Open borders policies disproportionately hurt Black Americans; you think Nancy Pelosi and the Black Caucus give a fuck?

Chris Rock Slammed For ‘Tasteless’ Whitney Houston Joke On Instagram, Bobby Brown Responds

Most Americans don’t want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings. But 70 percent of Black voters disagree.

Open borders policies disproportionately hurt Black Americans; you think Nancy Pelosi and the Black Caucus give a fuck?

Bankole: Appealing to the Black vote in 2020

The Crusade of Al Sharpton’s Brother: As Pastor Kenneth Glasgow campaigns in the South to give ex-felons the vote, he could face prison himself.

Caltech researchers have found mathematical evidence suggesting there may be a "Planet X" deep in the solar system. If true, what whould you want for a last supper? 'You got to eat something fo' you go!'

Nibiru spotted? What is this mystery 'blue planet' over Earth? Planet X or UFO sighting?

The solar system's hidden Planet X may finally be spotted soon

Donna Brazile Explains Why She’s Working for Fox News. Blacks don't give a fuck!

This witch is back: Donna Brazile speaks at Indiana Black Expo : 'If we vote, we determine who sits in that White House'

Donna Brazile: Bailing out DNC gave Clinton campaign control, ‘made my job impossible’

Joe Biden embraced segregation in 1975, claiming it was a matter of 'black pride' He'll say anything!

Stop watching that neo-slave auction they call the NFL Draft

Joe Biden's non-apology to Anita Hill casts long shadow over 2020 run

Study examines how racial bias leads to mistreatment of Blacks

Black female voters to Democrats: 'You won't win the White House without us' — Black men vote too!

Black men voters: Wake-up you sleeping giant

Voting Behavior and The Impact of The Black Vote in 2018 Mid-term Elections

Joe Biden may launch 2020 campaign on Rocky Steps at Philly Art Museum, per report

Both launched their presidential campaigns in Philadelphia, but who was the racist?

Bodycam footage of two cowardly Nigger officer-involved shooting near Yale University released

Two Nigger Cops shoot unarmed Blacks, and then run away. One stupid cop shoots self in back while running away.

Legal Aid Society Counters NYC Police Misconduct With New Database. They have a license to kill Blacks

Imagine the murder and mayham against Black these rotten Cops have gotten away with in the past ? Search the list of more than 30,000 police officers banned by 44 states.

Racist Facebook is punishing Black people for talking about racism

Ex-officer sentenced to 25 years in Black motorist’s killing

Ex-cop Nouman Raja sentenced to 25 years in Corey Jones fatal shooting

Feds beat this bitch with an Uglystick and the Uglystick broke. You got to buy more Uglysticks!

Feds all up in this bitches ass: FBI And IRS raid Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's home and offices at City Hall

Say it ain't so Joe! Say you ain't an undercover racist shitting on the Black Community

Will Black Voters Still Love Biden When They Remember Who He Was?

Biden’s Baggage Could Be a Heavy Lift in 2020

There’s a split among Democrats on #MeToo and more. Biden might have picked the losing side.

When will the beatings stop? Police officers pepper-spray and punch Black teenager, 15, in Florida

Joe Biden's Pro-Segregation Past Resurfaces; Said It Was a Matter of "Black Pride"

With that fake cry, the world knew that bitch was lying!! What the fuck is wrong with these crazies?

Parents JoAnn Cunningham and Andrew Freund of missing 5-year-old murder after boy's body found in shallow grave. Boy, them 'bout two lowdown scumbags

Civil Rights icon faces tough choice— For all he did during civil rights is undermined by 1994 Crime Bill

Two stinking Niggers, John Lewis and Kweisi Mfume sold the Black community out for the 1994 Crime Bill

Former CBC Chair Who Voted For 1994 Crime Bill Tries to Cover Up His Role

American Anti-Slavery and Civil Rights Timeline

Omar Ibn Said Collection: Know your history and not his-story

Muslim American slave’s autobiography goes online in U.S.

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson called Royals pitcher Brad Keller a "weak-ass fucking Nigger

John William King, 44, is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday, officials said  

See you in Hell John William King: Avowed racist who dragged Black man behind truck to be executed this week

Black Millennials: To Vote or Not to Vote? Vote like, your fucking lives depend on it

Black millennial political convention scheduled in Washington

Millennials: The Most Empowering Generation

LeBron tweets outrage over black teen’s violent arrest as #JusticeforLucca calls grow

Little Es' Illegally Fired for Speaking the Truth!!!

Last time I checked sylvan learning center was to teach kids Math, reading and writing not current world events or personal beliefs or religious beliefs. Im pretty sure they don't want kids coming home to mommy and daddy telling them what the Sylvan employee told them about political, religious or conspiracy issues. I understand why they fired him

The Skinny behind the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: From the 'Lords of London' to the Pope, quit calling. Check in the mail to help pay for your debauchery!

Hot enough to fuck: Elizabeth Warren calls for Trump's impeachment following Mueller report

Old slick ass Trump — He done slicked the Dems again — sometimes he'll slick you and sometimes he won't — sometimes he'll dick you and sometime he don't!

San Francisco Braces For Larger 420 Cannabis Celebration, Warns Against Black Market Pot

Mueller report recounts 10 'episodes' involving Trump and questions of obstruction

Mueller report proves Trump innocent of obstruction: Much to know about nothing!

Immigrants pave the way for the gentrification of Black neighborhoods

Ohio, Kentucky doctors among 60 charged in pain pill bust acted 'like drug dealers'

Junky Nation… American Junkies Adapts a Grunge Heroin Memoir to the Stage

Patient Profiling: Are You a Victim?

American Christians Mocking Jesus Christ — Where's Your Sense Of Shame?

There Will Be An Evangelical Reckoning Over Donald Trump

Most & Least Federally Dependent States, Most Are The Ones With Racism Against Blacks Like In South

Why The Morehouse College Gender Policy Is A Significant Step For Black Transgender Men

Morehouse College quit trying to legitimize these Black Faggots

Notre Dame towers believed to be safe, and the fire is cooling off: secretary

Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris burns to the ground; Red Cross to find new home for the Hunchback

Campus cops on leave after pinning Black Columbia University student

Tiger Woods says he’s ‘Cablinasian,’ but the police only saw Nigger

It’s time for Blacks to forgive Tiger Woods

Tiger refers to himself as "Cablinasian" (a syllabic abbreviation he coined from Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Asian) but he forgot N-word Nigger.

Going to the Black Church on Palm Sunday Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Trump threatens to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities — best idea he ever had!

Shouldn't Nancy Pelosi want detainees released into her sanctuary city? Hell no! Not in my backyard

Trump asylum policy gets temporary reprieve from Court of Appeals

Measles outbreak adds to argument to secure U.S. border, former Rep. Hayworth says

Migrants break border gate, force their way into Mexico and they just keep coming

Investigation launched into handling of Jussie Smollett case

Nipsey Hussle's Memorial Married by Violence, Drive-By on Procession Route Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured

Martin Luther King Jr. - I've Been to the Mountaintop seen the Promised Land

In 2020 as Black Voters are we ready 'To Cross The Rubicon?' to get to the Promised Land! Only the Black vote in a voting block will get US to the Promised Land

What Does It Mean to Cross the Rubicon?

No good deed goes unpunished. Principal goes into coma, dies after donating bone marrow to teen

An early look at the 2020 electorate

Police arrest suspect in ‘suspicious’ fires that burned 3 Black churches in southern Louisiana

'PreacherNSneakers' on Instagram, celebrity pastors in pricey shoes, raises stewardship questions

Fat Pastor John Gray trolled on social media for wearing $4,000 sneakers: 'The lord Jesus walked around in sandals'

Publisher of iconic black magazines files for bankruptcy — dumb ass Nigger wasn't a publisher in the first place

Try all you might, you can't shut a Black woman up, Ilhan Omar calls Stephen Miller 'a white nationalist'

Herman Cain Admitted He Isn’t Sure He’ll Pass a Background Check

Herman Cain unsure if he would survive vetting for Fed seat. I got too much shit in my background

Checking the Fact Checkers on Herman Cain and Godfather’s Pizzas, Part 2

Judge throws out case of Black KC teen wrongfully imprisoned by white police officers

Why Black voters are so important for Democrats in 2020? Numbers Stupid!

A Black woman was beaten by a white man with a gun. Police charged her with damaging his truck. That's fucked up!

Black woman who was 'beaten and racially abused by gun-wielding white bartender' gets charged HERSELF by the police for causing criminal damage to car of 'attacker' - but prosecutors reject filing

A Record Number Of Black Women Are Becoming Mayor Of Major Cities. True, but they ain't doing shit for US!

Mayoral runoff election results: Who won in your precinct?

Lori Lightfoot elected Chicago mayor, making her the first African-American woman to lead the city

IRS Black Belt audits show how institutional racism works

Is Oprah a lesbian? No! She's a Bulldagger

Oprah Addresses Lesbian Rumors, Cries To Barbara Walters (VIDEO)

Officer Involved: Video Shows Baltimore Police Arrest, Tase Woman for Recording Them

Baltimore Mayor Pugh more crooked than a barrel of fish hooks — This is what you get with Black women!

Baltimore Mayor Goes on Leave to get a face lift

To Chicago’s next mayor: Words of anticipation, hope from Black women in politics

Madam C. J. Walker, America’s first female self-made millionaire, started with a hair tonic

Madam C.J. Walker's legacy of empowering black women lives on 100 years after her death

Employers have no business policing Black people's natural hairstyles

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‘Low point in history’: Critics blast NY Times over ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon & more — lowrate Trump!

Buttigieg making new effort to reach black voters, talk race — that faggot shit won't fly with Blacks

Black Lives Matter on Campus Also, but Only Black Men Getting Killed

Ex-Detroit officer who mocked Black female motorist also allegedly broke another woman's arm

Freddie Mercury's body was so badly affected by AIDS that he lost most of his foot during his final days

Getting these Niggers out: More growth is headed Chattanooga's way, but some residents have concerns

Biden raises $6.3M in first 24 hours after campaign launch. It's good work if you can get it!

Simulation-based learning: Just like the real thing, but American educators too stupid to apply it.

7 Shot, 1 Fatally, At Baptist Church In Baltimore, Gunman On The Run

Nibiru pole shift: Planet X 'will flip poles' when it passes Earth, claims Wormwood expert

No, Planet X is not going to destroy Earth this month, so please stop it

The term ‘people of color’ erases black people. Let’s retire it. Nigger works for Blacks!

Kaepernick rarely speaks but still dominates every NFL conversation

Putin said, US prison sentence for Butina a ‘travesty of justice’


US judge sentences Russian agent Maria Butina 18 months in prison

Texas Town Reflects on Dragging Death Ahead of Execution

Buttigieg sets return trip to South Carolina to focus on outreach to Black voters

Second Las Vegas teen sentenced for threatening Black students

Jeremy Christian’s courtroom outburst: ‘I’m the victim!’

Could Trump Win 20 Percent of the African-American Vote in 2020?

Judge Slams Kim 'bubblehead' Foxx For Double Standard in Smollett Case: ‘You Created This Mess’

When Black South Africans got the vote, they ended up worse off under Nelson Mandela

Joe Biden Is Running For President

Two candidates in Maryland House Speaker race announce plans to form 'alliance' to elect first Black speaker

Surviving and thriving: National Association of Black Journalists conference coming to Cincinnati

New Documentary ‘Boss’ Explores Black Business in America

Bill Cosby attacks his trial judge – again – in new effort to get out of jail on appeal. Wrong person to get mad at

Number problem moves Morehouse professor: too few Black math teachers

How Black female Democrats may respond to Biden’s candidacy

How To Be A Better White Woman To Your Black Friend

Can Black women and white women truly be friends? Will crackers in Mississippi ever love Niggers?

Fired for a felony, again for perjury. Meet the new police chief.

Heckled at forum, Bernie Sanders still trying to refine message to Black voters

Crooked Judge indicted in Massachusetts for refusing to allow undocumented immigrant to be detained

‘The Apollo’ review: Black music legends reveal humiliations, triumphs

Using Linear Regression to Predict an Outcome in the Future

Maryland governor calls for Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh to step down

FBI raids Baltimore City Hall, home of Mayor Catherine Pugh, her attorney's office and three other locations

No Joe!

Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy

How a Young Joe Biden Turned Liberals Against Integration

The symbol of stupid 'Wakanda' and Black political vision don't mean a damn thing

What It’s Like to Teach at One of America’s Least Racially Integrated Schools

Public Universities Struggle to Support Black Students, Report Finds

What the fuck is a Pete Buttigieg? He Explains His Agenda For Black Voters

Nigger cop in Cincinnati who called other Niggers Nigger to seven-day suspensions

Mayor calls for firing of police officer involved in 'outrageous' arrest of Florida teen

Tuscaloosa police investigating viral video of officers appearing to beat woman during traffic stop arrest

Black Christians with White Pastors Seek a Reckoning on Race

Some Spelman Students Object to Atlanta's Black Female Mayor; Ain't Been in Office a Year and Blacks Want Her Out

Sound' like a good idea: Elizabeth Warren unveils 'broad cancellation plan' for student debt

What Gov. Lee’s voucher plan may mean for Black students? A chance they never had.

Don’t do it, Tennessee: Voter registration proposal a step back for civil rights.

It’s time to remember the Black women behind the suffrage movement

Lawrence Russell Brewer are escorted from the Jasper County Jail Tuesday, June 9, 1998, in Jasper,

Beyoncé’s $60M Netflix Deal Is Latest in Sharp Rise of Network Pacts With Black Women Creatives — It Won't Work 'cause You Nigger Can't Write!

Clifford Eberhardt Crashes Controlled Opposition's Pro-Palestine Protest Part III, 2 April 2019

Senate Democrats start new environmental push' We have a nation which has stunning injustices with 'Environmental Racism.' It starts with Chattanooga's Alton Park!

10 Teenagers Who Were Sentenced To Death

Step in right direction says Tennessee State: Harris' campaign focuses on Black colleges for support

Vote Like The Fate Of The World Depends On It

To HBCUs, reform or die: As historically Black colleges struggle across U.S., Bennett College fights to stay afloat

Florida deputy under investigation (fire that rotten Nigger) after video of him punching black teen in the head goes viral

Life is suffering! Suffering arises from our attachment to desires, good or bad

Your problem arises when you don't know how/where to put an end to your desires.

To dumb ass Niggers — There're some slick crooks out there but you're too dumb to know. 'Times' used actual ex-FBI agent to warn readers of Barr’s ‘Russian disinfo tactic’

Democrats’ Russia obsession a ‘huge gift’ to Trump for 2020 says Noam Chomsky

From Criminal Convictions to
Ethical Lapses: The Range of
Misconduct in Trump’s Orbit

Boy this one stupid ass bitch: Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in alleged sex cult case

Clare Bronfman

Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman to plead guilty in Nxivm sex cult case

Viewpoint: Beyonce’s Homecoming celebrates Black culture and education

Booker rolls out more stupid Geechee Nigger lawmakers in S. Carolina

READ: US Justice Department releases Mueller report on Trump-Russia 'collusion' investigation

The skinny behind Nipsey's death; Him an another Nigger arguing over some Bullshit — as is the case of most Nigger getting killed — going to the wrong house will get you killed everytime.

Sanders Gets Endorsements From 7 Stupid Geechee Nigger Lawmakers in S. Carolina

Too few Black men become doctors. A medical student conference in Philly seeks to change that.

Investigators think electrical short-circuit most likely caused Notre Dame fire – French official

Mueller was supposed to be the Democrats' savior, but now they’re out for blood

Asses Too Big: TSA agents say they’re not discriminating against Black women, but their body scanners might be. They got some junk in their trunks

'Just let Nigger die': Ohio guards laughed as supremacist stabbed cuffed Black inmates, suit says

Powerless Blacks in Powerful positions in America!

Case of officer who shot unarmed black man on ninth judge after eight drop out

Anti-Christian Ideology Is an Emerging Aspect of White Progressive Populism

Shooting Of Black Tampa Teen Unjustified Say Family's Attorneys

The Mocking of Christ

With ‘Nina Simone: Four Women,’ director Valerie Curtis-Newton wants audiences to see the work and lives of Black women everywhere

White supremacist gets life for running down Black man. Now look at you!

Candace Owens: Black vote is up for grabs in 2020. You think?

White coaches pick the wrong side when they talk down to their Black athletes

Omar Cites More Death Threats Against Her Since Trump Tweet


Trump defiant amid backlash, security concerns over tweeted video of Rep. Ilhan Omar

Black Caucus warns Trump is putting Omar's life at risk

White people love Tiger Woods because he can play golf, Blacks hate him because he can't play basketball

Democratic rep rips into Trump administration's 'sanctuary cities' plan, until their schools go broke

Poll: Black and white defines red and blue

Longshot 2020 presidential candidate has a radical plan to solve the student loan crisis

'Clearly a joke': White House explains away Trump's 'I love WikiLeaks' comments

Dr. GugoMaster Goes to Jail

Legal Weed 57% more expensive than black market: Statistics Canada

Migrants Break Border Gate, Force Their Way Into Mexico

Still I rise: Black Live Matter flag raised at RHS

Black Columbia student physically restrained on countertop by Barnard Public Safety requesting to see CUID

Infectious Diseases Making the Border Crisis Worse

Third migrant dies in Border Patrol custody in as many months

Louisiana descendants of Georgetown University slaves laud students' vote for reparations

Black students reflect on activism that led to new UM multicultural center

'Gardening while black' lawsuit defendant hires white supremacist attorney

President Johnson's Special Message to the Congress: The Way to the Promised Land

Ocasio-Cortez defends Omar amid 9/11 controversy: GOP is 'happy to weaponize her faith'

Shorewood teacher on leave for asking students who are Black to research ‘slave games’

Young calls for audit to review Associated Black Charities' management of children's fund

Lawsuit spotlights how Miami-Dade police treat Black young men. It’s appalling...

These politicians will jump on anything to get elected. Kamala Harris and other 2020 contenders target health risks faced by pregnant Black women

Assange charged with helping Manning crack password to leak classified US docs – DOJ statement


WikiLeaks founder Assange arrested in London

An Uptown Photographer Who Captured Harlem Life

‘Do you sometimes wish you were black?’: how my child and I talk about race

Chicago police union wants Rep. Rush to retract claim that it's the 'sworn enemy of Black people'

Ex-offender is now program manager for first-of-its kind transitional home for black women leaving prison, jail

Watch scientists unveil Event Horizon Telescope’s first image of our galaxy’s supermassive black hole

'I Can Clearly Feel that I Am Black': White Couple Identifies as Black, Claims Children Will Be Black Too

Police stops unintentionally increase criminal behavior in black and Latino youths

Why Black people discriminate among ourselves: the toxic legacy of colorism

Boston bracing for black market pot

The FBI wants help identifying the women in a confessed serial killer's hand drawn portraits of his victims

Why we asked 27 Black women to speak out on taboo of colorism

'Native Son' director Rashid Johnson takes his responsibility as a Black filmmaker very seriously

REPORT: Structural racism eliminated Black farmers

If Chicago is a Black political mecca, why are African-Americans leaving the city in droves?

‘Sisters in Freedom,’ the story of Black and white Philadelphia women abolitionists

Dark-skinned Black girls don't get married. Why? Too Black!

2020 Democrats Reach Out to Black Voters at the National Action Network. Fuck Al Sharpton and the Crooks He Came in With!

South Suburban Black mayors caucus express support for big head Kim Foxx

Suspicious fires at 3 Black churches in 10 days in a Louisiana parish

KC still wasn’t ready to elect a Black woman mayor, but Canady knocked down some barriers

Chicago's police union is 'the sworn enemy of Black people,' Rep. Bobby Rush says after protest of Jussie Smollett case

Democratic White House hopefuls tout agendas to Black voters

Older Black women less likely to be treated for heart disease, study says

Is Detroit Finally Getting a Black-Owned Grocery Store? If so, Niggers ain't gone support it!

Yeah you get a Nigger to try and cover that shit up! Pope names only living Black US archbishop to lead troubled Washington, DC, diocese

Stagger Lee & Red Tape Go To Funeral

Kentucky's 2019 session stuffed with God and racist rhetoric, some lawmakers say

Democratic 2020 Contenders Make Pitch to Black Activists

Trump takes step back from threat to close border with Mexico while Democrats encourage illegal entry to our country to take our jobs

Decline Of African-Centered Schools Is A Loss For Detroit's Black Community

Nobody is safe from devil cops: Officer cleared in lawn lady arrest

Police officer who was cleared by NYPD after 'beating a Bronx mother-of-two so badly she lost an EYE during arrest' could now face charges following launch of new probe

AATF aims for two Black teachers in city, county schools by 2024

First look at the 2019 Final Four

Amid legal troubles, Avenatti scrutinized for R. Kelly role — he may walk!

Whistleblower says Ivanka, Jared got security clearance over experts' advice

Black LGBTQ+ People Deserve to Feel How They Want About Nipsey Hussle

Richmond police investigating officer for yelling 'wait until your asses turn 18, then it's mine' at students outside middle school. Pure Hate!

This is not an April Fools' Joke

Today in history April 1: Soul singer Marvin Gaye shot to death by father


Today in history April 1: Soul singer Marvin Gaye shot to death by father

'Black Politics: Beyond Northam' Panel Held By NAACP

The Cannabis Industry Has Always Been Rooted in Racism. Black Chefs Are Pushing Back

Where Are the Black Hemp Farmers?

Two African-American teens denied jobs at Six Flags Over Texas because of hairstyles

Black Voters Like Bernie Sanders Just Fine — They Just Might Like Other Candidates More

Study: Michigan among worst in Black university enrollment

Sword-carrying man wearing MAGA hat allegedly slashes pedestrian's hand: A river of blood'