The Hammer Falls On Delay

Sept. 28-2005: Post 9-28-05-7:30-pmET

Sinclere Lee gone too far this time

In over his head: huge rally against Stupid Bush’s Iraq war

It's counter-intuitive for so-called Christians to support war in Iraq.

A Talk With J. C.: Maybe God is Trying to Tell US Something

Race never played a part in the search and rescue of Americans

A comment on your website

Texas executes Frances Newton for killing family

Cover-up: toxic waters will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade

My Dear American Friends,

Will the Real Mayor Nagin Stand-up?

Mayor Nagin played Russian roulette, and the poor people in New Orleans lost

White property valued over Black life: mayor orders police to stop search-and- rescue to stop looters!

Hurricane Katrina leaves New Orleans’ poor out in the storm

Above to the left, you can see all the whites and Blacks who can afford gas leaving New Orleans, and to the right, you see a little Black girl living in the Superdome. She never had the privilege of visiting the Superdome before Hurricane Katrina. Something is wrong with this picture!

Pardon Set for Innocent Black Maid Executed in Georgia In 1945

Sunnis rally against American Backed Iraq charter

Some carried pictures of Iraq's Sunni former leader, Saddam Hussein, and chanted "bring him back."