Why Is Controlling Black Americans A National Security Issue?

Social Security disability going broke

August 31, 2011: Post 8-31-11, 4:40 pmET

You Can Stick A Fork In US Solar Industry: It's Done!

Research already published documents from Wikileaks

Over $60 billion stolen from war funds

Libyan Revolt Unmasks Lethal Racism Against Black Africans

Black History
Black Entertainment
Black Crime

Al Sharpton on MSNBC Presents Both Risk and Opportunities for Black America

Good Data for 2012 GOP Nomination

Black lawmakers target high urban unemployment

Editor's Note:

In the article above, we read where our so-called Black Leaders talk about the problems in the Black community. ... We know the damn problems, but where is the plan to solve the problems? They never have a plan put on paper! It's always as usual Smoke & Mirrors from them. And, what's so hard about coming up with an action plan for the Black community in the first place? A plan we can read; a plan we can debate; a plan we can analyze and synthesize; a plan we can rally around; a plan we can call our own. With all this knowledge in Washington and America, surely we can come up with a plan. A Black Plan; Our Own Plan.

Are Black leaders too stupid to come up with a plan?

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