Keep the protesting going and in a few months, Baltimore won't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out! — No justice — No money!



Geraldo Rivera turns from media fraud to Fox lackey


Baltimore Riots: Violence Scarred a City Dealing With Decline for Decades


Having Black Cops and Black Mayors Doesn't End Police Brutality


To be successful as a Black man in America you got to be like Caesar's wife


These faggots have rigged public opinion just to get booty


Get that booty, get that booty, y'all


Black women are killed by police, too


Most white people in America (not all) hate Blacks; when you gonna get through your fucking head? These white Devil Cops hate US the most!


Gang members: We did not make truce to harm cops


How they ignore Black America: Freddie Gray, Baltimore & the pernicious influence of respectability politics


Fight for $15 swells into largest protest by low-wage workers in US history


Officer Michael Slager laughed about ‘pumping’ adrenaline after killing Walter Scott: recording 


We don't like them Niggers anyway


World Leader Says It’s ‘Ridiculous’ That With Black President, ‘Crimes Against U.S. Blacks Continue.’ Now Guess Who Said It.


Black, white, blue and Freddie Gray: Urgent lessons about race and policing from Baltimore


Freddie Gray who died in police custody mourned at wake



Florida deputy stops black man on bike, shoots him 4 seconds later


'We will drown all of you in blood': ISIS in chilling video threat to America


Dick Gregory- The Walter Scott Shooting Hoax & The Rise of The American Gestapo


Niggers the butt of every racist joke in America


Musings Of An Average Joe: We Must Destroy 'The Black Community'


"Incident" by Countee Cullen


Who is the worst mayor in America?


A New Government Report Shows Hyper-Immigration's Toll


Baltimore police telling lies on our Black men to cover-up their mis-deeds


Georgia university cancels classes in flap over flag protest


Which flag represent American racist? Both!


Thousands expected to march in Baltimore for Freddie Gray — you should be there — be there or be square


These dirty ass Niggers who Blacks elected to lead Baltimore are worse that these racist whites


The Clinton Cash-for-Favors Program

Clintons becoming most corrupt political family in history?

Brian Rice, lieutenant suspended in police-van death that sparked federal inquiry, was ordered to stay away from man who had ‘fear of imminent harm or death’


The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?


Majority of public assistance goes to working poor


Week by bloody week, racist America is sliding back towards slavery

Protesters rally in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray

How to Help Black Men? Give US self-determination!


Baltimore officer suspended in Freddie Gray case accused of domestic violence


Day of protests planned in Baltimore after black man's death


Most Tennesseans too dumb for Common Core, and too stupid to care


Obama's amnesty 'profoundly unfair' to 4 million legal immigrants, a new high

Capitalizing On Cannabis: Meet Colorado's Black 'Potrepreneurs'


Depp's range put him in league with Hoffman


Riding while Black ain't no crime, but breathing while Black can do you in

NCAA says it's not our job to ensure that these Niggers get an education


All these Nigger mayors and we still can't get any play — something is wrong with that picture!


Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in air strike'


Immigration Reform 2015: Illegal Immigrant Caught With Border Agent's Driver's License, Birth Certificate Purchased In Mexico


Freddie Gray dies a week after being injured during arrest

Niggers in charge in Blatimore and you still dead


Being Black in America today is like being a Jew in Germany in 1942


Limbo for millions of immigrants as Obama action stalls: What next?


Teenager's mysterious death evokes painful imagery in North Carolina: 'It's in the DNA of America'


Is Tennessee the most racist state in America?

Will a southern cracker lynch a Nigger?


African-American Life, Double-Exposed


Black Americans are the only group that this government has enacted laws to keep US down


As U.S. gay-marriage battle looms, attorneys fight over fees



If Osama bin Laden had a student loan, the feds would have caught him years ago


#ReadyForHillary? The case is remarkably thin


Death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray in custody sparks call for independent inquiry


How can you be a Tennessee racist and a Christian too?


You say the baby is not yours, I say you're right, but you will pay child support until the child starts looking like you — next case!


Fake feds get people to pay even if they don't have a student loan!


WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: Leaked Sony archive 'belongs in the public domain


Photos of white cops helping Black Americans — one in a million because most white cops hate Blacks!


The Black Hat: Cops Don’t Kill Responsible Black Men, They Kill N**gas (Major Difference)


Democratic Rep: There’s An ‘Open Season On Black Men In America’


Traffic stop inspires black man to speak out


Judge in Atlanta cheating case hands out stiff sentences to some educators


Police video shows killing of Black Oklahoma suspect


Police Power gives these racist white boys a license to kill Niggers and dogs


The Criminal Justice Industrial Complex in America only wants Nigger blood!


Open season on Blacks of all types in America


Hillary Clinton may get the Black vote, but black people’s enthusiasm is not guaranteed


Christian family band members in deadly parking lot brawl


When cops stop poor and Black drivers for minor traffic violations, it’s often a pretext for something more sinister.


'Walter Scott's death was motivated by racial discrimination': Pastor at funeral of South Carolina police shooting victim launches scathing attack on officer who shot him five times in the back


Black lawyers group calls for arrest of black cop seen near Walter Scott's body: Jarvis DeBerry


Black Immigrants Have Quadrupled Since 1980, Study Says

If they can't trace their history to American slavery; they're not one of US — you feel me?


Black DA to Decide Charges Against White Wisconsin Officer


It was murder, murder most foul, and that Nigger 'Clarence Habersham' is guilty as well!


If cameras are catching these devil cops, what in the hell have they gotten away with before cameras. And, what about the Nigger cop who helped the cover-up, will he be fired and charged?


Another US Cop Kills Civilian, than Tries to Cover it Up

What's up with handcuffing a dead man? You dipshit! — that's just overkill — God damn your soul!


In U.S., 77% Identify as Christian, but Act Like The Devil


How cheating on standardized tests can be a criminal act


Why 'Crony Capitalism' is as American as Apple Pie?


Cronyism In America


American leaving political parties behind


Husband, Imam speak out about two women arrested in al-Qaida-inspired New York City terror plot


2 women charged in terror case wanted to fight, not wed fighters, a shift in role


America Is Getting More Non-Religious, But Congress Is Not


Record 12,202,000 Black Americans Not in Labor Force


Yes, we got no jobs — We got no jobs for you Niggers today.


The Hypocrisy of Christianity in Slavery


In the end, some adults cared about what APS students learned


Black College Seeks to Recapture Social Justice Voice


Deputy 'inadvertently' shoots suspect with gun, believing he was using Taser


Black Towns, Established By Freed Slaves, Are Dying Out


American police have killed more people just in March than British police have since 1900.

Protest with a purpose; get them in their pocketbooks

By Sinclere Lee

Money down the drain


Woman killed in Atlanta police shootout had long arrest record


Freddie Gray 'killed himself' lie was put out by the Baltimore police, the Washington Post ran with it and FOX propagandized it


In Baltimore and Across the Country, Black Faces in High Places Haven’t Helped Average Black People

Either they can help US and won't, or want to help US but can't


Next time someone says racism isn't real, show them this 3-minute video


Having Black Cops and Black Mayors Doesn't End Police Brutality

Even with them rotten ass Niggers in charge you still can't get no play


Blacks uneasily awaits answers on Freddie Gray's death


Keep the protesting going and in a few months, Baltimore won't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out! — No justice — No money!


If the protesters keep the pressure on Ferguson, the city will be financially ruined

Being physically destroyed, collapsed, or decayed is the only thing America understands


While we're fighting each other in America, ISIS is setting back licking their chops


When ISIS come, most Americans gonna shit their pants


Baltimore mayor kept in dark about detective's brutality case


After a night of hyper violence in Baltimore, now these crackers talking like they got some damn sense


Black male teachers: There aren’t enough of them


A cautionary tale: Blacks burned down Baltimore because they had nothing to lose!


These Devil Cops in America are abusing Black women too


Officer Beats Black Woman on LA Freeway: I'm just beating some sense into this crazy bitch


Obama amnesty greater threat to Blacks than police brutality, experts say

Democrats care more about illegal aliens than the Black Americans — go vote that!


Thousands march in US capital against gay marriage

Blacks in Baltimore supported gay marriage, so why are gays not supporting Blacks in Baltimore now— the gays played you for a fool because they only think about themselves


Should Black Americans be threatened by ISIS?

Will America ever pay slave reparations? No! And, God damn No! These rotten crooked racist have beat US out of everything!


Non-violence will never stop violence; it never has and never will


This Webcast is special to 'Black News'


Baltimore police seek fix to 'broken relationship' amid Freddie Gray protests — it won't work!


American Gestapo: Boston Bombing Reveals Washington’s True Colors

Killing Niggers ain't all they do — they kill Nigger-lovers too


Baltimore’s mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake sucks



Polic said Gray should've received medical care before ride

You vote for these Black Democrats and they sell the Black community out to racist whites


CDC Warns More HIV, Hepatitis C Outbreaks Likely Among Drug Users


These stupid Niggers killing themsleves


British police arrests toddler on terror charges

That baby had a bomb in diaper


'Clinton Cash' proves Clinton's too corrupt to control US



The crisis of Black men — and what that means for society


US officers suspended after latest death of black man in custody

What the world is saying about US

Triumph of the Will

Birth of a Nation

How To Move Beyond America's Racist/Aryan Past?


The Methodology: 1.5 Million Missing Black Men

The under counting of Black men — new census data find over 50 million Blacks in America


FBI says hair-match experts gave flawed testimony

The cases with overstated evidence included 32 that resulted in death sentences, and 14 of those defendants have been executed or died in prison.


Missouri police officers resign after black female mayor is elected

We won't work for Niggers


Blue-Collar Whites Love Hillary, but Black America Gives Her the Side-Eye

Why Hillary Needs Black Women to Win


Is Walter Scott's family financially better off because he's dead?

Is it possible for a Black man living in America that a personal tragedy can make life better?


‘The flag of white supremacy still flies on our State House. We’re stuck in the past’

A Confederate flag that's part of a Civil War memorial on the grounds of the South Carolina State House flies over a Martin Luther King Day rally January 21, 2008 in Columbia, South Carolina — Is South Carolina more racist than South Africa?


Racism in schools is pushing more Black families to homeschool their children

Is there a racist hiding behind every tree in America?


Hundreds mourn at Walter Scott's Funeral


Here's Walter's flagged draped coffin — the flag doesn't mean shit if you're a Black veteran


Walter Scott: large crowds expected for funeral of man shot by police

With that fake call about the taser being taken, apparently the cop who murdered Walter Scott was planning the cover-up before he murdered the man by shooting him in the back.


South Carolina police shooting: They're supposed to be honest


The Cops supposed to be honest (sic) what fucking planet you have been living on!


Ferguson Voters Elect Two Black Members To City Council

Ferguson voters head to the polls with a chance to City Council


Video Shows Officer Michael Slager Shooting Unarmed Black Man In The Back In South Carolina


Rand Paul promises to break up 'Washington machine' in 2016 White House bid

He's got presidential potential— he might could be one!


Former Atlanta educators jailed in test cheating scandal

Donald Bullock, a former Atlanta testing coordinator, was led to a holding cell after his conviction. A judge ordered most of the educators jailed immediately. Dog, you can't go to the joint looking weak bcause you'll be somebody's boy — you better get hard!


Alabama man off death row after 28 years to jailers: You will answer to God

Anthony Ray Hinton, ...Yeah man, God ain't gonna do nothing to them devils, man! Since you have been down, America has locked down enough Niggers you can make a million Tarzan movies.

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