Who wants a race war? Leave these Niggers alone because they're not that Uncle Tom type! Don't push these Niggers too far because with all these white cops killing Black men, the Black community is at the breaking point! And, you know these Niggers will go off on you!



Black Ethnic Cleansing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come


A messag to the cops — if you want go home after your shift — leave these crazy ass Niggers alone


Young Black man jailed since April for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell


Feminists Want Hamilton, Jackson Replaced on Currency by ‘Mankiller


House members push Obama to start over on financial adviser rule

These Niggers ain't worth spit, and we love 'em because they give US nothing.


Race in the US: What if your identity was a lie?


This ain't your mama's civil rights movement filled with sellouts running the show


Were officials too quick to tie Texas deputy shooting to Black Lives Matter?


How Israel may be damaging the alliance between blacks and Jews


CBS Virginia News Crew Has Been Shoot


Brutal Honesty: This Is The Video About Racism They Don't Want You To See


Lonnae O’Neal: Laughing while Black? Not on the Wine Train.


Texas Sheriff Calls Killing Of Deputy A 'Cold-Blooded Execution'


You can kick a yellow dog only so many times before it bites back


‘Human powder keg’ Bryce Williams manifesto released


Black Lives Matter boos Washington DC mayor's anti-crime plans

Black Democrats are the problem with the Black community; they have been in charge of these major cities for over 50-years, and they have screwed up Blacks ever since.


Top 12 Most Racist Countries in the World


You’ll Never Guess Which Region Suspends Black Kids From School Most Often


Darryl Dawkins, NBA Legend, Dies at Age 58


Escape from New Orleans: As waters rose, a white suburb across the Mississippi closed a key bridge to fleeing residents


American devotion to order over justice must end


Trump to Hispanics: No more Mr. Nice Guy!


The Democrats: Too Old and Too White?


FEATURE: I Went to a Black Lives Matter Rally


MSNBC Moves Al Sharpton Show To Sunday Morning

Sharpton's program struggled to compete with daily programming at other networks.


Megyn Kelly; if she's big enough to give a lick, she should be big enough to take a lick

Quit crying

Racist flyer urges voters in Detroit suburb to 'get the blacks out' of office


Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Plummets More Than 1,000 Points at Open

The Crash of 2016 Gets Closer Every Day


Prepare for the crash of 2016 — take your money from the stock market before it's too late


Land of the Free7 Racist Statements by US Presidents


Autopsy shows Black teen killed by St. Louis police shot in back: I had to shoot the Nigger in the back because he tried to run!


Lowry: Yes, pander to Trump on immigration


The American people are mad as hell about our govrenment giving the country away, and we ain't gonna take it anymore! Kick The Bums Out!


MUST-SEE: Black Woman Rips Council over Illegal Aliens


Activists from Black Lives Matter met with Hillary Clinton last week, and they came away unimpressed


Undocumented, Asian and taking up arms in the immigration fight — finally — this means war!


Sanders gets raucous, but mostly white welcome in South Carolina as he works for Black support


We used to count black Americans as 3/5 of a person. For reparations, give them 5/3 of a vote.


Celebs' link to Black Lives Matter can be risky — you won't work in this town again — Nigger!


Protesters unveil demands for stricter US policing laws as political reach grows


Can Black Art Ever Escape the Politics of Race?


‘14 San Francisco cops’ gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO)


Fresh racial unrest in St. Louis after police shoot Black suspect


Millennials 'heart' Bernie Sanders: why the young and hip are #FeelingtheBern


Hillary Clinton and Black Activist, Raw, Unscripted and on Video


Subway Jared a sick pedophile; he should have stayed fat!



Courtroom fight breaks out in Chattanooga court — Tennessee Justice!

A murder suspect in a double stabbing was set for his preliminary hearing at the judge's bench when the surviving victim and witness attacked from behind.


Al Sharpton Pushed Down Onto His Ass by Roy Innis with Slow-Motion Instant Replay HILARIOUS FIGHT


Tennessee courts replace 'mother' and 'father' with 'Parent 1,' 'Parent 2'


Rap and Hip Hop are overrated, but those Madison Ave. advertisers' ability to sell anything (even bottle water and rap music) is underrated


10 Of The Worst Snitches Of All Time: That AT&T been snitching for decades and cheating customers


CNN/ORC Poll: Donald Trump now competitive in general election


American voters seem in foul mood, ready to kick the bums out...



Is Donna Edwards too progressive for Blacks in Balimore?


Black Lives Matter only after the Nigger is found dead!


'They have to go': Trump to deport all undocumented immigrants as U.S. president, and that's a good thing!


Black Lives Matter videos, Clinton campaign reveal details of meeting


Undocumented Immigrants Taking Jobs From US Citizens? Most Americans Believe Immigration Is Bad For Economy


How Different Groups Voted in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries


Black America Rages as Murder Rate Soars


Could Blacks in the U.S. qualify as refugees in the land of their birth?




Was Planned Parenthood Started To 'Control' The Black Population through Infanticide?


5 Reasons Black Lives Matter Should Also Protest Hillary Clinton's Events


Black Lives Matter dogged Bush out!


Never before heard recording of MLK's 'I Have A Dream' speech in North Carolina revealed


Michael Brown anniversary: Man shot at Ferguson protest, and they thought this shit was over.


Black Lives Matter is misdirected with Bernie Sanders!


America's fucking over Niggers both day and night: Anybody who wants it can hit it!


8 Found Dead, Including 5 Children, After Stand Off in Harris County, Texas — Why did this crazy ass Nigger kill these people?


Dick Gregory And The 2015 Message To Black America


This GOP debate a multi-ring circus fun to watch not to believe


More Americans of all races agree that Black people are treated poorly in the US


Ain't nobody doing nothing to them Niggers


Conservative Twitter Split Over Carly Fiorina’s Support for Megyn Kelly


Ferguson and beyond: how a new civil rights movement began – and won't end


In Age Of Black Lives Matter, 3 Young Black Men Share Their Fears — And Hopes


Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed.


314 Black Americans Have Been Killed By Police Since Michael Brown's Shooting


Half of Blacks say police have treated them unfairly


Texas officer on burglary call shoots unarmed black teen


Exporting Torture: Meet the Chicago Cop Who Brought American Brutality to Gitmo


Louis Farrakhan Cites Koran, Calls for 10,000 to “Rise Up And Kill Those Who Kill Us”


A white Alabama police officer was caught on a secret recording discussing ways to kill a Black man and cover it up


Trump: I’ll win the Black vote, too!


One year after Ferguson, Americans are far more worried about black rights

“Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as President, you won’t see another black president for generations!” Trump tweeted last year.


Mitch 'The Turtle' McConnell filibustered his own proposal (sic) to defund Planned Parenthood. Here's why.


Congressional Black Caucus Calls Out Tech's 'Shameful Lack Of Diversity'

First, Learn Math!


More than 80% of the thousands held at the Chicago police's 'black site' were Black


Is Trump Right? A Look at What Obama's Done for Black Community


Is the mistreatment of Black Americans payback by some whites for Black support for Obama at the polls?


Did them lames at the National Urban League let Hillary off the hook by not asking about the 1996 crime bill her husband passed that locked up millions of innocent Black men... Did them Niggers ask her that?


The Tangled Web of Race in Racist America


Prosecutor: White Charlotte officer panicked before shooting black man


O’Reilly blasts ‘civil rights industry’ as nothing but a ‘hustle’ and ‘BS’


Even Bill ORelly is right sometimes

Jimmy Carter: America Still Racist, Civil Rights Unrealized

Armed Black Panthers to Texas Cops: ‘We Will Start Creeping Up on You in the Darkness’

Who wants a race war? Leave these Niggers alone because they're not that Uncle Tom type! Don't push these Niggers too far because with all these white cops killing Black men, the Black community is at the breaking point! And, you know these Niggers will go off on you!


Her judgement sucks

Tears of a clown; Al 'The Lapdog' Sharpton kicked off cable


Albert Einstein Called Racism “A Disease of White People” in His Little-Known Fight for Civil Rights

If racism is a sickness; America got it bad


The rape of Black women and the lynching of Black men — what a rotten dipshit America is!

And, these racist wants to look up your record; what about America's record — America is a genocidal maniac and a slaveholder and trader — How you like me now?


These crooked House Niggers in the Black Caucus selling US out again

Reps. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), Andy Barr (R-Ky.) David Scott (D-Ga.) and Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) are the best members of the Black Caucua money can buy.

That Black Caucus sold the Black community out and most Niggers are too stupid to know better!

Left behind, New Orleans’s Black middle class wonders: What recovery?


20 Years Later, Parts Of Major Crime Bill Viewed As Terrible Mistake

"If you're a Black baby born today, you have a 1 in 3 chance of being a victim of that 1994 crime bill! Who suppord it? These Democrats are giving high-fives for the Bill — Niggers too!

Enough, is enough — the police need love too!

Wolf was dragged by the trailer until the driver eventually stopped after pulling into a rest area north of Springfield Township. He is cooperating with investigators. No charges were immediately filed.

Man in custody after deadly ambush on Harris County Sheriff's deputy

America is the most racist, crooked, evil and selfish country in the history of the world!

American racism against Blacks

Top 10 Shameful Events in American History

Video Captures EXACTLY How White Devil Cops Treat Black People


Blacks complaining about racism in America is not playing the race card

Race hate groups have begun to use Wednesday’s killings to say America’s problem with racial violence is black-on-white and not the other way around

What a group to blame (Gay or Blacks) for the actions of a nut?

Bitter Black reporter gunned down white ex-colleagues

Vester Lee Flanagan was a 'disturbed' and 'unhappy man'

Trying to fit in; Bryce Williams was just another Black man trying to fit in

Black, Gay Reporter Murders Straight, White Journalists — Media Blame the Gun


This terrorist got the beat down, and he wanted to kill all around

Anthony Sadler, a senior at Sacramento University in California; National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos and Airman Spencer Stone — they took his gun and beat the shit out of him.


Group of Black women kicked off Napa wine train after laughing too loud

Hush-up, you Niggers are too loud


Black Texas woman says sheriff's deputies carried out cavity search in parking lot

It was embarrassing, degrading," Charnesia Corley told CNN's Don Lemon on Thursday. "I felt low, I felt — they're doing our Black women anykind of way — we need to stand up to them!


Black Lives Matter: Mom Protests Black On Black Crime

It's more cops, agent provocateurs and informants in Black Lives Matter than activists!

Black Lives Matter infiltrated by cops in every chapter


China finally whipped that Li'l Kim back in line

US troops mobilise in South Korea as Kim Jong-un declares 'quasi-state of war': live


Trump widens lead over U.S. Republican presidential field: Reuters poll


Oney Judge Versus that Lowdown George Washington — The father of our country wanted his Black pussy Back


The Clintons' Crime Bill Threw Blacks Under The Bus — Did it hurt?


'Anchor baby' drops into the 2016 race

1 in 10 U.S. births are born to illegals & Donald Trump’s plan

Who got the money to feed these kids when they ask: Got Milk?


Too slick for her own good; Hillary Clinton is too slick for her own good! Mob mentality fed unrest following St. Louis police shooting Race in the US: Know your history not his story


Rachel Dolezal 2.0? Shaun King, activist for the Black Lives Matter movement, outed as a white man; Does it matter?

King applied for and then accepted an Oprah scholarship to Morehouse College, which are only given to Black men — he's close enough — we'll take him.


Donald Trump has transformed GOP politics – no matter what happens


Since 2007, AT&AT&T has been snitching on its customers for the DEA

AT&T accused of snitching to Government on its customers; What?


More than a thousand mourn Texas teen fatally shot by white officer

The dreaded all white jury and jury nullification — Hot damn — we got you Niggers again!

Supreme Court denounces race bias in dreaded all-white jury selection


He's been in the pockets of Wall Street for years, and this crook gets the support of stupid Blacks In New York... Why?

Black Lives vs. Jeb Bush: How candidates are dealing with the movement


Government paranoia breeds entrapment every time

Police officer Leonce Young, left, father of Jaelyn Delshaun Young, leaves federal court following a hearing in Oxford, Mississippi.


Suspect charged with capital murder after 8 found dead in home

Now, this crazy ass Nigger; 49-year-old David Conley has been taken into custody in the case ...with the problems we're having with these crazies among US, we can't feel the white man's foot up our asses!

PHOTOS: 8 dead following SWAT standoff in NW Harris Co.


The Hiroshima and Nagasaki film they didn't want us to see — 70-years later.

The Decision to Risk the Future: Harry Truman, the Atomic Bomb and the Apocalyptic Narrative

Little Boy and Fat Man;

It was said that President Truman was told by the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles that if you don't drop the bomb to end the war; what are you going to tell the American people at your Impeachment Trial after they find out that you could have ended the war with the bomb and didn't? The next day he dropped the bomb!

President Harry Truman announces the Bombing of Hiroshima


The Newest Left-wing Lie: Megyn Kelly Is a Racist Who Believes In Santa -

Is Megyn Kelly Racist? No! She's just a wanna be washed-up, no-nothing hooking for a poll!


Chicago police detained thousands of Black Americans at interrogation facility

This is the kind of ubiquitous racism that forces many Black Americans into a life of crime — You feel me?


Hundreds gather for the traitor Anthony Hervey's funeral ; this Nigger lost his mind!

A handful of African Americans—insist that thousands of Blacks fought for the Confederacy. Nothing in the historical record supports that claim.


Inner city violence is driven by ubiquitous racism in America: that racism forces many Blacks into a life of crime

The Face of Institutional Racism in Maryland’s Criminal Justice System

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