If a 14-year-old kid can get this pussy, there’s hope for us all

The teacher pleaded guilty Tuesday to having sex with a 14-year-old middle school student, avoiding prison as part of a plea agreement.

Nov.22-2005: Post 11-22-05-9:30-pmET

Loser Dog Back Home

He was a Loser Dog all over Asia, and that's what he is back home

The civil rights conspiracy has come full circle with Rosa Parks’ honor at Capital

Niggers Need Not Apply to the FBI

Only Suckers Join the FBI Anyway

Black Beating Victim With Knots All Over His Head, But No Anger Towards Police

Some Blacks in this country maybe quick to forgive America for what it has done against US and our race, but God won't be quick to forgive America!

To the right is Robert Davis

Bush Double-crossed the Rabbit Right

Instead of picking rightwing nuts, he picked two nominees who are liberal, to say the least. John Roberts and Harriet Miers are undercover liberals who will take to High Court to the land of Ted Kennedy.