Do Whites And Blacks In America Worship The Same God?



Black News' Archives are palpable to the Black experience


Gays Rally On Chattanooga City Hall Steps For Equal Rights


Graphic Novel Depicts John Lewis' 'March' Toward Justice


This Is Al Sharpton’s Much-Younger Girlfriend: He's a trick!


A picture is worth a thousand words. Does this look like a Reverend or the Devil. He comes to deceiveth the world. To you dumb ass Niggers who don't him — now you know!

GUGU Master Speaks Out About Immigration To Mexico


Big cat roaming Detroit streets killed, thrown in trash


Republicans Problem With Obama Is That He Is Black


Jim Crow laws, lynching and slavery are not shared experiences with the LGBT community


King Speech 50 Years on Shows Black Distress Endures


Putin tells Obama: Don't let your mouth write a check your ass can't cash


Is Obama Good for Black Americans?


Reefer Madness: what an insane notion to control weed


50 years after King speech, discrimination feeds black economic gap: Obama


What The March On Washington Called For, And What We Got


New Obama policy warns agents not to detain illegal immigrant parents


MSNBC Has Full Deck of Race Cards


Obama's plan could be the end of Black colleges as we know them

Good riddance


Here's Why I Think Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post


Malcolm X, the greatest Black leader of our time


Immigration Reform Takes Jobs Away From Black Workers


The Dow 30 is the Greatest of All Ponzi Schemes


Lee Daniels On Racism In U.S.: Americans ‘Angry’ That Obama’s President, Showing ‘True Colors’


Crooked Black Democrats Trying To Pimp The Black Vote In New York City


Ted Nugent is a Nigger hater for life



Just keep on hating on Blacks, and Al Qaeda gone get you


Send both of their asses to jail



Lying to promote your movie {Butler} not the right thing to do


Holder to Announce Plans to Reduce Prison Population


The Shift In Black Views Of The War On Drugs

Joseph Welch confronts McCarthy


Scott Walker fires state official for comparing unauthorized immigrants to 'Satan'


She does it for the money, stupid!


Sic Semper Tyrannis


Who do you run to when Republicans hate you and Democrats only want to screw you


Al Qaeda is coming, Al Qaeda is coming; they hit me on the head!


When you do the same thing over and over again, and expect positive outcomes and when the positive outcomes don't come and you continue to do the same thing; that's the first sign of being retarded


Democrats may lose control of senate because of immigration reform


Yes, we have no money — we have not your money today!


Reid, Race, and the Democrat's Double Standard


"I think there are too many people in jail for too long, and for not necessarily good reasons."



Scams, Fraud Among Obamacare Concerns


Here's Why I Think Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post


Death row diary offers a rare glimpse into a morbid world


Some other authors, however, have pointed out that the Black Caucus backed the law, which they say implies that the law cannot be racist.


PSA On Solar Energy


The Moral Arc of the Universe Bends Towards Justice, But It Will Not Happen on Its Own


Tawana Brawley served with court order to pay man she accused of rape in 1987


Eagles star Riley Cooper's threat to 'fight every nigger in sight


Don't you just hate them Niggers


We shouldn't need Bill O'Reilly to tell us our shit is fucked up


Administration Offers Details on Phone Surveillance


Say you sorry Jesse or I'll Stand my ground


Screw You; Jesse Jackson reply


Will immigration reform do Marco Rubio in


Edward Snowden got asylum in Russia, lawyer says


Tavis Smiley gives the dumbest answer yet to a question on Syria

This why the world thinks we're retarded


Caught between Iraq and a hard place


President Barack Obama Got Cold Feet

Our reluctant warrior turns out to be a Chickenhawk


Do Whites And Blacks In America Worship The Same God?

The same God cannot be for Blacks and whites at the same time

How can this fool (Al Sharpton) advance the dream to include illegals and gays when the dream is a none starter for Blacks?

That Nigger is a crook, and you're a fool to follow him!

Immigration reform: Over Black News' dead body!


Uncle Tim Scott Not Wanted Cause He's A Disgrace To The Race


The Civil Rights Movement Saved White America But Did Nothing For The Black Community

This Webcast Is Special To Black News


How will legalizing 11 million illiterate illegal immigrants improve the economy?

These politicians will tell a lie when the truth sounds better




Al Sharpton wants to hijack dream

Who died and left this fool in charge?


Sure, illegals take jobs from low skilled Americans, didn't you know?


Is Nixon right about Blacks and Jews?


Heavy coffee consumption may be hazardous to your health


What decent man would want them?


What if stop-and-frisk means stop and get your ass beat


Some black clergy not comfortable with LGBT movement sharing mantle at civil rights march


Trayvon Martin Awoke A Sleeping Giant, But Now Niggers Back To Sleep

Webcast Special To Black News


Will Racism Go Away In America? Will A Rabbit Attack A Mountain Lion


Black Pastors, Not Homosexuals, Must Reclaim Civil Rights Movement in America


American Racism Forces Blacks Into A Life Of Crime

Special Webcast to Black News


Did you know Black Caucus is behind mandatory minimum

Annie Lee Moss was a true American


Are You Smarter Than An Eighth Grader?

How Cocoa Flavanols Fight Dementia In Old Age

Mexican cartels hiring US soldiers as hit men


The Most Terrifying Terrorist put a bomb in this brother's butt, and it went off

Early reports indicated that the bomb was implanted in the younger al-Asiri’s rectum, but it turned out that it had been sewn into his underwear.


I hate Niggers but I love my Nigger John Henry



Muslim Brotherhood commits self laceration

Federal agents arrest hundreds in MS-13 gang sweep

Post-Zimmerman trial, a divided America


Obama cancels upcoming meeting with Putin

A few years ago, this Nigger would have been serving the coffee


Think of them as the Civil Rights generation


Blacks, Hispanics more optimistic than whites

Blacks love him and most whites hate him in Chattanooga

Black News Anand E. Move ToThe Big Apple


Huma loves her some sorry Weiner; I know that's right


Bill de Blasio, William Thompson battle for black vote as mayoral race heats up

Every Black that's Your Color is not Your Kind


Beyond .Com: Some See Confusion In Internet Domain Expansion


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