US believes China may have hid severity of virus while stockpiling supplies. Boy, these Chinks' something Why Trump is moving closer to punishing China for the coronavirus

US believes China may have hid severity of virus while stockpiling supplies. Boy, these Chinks' something

Coronavirus misinformation crosses divides to infect Black social media

Black people made to feel dispensable in right-to-life land

Why Trump is moving closer to punishing China for the coronavirus

Exclusive: U.S. coronavirus stimulus went to some healthcare providers facing criminal inquiries

Clyburn: 'Not a must' for Biden to pick a Black woman as running mate. Who?

More than 80% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Georgia last month were black, CDC study finds

Is Remdesivir the silver bullet? FDA allows emergency use of this drug

Tips to be Fit: Blacks are dying, but not because they are Black

Why are Black Americans hardest hit by the coronavirus? What's new in America?

As Germany Eases Lockdown Restrictions, Coronavirus Infection Rate Rises

Why is coronavirus taking such a deadly toll on Black Americans?

Exposing The Congressional Black Caucus -Why They Never Do Anything For US?

5 die of coronavirus in "close-knit" predominately Black New Orleans group

Trump gets stung from all sides after floating injections of disinfectants

To Trump; as President you don't need to always do something. Most of the time you need to just stand there, and tell the people please don't do that. Stores done run outta Lysol.

How the Nazis Used Jim Crow Laws as the Model for Their Race Laws. The racist South still Nazis at heart.

Americans were the Nazis first. What America Taught the Nazis About Race Hating

Not one 'Red Penny' for Niggers. House is poised to vote on a nearly $500 billion. You'll never get nothing until you ask. The dumb Black Caucus won't ask.

The $484 billion aid bill is the fourth passed to address the coronavirus crisis. Out of all that money, trillions, Black Caucus didn't get the Black community one red penny. What did they get?

Wearing a mask while Black could be hazardous to your health. Especially when the country is sick

Black Americans facing a tough decision

Black men wearing COVID-19 masks at store reportedly booted out for not removing

Do you qualify to be a coronavirus contact tracer? Here’s a Massachusetts job posting

Senate Passes $484 Billion Interim Economic Stimulus Package. What Blacks get and when?

Senate approves $480 billion. Next, it goes to the House. What will the Black Caucus get for our Black communities suffering from COVIT-19?

House Speaker Pelosi unveils $2.5 trillion Democrat coronavirus stimulus plan as Senate bill stagnates

Crooked and selfish publicly traded firms get $300M in small-business loans

Chinese scientists have found that Europe and America’s East Coast have been infected by some of the most aggressive Covid-19 strains. How they know if they didn't create it?

Sand Niggers shitting bricks as oil price goes negative and demand collapses

Experts explain the 40% to 70% death rate for Blacks. That Nigger preacher will get you fucked-up every time

Congressional Black Caucus PAC backs Biden's White House bid. Most Blacks will be dead by Nov. 3

China will tell a lie before a cat can lick its' ass. Laboratory in Wuhan breaks silence to deny claims that the coronavirus originated there

China started COVID-19 now moves on Hong Kong democracy activists

Doctor: Why Quack TV Docs Like Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil Need To Go With Their 'Black Queen Oprah'?

Oprah sit your fat ass down 'cause love for TV doctors like Dr Phil and Dr Oz causing more harm than good?

Oprah called out over Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil’s quarantine comments

Black people in NYC twice as likely to die from COVID as white people

After small business loan money hit the banks, you could hear a loud sucking sound. Money gone with the wind!

With confidence shattered, the road to a 'normal' U.S. economy looks long

What Was the Great Depression? they couldn't buy their way out.

What the Surgeon General gets wrong about African Americans and Covid-19

What did Surgeon General Jerome Adams mean after his much-publicized remarks about “drugs, tobacco and alcohol use” and “big momma?”

Jerome Adams acknowledged the vulnerability of people of color—but ran afoul of a powerful ideology. He meant you Niggers smoke dope too much, drink alcohol too much, and you're too fucking fat! But, they say that Nigger don't know what he's talking about.

'Lesser of these two evils': pandemic deaths or not, we got to get this money flowing before we all go broke.

The Founding Fathers Wrote the Tenth Amendment to Protect States

Sorry Mr. President, you don't have total power: How Tenth Amendment puts states in the quarantine driver's seat - and Supreme Court would have to reverse itself completely to back Donald Trump

A Black Politician’s Trump Endorsement Raises Eyebrows But Won’t Move Votes

Black preacher, Gerald O. Glenn, who mocked COVID-19 dies of it. He's going straight to Hell!

“I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus,” he said. Will Jesus bring him back from the dead? NO! "cause he's going straight to Hell

Videos of Obama Biden endorsement

Why Is COVID 19 Killing Blacks At Outsize Rates Across The US

Nine U.S. states planning reopening of economies after coronavirus shutdown This is stupid and may get US all killed! What won't we do for money?

Tricked out of their lives by selfserving Black politicians, all but 3 people who died from COVID-19 in St. Louis, Missouri, were Black

How a Premier U.S. Drug Company Became a Virus 'Super Spreader'

Check your balance: Coronavirus stimulus money starts to flow into bank accounts

Coronavirus: Why has the virus hit African Americans so hard?

Outcry over racial data grows as virus slams Black Americans

Higher Coronavirus Mortality Rates For Black Americans And People Exposed To Air Pollution

Lightfoot on high rate of African Americans in Chicago dying from coronavirus: ‘As a Black woman ... that’s a hard thing to come to terms with’

70 Percent of People Killed in Chicago by the Coronavirus Are Black

29% Of Americans Think Coronavirus Was Made In A Lab, 70% Think The Media Is Covering It Well

Fact check: Did the coronavirus originate in a Chinese laboratory?

The conspiracy theories about the origins of the coronavirus, debunked

Coronavirus stimulus checks: 175 million Americans will start receiving funds 'this week or early next.'

Blacks are more likely to die from coronavirus illness, early data shows. What is it about US? May be it's our close-knit communities that keeps spreading it

Racism! Amid coronavirus pandemic, Black mistrust of medicine looms.

How do you fight against COVID 19? Wash your hands and stay away from the next motherfucker. If you stay away from the next motherfucker, you won't need to wash your hands that much

Sorry, conspiracy theorists. Study concludes COVID-19 'is not a laboratory construct'

Fucking-up a wet dream — Social Security recipients won't need tax return to receive stimulus payment

More U.S. cities Detroit, Chicago and New Orleans become coronavirus hot spots as confirmed cases surpass 640,000 globally

Viruses 101: Why the new coronavirus is so contagious and how we can fight it

New CDC report finds COVID-19 can be spread 1-3 days before onset of symptoms

The Science Behind A 14-Day Quarantine After Possible COVID-19 Exposure

After pastor arrests, Al Sharpton implores Black churches to stop gathering. Fuck you Nigger, we got to get paid

Empty pews and couples coping: Black Americans adjust, slowly, to working from home

‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ becomes a Trump team mantra, but it maybe attached to a train!

‘Matter of life & death’: Trump’s Covid-19 task force projects up to 240,000 Americans will die even under strict social isolation

Noam Chomsky's Requiem For An American Dream

Noam Chomsky: “We will overcome the coronavirus crisis, but we have more serious crises ahead of us”

Dismantling democracy? Virus used as excuse to quell dissent. Told you so!

'Coughing while Asian': living in fear as racism feeds off coronavirus panic. Blacks feel racism everyday.

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CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus might be 'more difficult' That's fucked-up!


Covid-19 Is Killing Black People Unequally—Don't Be Surprised

Evidence emerges for sex-assault allegation against Biden

Americans losing faith in what Trump says about the coronavirus

Georgia’s COVID-19 deaths surge, and a rural county coroner reels

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 'grave danger' after heart surgery, US claims

Philadelphia doctor takes to streets to help black communities get tested for COVID-19

The coronavirus was “tailor made” to devastate densely populated Black Michigan communities

Trump will order U.S. meat processing plants to stay open amid coronavirus fears

Founder of Black business app on a mission to help entrepreneurs impacted by COVID-19

Social Security Recipients Will Start Getting Stimulus Checks This Week

Kimberle Crenshaw: 'The political process has pushed Black people so far to the margins that they can't protect themselves'

These are the 6 new possible symptoms of the coronavirus the CDC added to its list

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in ’grave danger’ after heart surgery: report

LA Times: New Data Reveals COVID-19 Is Killing Younger Black and Latino Californians at Higher Rates

Stacey Abrams Says She Could Help Joe Biden By Turning Out More Black Voters in 2020 Election

These DATA are in, and stupid Niggers will not make it out of this shit alive. Next time will Niggers learn.

Too little too late from self serving Nigger preachers

First pollution, now coronavirus: Black parish in Louisiana deals with 'a double whammy' of death

'Our Community Suffers' Amid Coronavirus, Say Black Officials

Detroit students to get 50,000 laptops and free internet service with no lessons and activities.

First trial for Remdesivir potential Covid-19 drug shows it has no effect. No efficacy. That's fucked-up!

People Are Finally Starting to See the Real Evil Dyke, Ellen DeGeneres and It Isn’t Pretty

More deaths, no benefit from Trump's malaria drug in VA virus study

Is Diddy’s New Black News Network a Ripoff of Kahlil Joseph’s Venice Biennale Project? Some Critics Think So

60 Noam Chomsky quotes that will make you question everything about society

Shot the man while he was on the ground. 'Don't shoot him no more!' California police face backlash over killing of man in Walmart

Under the cover of a pandemic, China is dismantling Hong Kong’s last freedoms

Because of racist white doctors in America,'It's a racial justice issue': Blacks are dying in greater numbers from Covid-19

Oil crashes, ends negative for the first time in history

Black doctors blast 'woefully anemic' data on minority coronavirus cases

Nova Scotia massacre: Gunman dead after killing 13 people in ‘random’ mass shooting – Canadian police

Harvard, America's Richest University, Grabs Nearly $9 Million In Taxpayer CARES Aid

Vote for Biden? Sanders Supporters Say It's 'Up in the Air'

They’re killing us Blacks,’ Texas residents say of Trump rollbacks

Jeff Bezos is the planet’s richest man, and Covid-19 is making him ever wealthier. But he’s also the world’s most selfish man

On The Record: A Former Biden Staffer's Sexual Assault Allegation

Flu shots: Can it protect you against the coronavirus? Answer that!

Can debt collectors seize your stimulus check? It depends on your state

Einstein wins again: Star orbits black hole just like General Relativity predicts

Blacks are being hammered by a double pandemic. AIDS and COVI-19

In a coronavirus world, Biden seeks ways to close money gap with Trump

An idiom is a phrase or expression whose meaning can't be understood from the ordinary meanings of the words in it.

The Black Pastor Watching COVID-19 Ravage His Community

Lawsuit over Black voting power in Georgia dismissed

Social Security Beneficiaries: You Might Need to Act Now to Get Your Stimulus Check

'Torn up': African American family mourns 4 loved ones as COVID-19 racial disparities exposed

What Oprah’s Coronavirus Special on Black America Disgrace to US

Black Georgia Democrat: Screw Joe Biden. I'm Voting For Trump

Coronavirus live updates: Here’s what to know in North Carolina on April 15

Andrew Cuomo says Donald Trump can’t reopen states: ‘We don’t have a king’

Faster cognitive decline in Black people linked to high blood pressure

Social Media Posts Make Baseless Claim on COVID-19 Death Toll

COVID-19’s Racial Death Gap Was Predictable. We Told You So!

It's the beginning of the end or end of the beginning. Ralph Northam signs into law gun control measures and rolls back abortion restrictions

Because of white supremacy and racism from racist white health care professionals in the South, Saints' Jenkins says Black Americans cannot rely on government help for Covid-19

44 more deaths are reported in D.C. area; new data shows effect on Black communities

Record new covid-19 deaths in D.C., Maryland and Virginia at 53; black residents hit hardest

I'm a Black man in America. Entering a shop with a face mask might get me killed

Coronavirus is disproportionately killing the Black community. Here's what experts say can be done about it. Nigger don't wear a facemask.

Mistakes of Katrina when it hit New Orleans and crooked Mayor Ray Nagin

First Person to Die in Miami From COVID-19 Went to Dance Party Days Earlier

'Stunning lack of judgment': An Illinois mayor apologized after his wife was found partying at an illegally open bar and violating the state's stay-at-home order

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Weighed In On Why So Many Blacks Are Dying Of COVID-19

Coronavirus wreaks havoc in African American neighbourhoods

Coronavirus could be a fitting end to the Black community

More than 80 coronavirus cases confirmed at China Owned Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls

Coronavirus, like past pandemics, shows how Black bodies are political

Crazy Texas teen faces terrorism charge for threatening to spread coronavirus, police say

Lorraine Maradiaga, girl they looking for you

6 Mild Symptoms of Coronavirus You Shouldn’t Ignore, According to Doctors

Swiss Scientists Have Recreated the Coronavirus in a Lab

Experts know the new coronavirus is not a bioweapon. They disagree on whether it could have leaked from a research lab

COVID 19 ISIS Revenge Weapon

Noam Chomsky on Masters of Mankind (2015)

80% of NYC's coronavirus patients who are put on ventilators ultimately die, and some doctors are trying to stop using them

Thousands of applicants, zero loans: Trump's small businesses lending program is a failure to launch

Pakistan re-arrests men in Daniel Pearl murder case

Photographs of Black teenagers that stare prejudice in the face

Contending with ISIS in the Time of Coronavirus

How and When Can Americans Access the $1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Checks? April 9

How long does coronavirus live on different surfaces? Forever!

The virus that causes Covid-19 was found in the Diamond Princess ship 17 days after its passengers had left.

Cornered by coronavirus, Iran could lash out

Over 3 million Americans delinquent on child support could lose stimulus checks

1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic That Killed 50 Million Originated in China Too

Health Care Decisions: Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die During CVID 19? A Form Of Eugenics

Kill the messenger for bring bad news. Fauci's security is stepped up as doctor and face of U.S. coronavirus response receives threats

Is Black hair political? If yes, why?

The Villains of the Virus Are Cashing In and Spreading Death

How Black Republicans are debunking the myth of a voter monolith

How the coronavirus works inside your body

The US government has a long history of using crises to justify indefinite mass detention

Visualizing the History of Pandemics

Israel's ultra-Orthodox crazy Jews in fight over virus rules

Black, Asian and Hispanic House caucus chairs unite in 'no tolerance' for coronavirus racism

Coronavirus: Are there eight strains and is one more deadly? There has to be!

Madam C.J. Walker's Daughter Hosted Lavish Parties For The Black Queer Community

Black church leaders push for census participation despite coronavirus. These stupid preachers going to lead you Niggers straight to Hell

Some Black people who have died from COVID-19. More to go!

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo tests positive for coronavirus

Why Black Americans are moving to Africa

Black Sorority Launches COVID-19 Webinar

How Coronavirus Has Affected The Black Hair Business: Asians Losing Money

'Everyone should be able to participate in beauty': 8 black-owned beauty brands you should shop in 2020

Rodney Howard-Browne, Megachurch Pastor Who Flouted Virus Rules, Arrested

High case count among Black residents in Mecklenburg a ‘major problem,’ some leaders say

Rumor, Disparity and Distrust: Why Black Americans Face an Uphill Battle Against COVID-19 Because Of Racist White Doctors In Chattanooga

In The Discussion Of Asian-American Discrimination Amid COVID-19, The Black Community Remains Divided