

Police: 7-year-old killed, 18-year-old wounded in double shooting

‘We smoke $40K of marijuana’: Mike Tyson reveals the amount of weed consumed per month. You smoking too much, Nigger!

Fox News’ Tomi Lahren blasts ‘former drug dealer, who shot his own brother and dropout from the third grade’ Jay-Z and NFL’s new partnership

Tomi Lahren blasts Jay-Z's NFL deal: 'Apparently the league doesn't hate America' enough. A rapper can never solve the problems in the Black community, especially a rapper with a third grade education.

Greedy rivals Vie for mastery over America’s hottest oil field. That's the reparation money right there!!

Who Owns The Permian Basin? Top Five Permian Basin Companies Hold ~9.4 Million Acres in the Basin

Epstein’s death: A mystery that may end up rivaling JFK assassination? Everybody Wanted Him Dead

Trump predicted trouble for Bill Clinton as unsealed docs in Epstein’s case could expose powerful men

Mad Shooter's mother called police before rampage saying this crazy fool done bought a gun

Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in New York prison, report says. They hounded that po' man to death!

Jeffrey Epstein Dead By Suicide in Jail ... Hanged Himself in Cell

For every dollar these crooks in Mississippi save on hairing these illegal aliens, the taxpayers pay $100 in social service to take care of them and their children

Mississippi Neo-slave Massa Raids Net Hundreds Of Illegal Alien Workers, But no Arrest For Massa

Largest US immigration raids in a decade net 680 arrests

Shoes piled outside bar where 9 were killed in Dayton running for life outta their shoes in fear

Scared of their own shadows. Motorcycle backfire causes panic in Times Square as crowd mistakes sound for gunshot in NYC

Shooters 'not wanted' because the American people will kill themselves running out of fear.

Texas police apologise after officers on horseback led Black man by rope. Don't blame the Nigger chief!

TX Police Tie Rope To Black Man and March Him Down The Street. Rope That Nigger He's No Better Than a Cow

Texas Police on Horses Parade Suspect Down Street Tied to Rope: 'You Don't "Round up" Human Beings With a Leash Like Animals'

Johnny Crazy couldn't keep a girlfriend. That could have been his triggering mechanism

Another ex-girlfriend of Johnny Crazy said she saw red flags, and he's out there crazy with a gun!

Mad Shooter stopped at Walmart because he was broke, hungry on Food Stamps. This was the triggering mechanism — Being broke, hungry and on Food Stamps in America!

Even Trump can't stop 'Johnny Crazy and the Mad Shooter'

Johnny Crazy made ‘hit lists’ of classmates he wanted to torture and kill: Johnny Crazy killed his own sister.

Mad shooter killed 20 in El Paso investigated as 'domestic terrorism'

'Hate Has No Place' In America, Trump Says After El Paso And Dayton Shootings

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No surprise US patriotism is sinking; Americans at war with themselves

Hollywood Has a Weird Reaction to Jeffrey Epstein’s 2nd Arrest

Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price And The Sound Of Black Sisterhood

Will Ruth make it? Senate GOP writes letter to the Supreme Court, pledging not to allow Dems to 'pack the Court'

‘A Black vote for Trump is a sign of mental illness,’ sign outside Baptist church declares

Cops called to shut down kid's lemonade stand buy drinks instead

County GOP ad saying Jewish candidate is ‘plotting a takeover’ is slammed as anti-Semitic

The Kangaroo Court Of Chattanooga Jurisdiction

Man who spent 36 years in prison for stealing $50 from a bakery is now set to be freed

How does Alabama's habitual offender law work?

OxyContin maker offers up to $12bn to settle more than 2,000 opioid claims. Will the greedy states steal the money from OxyContin victims?

Is Tom Selleck Telling the Truth About Reverse Mortgages?

California district to settle water stealing suit with Tom Selleck for $21,000, and trust him with your home

Mattis warns of 'storm clouds gathering' without commitment to allies

With Democratic debate deadline looming, two polls show no bump for bottom-tier candidates

DOJ sues Baltimore for discriminating against Black police officer applicants. Something wrong with this picture, since Baltimore is mostly Black

Sanders gains on Biden's lead in new poll

‘Yes, you can buy it’: Putin shows Erdogan Russian 5th gen Su-57 fighter jet (VIDEO)

After paying out billions Catholic order offered two Black men only $15,000 each to settle sex abuse claims: report

Lil Nas X Discusses Backlash To His Coming Out: 'They're Just Looking For That Reaction'

Cook County State's Attorney Kim 'Bublehead' Foxx to announce partnership with Code for America to expunge marijuana convictions

Crooked politicians in Oklahoma hit the big times. They're 'shittin' in high cotton' after stealing half billion from Johnson and Johnson in drug case

Death and destruction: this is David Koch's sad legacy

Fake cannabis products stoke black market for California weed

Lawyer: Ex-Houston cop facing murder charges was doing job

Fourth and final Arkansas inmate Kenneth Williams executed

Black TV anchor compared to gorilla accepts Oklahoma co-host’s apology. ‘Words matter’

Landmark US case to expose rampant racial bias behind the death penalty

Malcolm X said White Liberals and Jews keeping Blacks down

Deadly, venomous Brown Recluse spider removed from woman’s left ear

Ex-inmate hails ‘second chance’ after 45 years in prison

'Most humiliating experience of my life:' Black North Carolina man after false burglar alarm. You see, what we have here is a failure to communicate with this Nigger.

Oh please, not another Black Panther movie

Judge Throws Out Count 1 Of RICO Cases Brought Against Athens Park Bloods

Will the Jews in Israel Bring US Down?

Tennessee House Republicans elect Rep. Cameron Sexton as nominee for next speaker

More Russiagate unraveling? Ex-CEO says FBI instructed him to have relationship with Maria Butina

Opinion: Black women deserve equal pay, too

Billionaire businessman David Koch dead at 79. Can't find a luggage rack for your Hearse

The murky life and death of Robert Maxwell – and how it shaped his daughter Ghislaine

How an accidental encounter brought slavery to the United States

The Narrow Path For Black Politicians Who Want To Be President — And How It’s Changing

Putin orders ‘exhaustive’ response to US missile test, says Washington worked to breach INF

400 years of Black giving: From the days of slavery to the 2019 Morehouse graduation

Video Shows White Man's Racist Rant Towards Black Postal Employee in Dallas

Rising Warren faces uphill climb with Black voters because we don't know her

Political tension at Google is only getting worse: These crooked ass Jews will cheat at anything

Black women earn $1m less than white men over lifetime, study finds. How can you quantify that?

Newt Gingrich says slavery needs to be put 'in context', calls 1619 project a 'lie.'More lies and garbage from a racist, white supremacist

Thousands of Central American migrants take free rides home courtesy of U.S. government. It just ain't worth it!

New York officer fired, but tensions still high where Eric Garner died

'Stand Your Ground' Trial Begins In Florida A Year After Unarmed Black Man Is Killed

Warren works to overcome hurdles with Black voters in S.C.

TV presenter sucker punched live on air during protest

Lawsuit alleges cops shot unarmed Black 12-year-old while he was in his bed during raid. We'll get you next time, Nigger!

'We saw him lying in the street': how a police killing changed our lives

Illegal Immigration’s Burden on Opportunity, Welfare and Blacks

Family wants independent probe in police shooting of Black teen

We lit ol' sparky up again: Tennessee executes Stephen Michael West by electric chair.

Big fat white woman in Arkansas pulls gun on 4 Black teens raising money for football team

Black writers courageously staring down the white gaze – this is why we all must read them. These racist in America always looking over you to see what!

'A heavy lift': Religious black voters weigh Buttigieg's bid

If Black families were as rich as white ones, U.S. economy would be $1.5 trillion bigger. They'll cheated you!

Los Angeles officers shot Ryan Twyman 34 times. He was one of four they killed that day

Family of Black man fatally shot by Colorado police demands independent investigation

The lack of street creds is why Kamala Harris is struggling with Black voters so much?

Hit when fucked-up in Jeffrey Epstein murder: Two guards 'fell asleep' then falsified records after inmate removed from paedophile financier's cell

NFL tries end-around play with Jay-Z to outflank Colin Kaepernick. Jay-Z if you want to do something for Blacks, go to Mississippi and buy a chicken processing plaint. Nigger, you eat chicken!

Shocking act of road rage caught on camera daylight

Cosby's lawyers, claiming unfair trial, seek to overturn his sex assault conviction. Nigger, pray this is the same judge you were talking shit to at the trial

How a top chicken company cut off Black farmers, one by one. Now you fools need Blacks

The Hit On Jeffrey Epstein: Trump Retweets Conspiracy Theory That Implicates Clintons in Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Threat made against Black man who found KKK memorabilia in police officer’s home

It doesn’t take a tin-foil hat to smell a rat in Epstein’s ‘way too convenient’ death

Here goes a copycat: Black driver allegedly 'ambushed' by man on horseback with a rope: 'These are Texas roads Nigger'

South Carolina death marks 14th Black transgender woman killed in U.S. this year

Report: Russia to Produce 60 Avangard Hypersonic Boost-Glide Warheads

Allegations of labor abuses dogged Mississippi plant years before immigration raids

China Claims U.S. ‘Black Hand’ Is Behind Hong Kong Protests

Bernie Sanders Turns On the Charm at Conference of Black Journalists

Empire State Building-sized asteroid set to scream past Earth at 10,400mph. What does that mean? It means you're hanging to life by your fingernails.

Store Operators In Chattanooga Say Drunks, Panhandlers Hurting Business. Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

Making employment of unauthorized aliens unlawful. How Mississippi get away with it?

God damned! A Mother-Fucking Attack Again

What is the 'Electromagnetic Spectrum?' And who owns it!!

In Dayton the Shoes said hold-up, you're moving too fast!!

The Age of the Lone Wolf Terrorist

National Association of Black Journalists Should Help Create African-American News Network. Them Niggers Ain't Got That Much Sense!

Donald Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2019. The shit didn't start with Trump.

This Nigger was not moving fast enough says the Nigger police chief

Galveston Police Chief Vernon Hale also issued a statement apologizing to Neely, who was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing. Hale added that the two officers were “familiar” with Neely.

Pregnant rapper Yung Miami shot at, cops say, after being threatened by Kodak Black

Big fat stinking Oprah has a disconnect with Blacks because she was created by racist whites and crooked Jews

Vermont Leftist Hurls Racial Slur, Calls Black City Official 'Race Traitor' During Sanctuary City Debate

Nobel Prize Winner Toni Morrison, One of America’s Greatest Writers, Has Died at 88

In Quitman 10+2,Top Racist Georgia Officials went at Blacks Who Organized Black Voters to vote

‘I hate Black people’: Student expelled, arrested over racist video

Are Blacks God's Chosen People?

Protests Follow A Fatal Weekend Shooting Of A Black Man By Colorado Springs Police

The mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio

Buttigieg's anti-racism message not moving Black voters to support his campaign

Mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton left a combined total of more than 30 people dead and dozens more injured.