The corrupt US criminal justice system is eating our youth

By Sinclere Lee

Black youth are in trouble across this country; the lack of a good job, the lack of a decent education, and the lack of moral guidance have left our Black youth in a bad way.

Because of the lack of a decent education, Black youth can’t find good jobs, and since there are no jobs for them to achieve the elusive American dream, they turn to crime in trying to achieve the American dream.

The same man that discriminates against our Black youth by denying them good jobs and a decent education is the same man putting drugs in the Black community that force them to sell drugs and break the law. And as it turns out, this evil from the same man forces Black youth into a life of crime. Alas, most Black youth are written off before they reach the age of 15.

Again, the same man that discriminates against Black youth and force them into crime by giving them drugs to sell is the same man running around in the Black community in a police uniform looking for them for selling his drugs. He's the same man!

The same man that's doing the discrimination and providing drugs for our Black youth to sell, and then turn around looking for them for selling his drugs, is the same man sitting behind that bench in the courthouse getting ready to send Blacks to prison for breaking the law. In fact, this crooked judge on the courthouse bench is the brother of the racist businessman downtown that started it all in the first place by discriminating against Blacks in the work place.

And when you get out of prison, it starts all over again. But, it will be harder to find a decent job this time because you got a prison record, and having a record is going to make you more incline to break the law again. As a result, you will get caught quicker this time because the man got his eyes on you because of your record. And when you get caught, again, you are going to get more time in prison because it’s your second offence.

This man got you going and coming with these tricks and lies. Yet, it starts all over again!

For example, eleven teams of Broward Sheriff's Office deputies took to the streets last week as part of a countywide sweep to catch juvenile offenders, mostly Black youth. This scene is played out everyday across this country because of Institutional Racism. Instead of being in school trying to learn something, many Black youth are running from the police.

Of the more than 350 juveniles on the list, 21 had been arrested and the rest is on the run for minor are pity offences that the authorities turn into major crimes.

"We're not talking about truancy," Broward Sheriff's spokesman Hugh Graf said. "We're not talking about kids who are stealing candy bars. We're talking about kids who have brought guns to school, kids who have stolen cars."


Armed with hundreds of pickup orders, Broward Sheriff's deputies, with the assistance of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, had a tough job. In one instance, the juvenile authorities set out to arrest escaped through the bedroom window of his home running for his life.

Among the charges some of the juveniles arrested face are battery on a school board employee, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and cruelty to animals. Deputies said all have gone through the system once and should know better.

"One message is, 'We are coming after you,'" Graf said. We are letting these white people eat our young and don’t have since enough to know it!

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