America's racial hatred and discrimination toward Blacks force them to sell drugs and into a life of crime; this is prima facie evidence.



Justices voice skepticism of voting rights law


Antonin Scalia is too fat to judge


Why Scalia’s ‘Racial Entitlement’ Quote Is Even Scarier Than You Think


DHS released over 2,000 immigrants


Why not release non-violent Americans from prison


Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine


Big cases await Supreme Court's 2012-13 term


Gates, Zuckerberg champion computer programming in a new nonprofit video


SC court nixes James Brown estate settlement


This shit just don't make sense; are we crazy or what?


Shelby County v. Holder pits local election control against lingering racism


Black-White Wealth Gap Widens in US: Study


The Civil Rights Wars Part I



Three-year-old suspected terrorist get unruly after pat down


After Prison, A Second Chance To Be A Better Mother


Older African-Americans Continue to Face Workforce Obstacles


Legal Immigration Should Come First: Illegals Need To Leave The Country


Supreme Court Takes Case That Could Puncture A Key Campaign Cash Limit


2 Texas women convicted of hiding boy for 8 years


You Stupid People: Martin Luther King did not organize the March on Washington and stop saying it!


One Of Black News' Greatest Hits


American Racism Is The Problem With Blacks, But The Country Is In Denial

Webcast Special To Black News


SPLIT DECISION: Drone Strike Policy Leaves Senators Divided


Don't get mad about American Racism; just stop it!


Report: White House Immigration Bill Lays Out New Path To Legal Status


America's racial hatred and discrimination toward Blacks force them to sell drugs and into a life of crime, this is prima facie evidence.


Jim Brown; the actor who never forgot his brothers


Blacks Are Thrown Under
The Bus By Illegal Immigration


Fried Chicken And Waffles: The Dish The South Denied As Its Own?


Jesse Jackson Jr. will in jail by Spring and in Hell By Fall


Two Black Cops Write Statements About Racism in LAPD


Fire intentionally set to get Dorner


This is why the whole world hates the Zionists in Israel


Russian TV: Check it out


Why the lynching and racial hatred towards Blacks in America?


Niggers trying to make ends meet


Zionism = Racism




O Captain! My Captain!


Obama Team To Make Important, If Symbolic, Choice On Gay Marriage


Darner Seeks An Audience With Everyone


Christopher Dorner Fans Call Him A 'Hero,' Citing Police Brutality


Black Immigrants Absent from National Debate


Jesse Jackson Jr.; Jail Can Be Hell


Just a few of the thousands of negative comments on illegal immigration from Americans


Babies giving head to each other (sic) normal


Fuck Black History Month


Inmates killing Blacks take over Georgia's Hays Prison


Master-Slave Relations In America Was All About The Sex


Woman Flipping the Bird to the Stupid Judge


How a Martyr Makes a Law


Lindsey Graham Gay! 'Admit Your Homosexuality'


Why Reforming the Primary Process Would Produce a More Productive Congress


Will God Forgive US For Slavery?


Thomas Jefferson: The Face of a Rapist



Some Good, Some Bad in National Defense Authorization Act


Stop and Frisk Policy - New York City Police Department


Ravens lost the Super Bowl Trophy


Radio show host and attorney Warren Ballentine indicted

Say It Ain't So Truthfighter


Did Beyonce cause the Super Bowl blackout?


Time Line For Slavery In America


Residents Rally Against Hate Crimes in Compton


Victoria Jackson Calls President Obama & Alec Baldwin ‘God Hating Communists,’ Asks ‘Why Isn’t There A White History Month?’


What was the worth of slavery in America in dollars



Some went running from their slave masters


Conditions of antebellum slavery
1830 - 1860


The Rape of Black Women under Slavery: Part II


Using Religion To Defend American Slavery


Slave Society and Culture in America


History of Lynching in the United States


Immigration proposals revive heated ‘07 debate


Conflict of Abolition and Slavery In America

Cybertoon# 15

Cybertoon# 14

Rodman opens door to basketball diplomacy


Call me Rack and let's talk turkey

Zionism is 'crime against humanity' like Fascism and anti-Semitism

Sho' you right

Supreme Court to finally earn its keep when it rules on same-sex marriage

We need to get some work from Clarence 'Mr. No' Thomas

The voting rights martyr who divided America

Boy, this is one rotten country

God, can you believe the hate some whites have for Black Americans?


How embarrassing; that white woman acted like 50 cent was a germ

Can you believe that Nigger tried to kiss me?

Lil' Kim Wants To Come To America And Go To Disney World

Rack said you can't come 'til you stop firing them rockets

We're The Enemy To Our Selves

Webcast Special To "Black News"


I knew them Niggers were voting twice: that's how they keep winning


Black Judge Over Jesse Jackson Jr. & Wife Case

Judge Robert Wilkins

Jackson should have been charged some time ago when his name came up during the investigation of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, linked to allegations that Blagojevich attempted to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama when he became president.

Special Report From 'Black News': Shut That Nigger Baby UP!


Top 10 similarities between the fall of Rome and the fall of America

The rise and fall of America

Racist slaps crying boy on plane and then call him Nigger

Joe Hundley

How can you justify slapping a baby; you make Hitler look like the Pope

911 Call For Cigarettes Gets Woman Arrested


Georgia to execute mentally retarded Black man

This is a non-issue, since most Niggers in Georgia are mentally retarded anyway!


Reeva was ready to dump the no legged Blade Runner


The great paradox: Black women and AIDS

How did a disease that was particular to white homosexual men in the 80s become an epidemic in the Black community? It's a paradox.


Let's give flowers to him while he's alive; the great Jim Brown


Graphic: Russian meteor impact explained


E. Gives Black News' Response To Obama 'State Of The Union' Speech


Is Lil' Wayne retarded? or does his teeth make him look that way!

No, he's not retarded, he's a crack baby.


Beyonce is beyond stupid to name her child 'Blue Ivy'


10 metro police officers face corruption charges

Judge: no hope with man fucking pig; pig to press charges!

Jamie Foxx to attend Trayvon Martin peace walk in Miami


Blacks hate comprehensive immigration


Immigration Reform Act stirs more hate, hysteria


The Murder of Pope John Paul I


Republicans' outreach to Blacks a joke



Christopher Dorner snapped: manhunt on for him


Would The Black Woman Been Better Off Dead Than Raped By The White Slave Master Over and Over, Again?


Webcast Special to "Black News"


Niggers, Can You Stand A Search?



Monica Quan, 28, and boyfriend Keith Lawrence, 27 shot dead


Romney 2013? Tagg Weighs Massachusetts Senate Bid


Slave Resistance In America Could Get You Killed


Was raping a female slave a crime or a way of life?


Mixing alcohol with diet drinks may get you more intoxicated

American Slavery, American Religion, and the Free Church of Scotland

Alabama hostage standoff ends with child safe, gunman dead


They Lynched Black Women In America Too


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