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Atlanta pastor rips Long on YouTube video

Oct. 3, 2010: Post 10-3-10, 12:30 pmET

Ahmadinejad calls for US leaders to be 'buried'

"May the undertaker bury you, your table and your body, which has soiled the world," he said using language in Iran reserved for hated enemies.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Did Tuskegee University (Other Blacks) Play A Lead Role In:

"The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment"?

In America The Nuts Rule The Day video

Income Gap Between Rich, Poor the Widest Ever

Black History

Jackson's wife: 'My heart will heal' after affair

Jesse Jackson Jr.: Is he in serious trouble?

Early Nation of Islam documents found in Detroit

Disappointed Supporters Question Obama

Williams forges ahead at U.S. Open

Injustice In Mississippi: Double Life Sentence Over $10!

Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson join Back to School rally in Detroit

Desecrated Qurans spur security patrols In Knoxville Tennessee

Economy 101: Jobless rate widens for black workers because of lack in education!

Chattanooga Recallers To Fight Another Day!

The Invisible Hand Defeats Chattanooga Recallers But The Fight Goes On! Video

How Ruthless Banks Gutted the Black Middle Class and Got Away With It

Huey P. Newton: Interview From Jail

Huey Newton Killed; Was a Co-Founder Of Black Panthers

Willborn race-bias case heads to Justice Dept.

Black Entertainment

Lawsuit accuses Bishop Eddie Long of coercing men into sex

Fenty's Defeat May Spell Trouble For Other Black Politicians

Otis Redding-'Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay'

What Has Obama And The Democrats Done For Blacks? Video

What The Hell Is Going On Bishop? You Looking Damn Sexy In Them Black Tights

Census Bureau report shows poverty on the rise in America

Colin Powell clarifies remarks to say he doesn't hire illegal immigrants

White Devils, On Dallas' Police Department Beat Another Black Man For Nothing

Fenty Loses Re-Election Bid for Mayor in DC Primary

Al Sharpton Leads Activists Near Tea Partiers

Ol' Crazy Preacher Converts To Islam!

Top US commander: Burning Quran endangers troops

Was Kennedy A Traitor To Health Care?

Crazy Preacher Blinked!

"God had no role in the creation of the universe, stupid!" Stephen Hawking

American Diversity Is Another Big, Fat Lie! Video

Judge: Chris Brown doing 'great job' on probation

A trip down memory lane with 'Best of Soul Train'

Black Crime

The Rise And Fall Of The Crooked Black Preacher!

Ahmadinejad’s Secret Meeting With Farrakhan & members of New Black Panther Party

Poverty: America's Shame

Deaf Texan exonerated of child sex assault freed

4th lawsuit filed; Long tells followers ‘we will arise'

What Really Happened to the Emmett Till Killers?

The Tan Man Is Coming To Town!

Would You Buy A Used Car From The Tan Man?

John Boehner; The Huckster Who Would Be Speaker!

DNA Frees Another Black Man After 30-years In Prison: Are There Any Guilty Black Men In Prison?

Number of Illegal Immigrants in U.S. Fell, Study Says

How Adrian Fenty lost his reelection bid for D.C. mayor

Election 2010 surprise: rise of black Republicans

Tennessee Pastor Bob Old Plans to Burn Quran on 911 in Support of Rev. Terry Jones

Rep. Jackson, wife considering run for Chicago mayor

A Rush to Operating Rooms That Alters Men’s Lives

They Lynch Children too in the Dirty South

Arts student sues over Pittsburgh police beating

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