What Will The Year 2020 Be Like? The living will envy the dead.

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Doomsday 12/21/12: Galactic Alignment

"Black News" believe 2012 will close with a "galactic alignment," which will occur for the first time in 26,000 years. In this scenario, the path of the sun in the sky would appear to cross through what, from Earth, looks to be the midpoint of our galaxy, the Milky Way. In good viewing conditions from our Solar System, the Milky Way appears as a cloudy stripe across the night sky, as in the picture below. Some fear that the lineup will somehow expose Earth to powerful unknown galactic forces that will hasten its doom--perhaps through a "pole shift" or the stirring of the supermassive black hole at our galaxy's heart.

"Black News" believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012 when the winter solstice occurs. It is the time at which the Sun is appearing at noon at its lowest altitute above the horizon. What make us believe this will happen is because the world is so evil, and mass media and the greedy capitalists are not trying to make money off of this event like they did with Y2K and everything else. As a result, starting December 15 to 21, "Black News" will air a five-part Webcast melodrama: "Doomsday: The Last Days On Earth." In the past our Earth has had five mass extinction events; this maybe another. Don't miss this Webcast melodrama becuase it maybe the last time you hear from blacknewsweekly.com.

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What Will The Year 2020 Be Like?

The living will envy the dead

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