51% of Americans say: Yeah, we hate them niggers!

Nov. 3, 2012: Post 11-3-12, 7:40pmET

Black History

KKK Will Ever Rise Again With New South

Black churches scramble to get early voters

Obama backing gay marriage could do him in

Romney Talks Black Unemployment, Are What

Wrong voting date and fake voter eligibility letters on rise

3 Ballot Measures Would OK Pot Beyond Medicine

Child rape in Boy Scouts what a shane to know

Piss on you: Afghan people are nuts in the world

The Dark Alliance: US behind crack epidemic

Why Black Americans should vote for Mitt Romney?

Eracism In America Before It Erases US from life

After dispute, La. getting first black top judge

Four Reasons Black Christians Will Not Vote for Obama

Mitts been left to center he just had to trick the

The last few weeks of this election is getting ugly

Obama Talk To Blacks Injected Race For Now

Are Black Men Ready For College Or Not?

Those Bad Old Days In America Are Still With Us Today

The Spook Who Sat by the Door: The Movie For You To See

Woman sends black bear bolting with booming authority

Polls show scope of the challenge facing Romney

Reconstruction Was A lost Cause For Blacks In America

Black Politicians And American Reconstruction

After the Civil War, the American South Rebuilds

Black Entertainment

Has America Change From Its Wicked Past History?

Majority whites harbor prejudice against Blacks

'Dead' man turns up at own funeral in Brazil

Tax Policy Center says Romney couldn't keep tax promises

In Black churches, a gay-marriage divide

Black homecoming queen breaks barriers

Harvard Rejects Jay-Z As A Business Role-Model

Google accused of rigging search results; face lawsuits

How the CIA Helped Create Crack Epidemic

Democrats See "Blacks" as "Useful Idiots"

Only The Truth Shall Make You Free!!!

The Obama Effect Movie Trailer (2012)

Some niggers out to stop Rack in this election

She who laugh last, laugh best in this world

Meningitis outbreak highlights corruption in medical practice

Stand your ground Stacey: She's Not In The Herd

American Jobs Should Be For Americans, First

Einstein was smart enough not to believe in GOD

Romney closes gap with Obama to 2 points after debate

Nicki Minaj threatens to bead Mariah Carey's ass

Obama, Romney reject invitation to address blacks

Dinah Washington: A Queen of Turmoil in life

Dinah Washington: What Difference A Day Makes

Dinah Washington married more time than Elizabeth Taylor

Black Crime

Our Biggest Challenges Just Too Big To Solve?

Do white men in the south hate Obama?

Dead man walking and doing more talking

Killed for just a Dollar is wrong for a man

Paul Ryan Ex-Girlfriend Black: Deneeta Pope

Did Reagan Put Crack In The Black Community?

Ronald Reagan: Racism and Racial Politics

Is Google Rigging Search Results Too?

Why the CIA Created the Crack Epidemic

American Jews Buy Off Israeli Politicians

New Evidence That Racism Isn't 'Natural'

Most Americans see lingering racism in others

Is Obama Overrated As A Speaker?

Do Black people support Obama because he's Black?

The last few weeks of this election is getting ugly

How Do Black Men Vote In Presidential Election

Who Armed Black Panthers Was Agent Provocateur?

US drug policy is racist and ‘war on Black people’

Nigeria killings caught on video for you to see

Was Who Armed Black Panthers Was A Snitch

We Post The News That The Others' Refuse

The Horror Of The Convict Lease System For Blacks

The Convict Lease System Was Worse Than Slavery

History of the Prison System in dirty Georgia

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