Near miss of the killer, Zarqawi; we almost got him, they say

They can't find Osama bin Laden! What are they good for? arresting a 5-year-old baby.

April 29 - 2005 - Last Posted 4-29-05:3:50-pm ET

BET; a missed opportunity for cultural advancement in Black America

Stupid Bush plays the race card in sending Judge Brown’s nomination back to Senate

The sick heritage and culture of poor Southern whites is what make 'em do it
The South is full of poor white crazy trash who will do anything to a child!

Inequality For Black Americans due to the racist white majority

They disgraced the American people!

Help keep all illegals out of the country so the American worker can earn a living wage.

Dark Cloud Hung Over Pope John Paul II Papacy

Pope John Paul II visited the U.S. seven times and didn't say one word about the plight of Blacks in America.

Stupid Bush, wrong, wrong, wrong about everything

In this country democracy for Black Americans, who are in the minority, is being oppressed by a hostile and racist white majority.