I saw my assassination in a dream


I saw my assassination in a nightmarish dream
My death was so unreal to me and unbelievable it seemed

I heard the sound of the shot and I felt what was (in my face) an unimaginable pain
But, the pain I felt was far greater to the people who loved me that came

All my friends were there even the ones who tried to pretend
Some mourners were happy and pleased to see my tragic end

I have wondered long and hard what my legacy would be
I hope it will be something good and fine for my children to see

Some say the celebration of my life in America is one big sham, I say if I had to celebrate it, I would rather be damned

If my death is the last voyage for my soul to take
And, if I could some how live again, I think I would refuse to wake

I can never forgive my country that hated me so
Some people in the land of my birth were happy and joyful to see me go

All that love, peace and nonviolence, for me, was all in vain, If I tried that stuff in today's racist America, any reasonable person would say I was insane

I find it hard to forgive my enemies and my so-called friends
You would be surprised at the ones who wanted to see my end

I tell you this wretched story as my last will and testament which was lost in time
Hoping your friends won’t benefit from your death like my friends did from mine

I must part you now and get back to heaven’s gate
Hoping and praying my message about my assassination is not too late


By Clifford Eberhardt, An Elegy to MLK



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