Massa Lott’s C-SPAN Comments Is White Folk Business!

By Ray Vaughn

Some folks are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, cigarettes and other bad for the human body and mind. Me, I’m a C-Span junkie.

I arise every morning, no matter what part of the country I might be, to watch the best network and programs on television which is hosted by the best anchors in the business. Susan, Brain, Connie, Lew, Paul, Robb, Steve and others are without peers.

Brian Lamb, the father of the network is, I think, a national treasure and one of the greatest living Americans.

Besides, broadcasting live both houses of Congress, C-Span viewers are treated to an array of special events and informational forums. The most favored is Washington Journal which is broadcast daily 7-10 am EST. The program features a mixture of newspaper articles, topics for discussion by viewers, open lines where the viewers choose the subject they wish to address. Also, the show features guests which run the gamut from the world of politicians to the activist, young and old.

Unlike FOX, NBC, CBS, CNN and the rest of the cable and network television, there are no commercials, no sixty--second sound bites, no right or left wing plan or spin on anything. It is the original fair and balanced television. William James O’Reilly and his Hitler like propaganda network have been treating their robotic followers as though were growing mushrooms. They keep the folk in the dark and feed them a lot of shit.

Mama warned me about people who have shifty eyes. O’Reilly has shifty eyes.

You will not get this on C-Span.

They treat you as though you have brains upstairs.

If you want to get the real deal on how Americans feel about anything, political, medical, social, drugs, law enforcement, FBI, CIA, President Bush, John Ashcroft, Al Sharpton, impending war in Iraq and other hot buttons issues, those who call in will let you know.

They have a habit of letting you know what is on their mind good, bad, and indifferent.

C-Span has class and sensitivity which are never witnessed on network and cable television. They do not sell their soul for the sake of profit.

To point out the metal of Mr. Lamb and his organization, I will mention Barbara Olson’s last appearance on Washington Journal.

On Sunday morning, September 9, 2001, I was visiting a family member up north in Washington State. As usual, I arose slightly before 4 a.m., west coast time, to watch Washington Journal. The guests on a one hour part of the show were Bill Press and Barbara Olson.

During the part while discussing her first book about Hillary Clinton a conversational exchange between both guests regarding the cover photograph of Ms. Clinton. Bill Press commented that it was not a flattering photo and suggested a more appropriate one was chose by the author.

Ms. Olson then discuss her new book of Ms. Clinton and noted its cover was, she thought, more pleasing.

No matter of what you thought about Barbara Olson, she had guts and was always willing to do hand to hand combat to defend her beliefs. Her enemies knew all too well that she was about to let anyone push her around.

I can dig that.

You have to give the lady her propers.

Because of her firm defense of the things she took to heart she had a knack of “rubbing some people the wrong way.”

I included.

As I said earlier, the C-Span viewers will let you know how they feel about you no matter what your status in life.

It was during this part, a lady called in and told Ms. Olson that among other things, she was evil and that she could see the devil in her face. The caller also mentioned that, because of Ms. Olson’s attitude and evil ways, something bad would happen to her.

For some reason, while flying home to the Golden State, those comments periodically floated through my mind.

That show was never repeated beyond September 9, 2001.

Had Lott acolyte and fellow draft dodger Bill O’Reilly, held the tape it would be repeated ad nausea.

But that is the class and respect for the Olson family the C-Span organization has.

Which is all the more reason that C-Span viewing is a requirement for every American who watches television.

It is not surprising that C-Span, “In The Classroom,” which offers some of the most sound history of this great country and other educational programs is respected by school administrators and students alike from coast to coast.

It was C-Span that carried, live and in its whole, the tribute to Senator Thurmond.

While watching the tribute it happened to me, a rainbow of ethnicity was in attendance.

Other thoughts went through my mind about the guest of honor as he sat in his wheelchair on the dais. I thought about what might have been going through his mind as he looked out over his audience and saw those of the persuasion whom he fought to maintain the state’s right to lynch.

The thoughts of his fight to keep the races segregated, of how he opposed basic human rights of all Americans under the Constitution of The United States and Bill of Rights. The very notion that President Truman would integrate the military was repulsive to this man who had overstayed his time in the Senate and looked like the boxer who has taken one punch too many.

I have a soft spot in my heart for our young and elderly and it was painful to watch this old man go out this way.

It is some sad shit to see folk.

Seeing the black attendees in the audience, I wondered how many of them even gave the slightest thought to Senator Thurmond’s presidential campaign of hatred and racism to their ancestors. And how if he had become the president, he and his fellow white supporters would fight to the death to maintain the south’s way of life.

Which simultaneously maintaining the black folk way of life.

Over the years, I have heard visible black people speak in glowing terms of how Mr. Thurmond has changed his views of black people and now enjoyed wide support within the black community. How far this black community spreads is suspect.

My guess is it does not extend beyond the voting bloc which incidentally, is a group Mr. Thurmond sought to retain the poll tax for.

But, this is not about dumping on a man who is in the twilight of his years. I rather he finds peace within himself and does nothing but good to all people until the end.

Among the speakers at the event was Senator Bob Dole who I thought gave a proper speech to Senator Thurmond.

And then, there was Senator Trent Lott.

Over the years, Mr. Lott has struck me as someone who is hypocritical regarding racial matters.

For some time, I have had the feeling that under the right circumstances he would advocate a return to the days of Jim Crow.

Perhaps, my view of Mr. Lott is due to that chip in the brain every black person comes into this world with that set off alarms when racism is detected.

Despite, how it got there Lott to me is the archetypical southern white racist.

So it was not surprising to hear him say those things about the presidential campaign of the guest of honor. I just wondered how those blacks in the audience received his statements. More important, I wondered how Mr. Thurmond felt about them.

My instincts tell me that were Mr. Thurmond to be truthful he would admit that given the progress this country has made since 1948 he would be hard Pressed to justify his position today.

I don’t think he longs for the days for legalized lynching and would even wish to forget that part of his history because it is not something to be proud of.

But, Mr. Lott would and it shows.

It was strange that the speech, and the event, remained below the radar screen for so many days before becoming a major story.

As for me I roughly shrugged it off as but another example of the racism within Lott.

These days the news media people are all over this story like white on rice. There are highly visible blacks jumping on the bandwagon of condemning Mr. Lott and calling for his head to be delivered on a platter.

I don’t want to spend too much time on the knuckle headed fools except to say that most of them need to shut up and mostly keep their black asses off Jerry Springer cloned television shows which pits black against black while helping the white program of divide and conquer.

We need to get beyond what happened to Justice Thomas and let these white people know that we are not willing degrade ourselves or each other for their entertainment.

Black folk have to understand shows like Bill O’Reilly, Hannity and Colmes, Greta, and Hardball does nothing but degrades black people and if they appear on them they should at least get serious money for it.

Blacks should not get involved with the Trent Lott business.

Leave that business to white folk. If they want to support Lott’s position on race and do not mind his face being in the hierarchy of the Republican Party more power to them.

One thing is for sure. He will never be the face of my political affiliation because I am registered as nonpartisan. So let him stay where he is as long as he wants or join up with the Democrats to add some dignity to their hierarchy.

You dig!

As far as to what Trent Lott said I am like the little country duck, I don’t give a quack, quack.

I have a lot more to fear from black people than the Trent Lotts of the world. Blacks have no hang ups to killing each other off like flies.

I believe the operative word for this pathological behavior is called savagery.

This is not to say that I could not become concerned if he should Lott wish to interfere with or hinder our rights as described in the Constitution of The Black Community and Black Man’s Bill Of Rights to wit;

Article 1: Blacks have the exclusive right to commit intra genocide. They have the right to sanction self-appointed black leaders for life, who are morally bankrupt and corrupt, and a Congressional Black Caucus who will champion this right by not speaking out against it while simultaneously denouncing law enforcement authority as racist for intervening.

Article 2: It shall be the right of black people to instill in each generation that it’s athletic gift to America shall be as monkeys, baboons and Apes on the basketball courts and football fields. They are guaranteed the rights to put on the pedestal sorry ass suckers like Michael Jordan as somebody young blacks should mimic.

Article 3: Blacks have right to contribute culturally to this nation by maintaining the art of minstrelsy and buffoonery in film, stage and television in the tradition of Willie Best, Martin Lawrence, Comic View and Homey The Clown. They have the right to produce and promote misogyny, by promoting specimen such as Snoop Doggshit. No other people shall have the honor of referring to black women as whores and bitches.

Article 4: Blacks have the right to hold entire black communities hostage to their illegal and deadly activities. The right to keep the elderly and children in a constant of fear will not be lessened.

Article 5: No one shall try to prevent the right of blacks to consume Ignunt Oil, cigarettes, crack, cocaine, heroin, or anything else which is destructive to the human body and mind.

Article 6: Black women have to right to appear on television shows to try to guess which one of 50 general f**ckups is the father of her child, again, and again and again. Suspects with well-bred names like Possum, Jab Bo, Snake, Peanut and Shrimp. Black folk have the right to produce an out of wedlock birth rate of 70% or higher. Black folk have the right to make excuses for sub-culture rejects and social misfits.

Article 7: Black men have the right to be a Badd Ass Nigga by going upside the head or putting his foot in the ass of the female when she gets out of line. He has the right as the big boss of the house to have his wife and children walking on egg shells for fear of setting him off and suffering his wrath.

Article 8: Blacks have a certain right to be stupid. Such as coming into some serious money and then buying a car for every day of the month owning a car lot, buying 100 Rolexes for 100 like blacks who themselves already own 100 Rolexes, 20 rooms homes with mink carpet, enough gold in their mouth to choke a mule, and 50-gallon drum of nose candy to help them enjoy it all.

Article 9: Blacks have inherent rights to think themselves inferior to white people and to be self-hating of themselves to keep skin bleaching cream companies in business to try to become that which is impossible, white.

Article 10: Blacks have the right to strive to fulfill expectations of certain white people of being a bunch of stupid ass niggaz.

Article 11: Blacks have the right to expect white people to solve all their social, financial, religious, political and moral problems and remain on the plantation. They have the right to be beggars for ions.

Article 12: Blacks have the right to maintain the black community in a state of S.N.A.F.U. Situation Normal, All F***ked Up!

Our fight is to ensure that white people do not violate the black man’s bill of rights. We cannot afford to have Y.T. competing with us by killing more blacks. Nor can we allow him to show disrespect to our women by practicing misogyny to them. These are our rights and responsibilities exclusively.

We simply will not put up with any bullshit from white people when it comes to protecting the black man rights.

So, as long as the Trent Lott does not interfere with our black rights he can be anything he wants.

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