Black voter turnout rate passes whites

Black voter turnout rate passes whites



Black Turnout, GOP Denial Both High


How do you get to 1600 PennsylvaniaAve.? You take Nigger Road, and make a left on Blackpower St. and then you're there!


UN Official Justifies Boston Bombings as ‘Retribution’, Blames America & ‘Tel Aviv


Teacher fights student; student wins


Too little too late


This is why democracy doesn't work: the people in Chattanooga are dumb as a doorknob


Officials Wait To Question Suspect; Memorial Held Sunday


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in custody


The Boston bombers are not Black like the commercial media said


Update on the Boston Bombing


Coulter blasts Rubio, 'endless Bushes' on immigration


Gabrielle Giffords "Furious" with Lawmakers Over Gun Control Vote


If you keep your mouth shut, the world won't know you're stupid


States dropping GED?



The glamorous heiress who devoted her life to jazz


U.S. Civil Rights Commission members warn Black Caucus amnesty hurts blacks


Don't say you don't know; now you know!


Many African-Americans concerned about Obama’s focus on immigrant rights


Law-abiding citizens to bring a bat to a gunfight


Rand Paul Reaches Out to Black Voters at Howard University

If you first don't succeed, try and try again


A dirty lie and scheme to support immigration reform


45 Years Ago Since The Death Of MLK 


Howard Students Question Rand Paul's Vision Of GOP


Even in Death, Margaret Thatcher Divides Britain as Hundreds Celebrate


Rand Paul's Play to Win Over Black Voters at Howard University

The man got presidential potential; who knows, he might could be one


Is the black church guilty of spiritual hypocrisy in same-sex marriage debate?


Trayvon Martin's Parents gets $1 Million Payout

The money probably came from the owners of the apartment complex he was visiting


Leno to leave NBC's 'Tonight Show' next spring


Atlanta test scores: Cheating is cheating


Jobless Claims Rise; Friday's Employment Report Likely To Show Slow Job Growth


Should Obama appoint a Black as FBI director?


Our 21st-century segregation: we're still divided by race


The Only GOP Fear on Immigration Reform Is the GOP Itself


Obama Ready to Propose Big Changes in Medicare, Social Security?


Obamacare Incompetence


Side Effects Prompt Patients To Stop Cholesterol Drugs


Nearly 60 years on from Emmett Till killing, ghosts and new details emerge and swirl


Carson: White Liberals the Most Racist


Herman Cain to Al Sharpton: Marriage is a rite, not a right

Americans must stop believing their own lies


Boston marathon bomb suspects' family 'received $100,000 in benefits

That's how you play a sucker; that their money, and then bomb that ass


Wealth Gap Among Races Widened Since Recession


Immigration reform has opened the floodgates


What happens when the inmates run the jail?


Federal authorities charge that Tavon White, an inmate known as "Bulldog," took control of the Black Guerrilla Family gang at the Baltimore City Detention Center soon after his arrival in 2009 on an attempted murder charge. He is seen here in a 2009 mug shot from the Anne Arundel County Police Department. (Anne Arundel County Police Department / April 24, 2013)


America lost its innocence again (sic) what a joke!

Webcast Special to 'Black News'


FBI releases chilling images of TWO suspects carrying backpacks


Tamerlan's dead body

Barack Obama can't pass gun control despite 90 per cent support. Truly, he is a lame-duck president


‘Central Park Five’: Recalling a gross injustice

Don't be fooled by these crooked polls, stupid

Are Black Christians hypocrites who support same-sex marriage


U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11, Review Concludes


Why does the world hate US so?

What Happens To A Dream Deferred?

It goes down the toilet like a stinking turd!


Race and Criminal Justice

Racial bias in our criminal justice system keeps more African-Americans on probation and in prison than ever before. In fact, one in three Black men can expect to spend time in jail in his lifetime. The ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project works to reform policies that unfairly target people of color.


Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at Border: ‘Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go’

These illegals are making a mockery of our government


Hundreds celebrated Margaret Thatcher's death

If you don't have anything good to say about the dead, don't say nothing... Margaret Thatcher is dead, Good!


Rand Paul: Don’t send kids to jail for drug crimes

Race has nothing to do with mass shootings

Newt Gingrich: Bring GOP to black districts now


Ala. lawmakers vote to pardon the Scottsboro Boys

Who gives a fuck when they were innocent in the first place


You can't have an opinion about gay marriage unless you agree with it


211 Crew members sought by El Paso County in Tom Clements murder case



US moves missile defences to Pacific after North Korea nuclear threat


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