Michael “Phantom Of The Opera,” Jackson Is Not The Only Michael J Who Fits The Description Of A F***ed Up Nigga!

By Ray Vaughn

Definition: F***ed Up. 1. adj phr Confused; botched, ruined; =Balled Up: A good idea, but now it’s totally f***ed up. 2. adj phr Mentally and emotionally disturbed; neurotic: I was so f***ed up I couldn’t talk sense.

For a great number of years, I viewed that Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan are classic examples of two of the most f***ed up specimen of the black community. Their being f***ed up is one thing. However, it's something else entirely when these misfits are touted, predominately by white folk, to the world as beacons of how far black people have advanced in this society.

White folk blatantly practice their racism and hate toward black folk, by hoisting the general f***k ups as examples of the greatest blacks among blacks of course.

I don’t know about you but since that day in 1955 when I saw the photo of the body of Emmett Till lying in that coffin, I made my mind to repel any mind game shit that white people are always running down me directly or through their black parrots.

When Emmett was murdered, he was less than two years older than I, and after all these years I've never forgotten what happened to him. So when white people start talkin’ bout the murders in Brentwood, I don’t even want to hear any bullshit about injustice to them. Unless they address injustices to blacks in the next sentence.

Let racists like Billy Goat O’Reilly get my attention by discussing the murder and newly released documentary on Mr. Till and deal with real injustice.

That’s another story so don’t get me started down that path.

It’s bad enough dealing with bullshit from racist white people. But having to be saturated with images and writings about f*** ups has long been a repulsive irritation of the worst type.

I’m sure you'll agree with that.

This commentary isn't about spoon feeding the brother and sisterhood pabulum. It's all about dealing with the truth straight up, giving to Mister Vee, and viewing these two sorry ass suckers for what they are.

They're haters of themselves and blacks generally.

But, black self-hatred and the hating of blacks generally aren't in themselves considered criminal acts.

Sadly, I think, this flaw has worked against the greater black community.

Frankly, the black community would be better off with the likes of Whoppi Goldberg, O.J. Simpson, Chris Rock, Dennis Rodman, and a whole shit load of blacks was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in the Laughing Academy.

The black community would also be better off without buffoons such as Martin and Cedric in the spotlight to affect another generation of the most tender among us.

Maybe we should round up the sad sacks appearing on the Comic View Minstrel Show and have them give a final act before a firing squad at day break.

Bob Johnson included.

We surely don't need the likes of Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan polluting the minds of our young people.

No doubt, some of you might be questioning my qualifications for reaching my decision about these two Michaels.

Let me give you my curriculum vitae. I was born real smart!

My guess is that although you might not have been so lucky, over time, you too have formed a similar decision. But were afraid to shout your inner most feelings out loud. So let me help you free your mind up so that when Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan names come up during conversations, especially with white people, you'll have no reservation in expressing your real thoughts about them.

Let’s begin with lesson one in getting your mind right, folk.

For as long as you can remember, Michael Jackson has made it his main mission in life to shed his blackness. Most blacks of this mindset aren't inclined to undergo massive physical changes in their efforts to run from blackness to faux whiteness.

Besides, they know that, in the eyes of many, they came into the world as a Nigga and they'll check out as a Nigga.

That’s the way it be folk.

They figure being with white folk twenty-four seven is the ticket for them. I don’t want to be boxed in like that. I don’t want white people see me colorblind. I want that every time they see me, they see a black man.

Just like when I see a white person, I see a white person.

Michael Jackson hates being black so much that he's willing to spend millions to look like that fellow Lon Chaney played in “Phantom Of The Opera.”

Try to figure that out!

Now folk that's much self-hatred. You'd be hard pressed to find a visible black person in American History who has hated of himself and black people that much.

Seeing that picture of him in court the other day made several cosmetic surgeons publicly condemn him for taking insanity to a new level. Especially, those well heeled Beverly Hills types.

Let’s face it sisterlady, seeing a person’s face exploding in prime time is not reassuring to prospective candidates for surgery. At least one prominent surgeon, I think, indicated what the world has suspected for years that Jackson’s change in skin color caused by injections.

Villa Lie Ghost my ass!

He has a disease all right.

Again folk, in the jargon of the black family, such a person is “One F***ed Up Nigga!”

We are among family here so let’s keep it real and deal with truth and fact. This clown is a disgrace to all of humanity. But he has the right to make himself the laughing stock of the world.

I pity the children.

To think that what began as a handsome black youngster became so maniacal and morbid trying to be white that he would make himself a disfigured monster is a tragedy.

I predict, if what I sense is his body decaying right before our eyes, he won't live beyond his fifties.

I am not a medical expert mind you, but it's difficult not to imagine that extreme medical surgeries and chemical intakes have to affect the human body over time.

We aren't addressing a person who's disfigured in an automobile accident; for example, where reconstructive surgery is very different you understand.

Let’s move on to lesson two in getting your mind right.

Michael Jordan is another f***ed up Nigga!

To understand how f***ed up he is, we first need to lay a sort of foundation which is germane to our decision regarding him.

It is a matter of fact that extortion is a felonious crime. In layman’s terms folk we're talking about the act of getting something from a person by force, threat, intimidation, or mistreatment. More often than not, the something is money.

This tells me that when a person, especially one of high visibility, is the target of an extortion plot they first need to contact the proper authority to begin the needed action to end the threat and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.

This ain’t no highly classified military secret, and everybody knows this.

Perhaps, Jordan is too stupid to know it but his highfalutin’ lawyer does.

Instead of him putting an end to an “Extortion plot,” directed to him through normal proceeding he tries to run bullshit through the justice system. My guess is this; he wanted some sympathy from the general public.

If that was a goal for him, it supports my decision that he's f***ed up!

But, we needn't get into his upstairs department to see through the sad shit he's trying to lay on the court and citizens. We can go up his ass all the way by looking at the documents he filed in court on the “Extortion Plot!”

I beg you not to take my word on the content of the court documents, but rather to go The Smoking Gun website and read them for yourselves.

Their site is www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/jordanextort1.html

What I gathered in reading the court documents Jordan is badmouthing a lady in whom he conducted an extramarital affair with.

Apparently, he paid her some hush money to keep the affair hidden from the public. My guess is he wanted to keep it from his wife also.

That makes sense to me.

Somewhere along in his adulterous affair, the subject of 5 million dollars entered the picture. Now folk, you weren't there and I wasn't there when and if a conversation about future payments took place between Jordan one of his mistresses.

Maybe it was all a misunderstanding. However, I think that if someone promised to pay you 5 million dollars to keep your silence until your retirement from basketball, it would be rather difficult to misunderstand that.

Despite the whether a 5 million dollar promise took place to the lady in question, one thing is beyond doubt is that she maintained her silence for all these years. She could have easily gone to the tabloids, CNN, Fox, and other television outlets to tell the world about the affair.

She could have made tons of money exposing Jordan and maybe his teammates for their skirt chasing patterns during this period.

One thing for sure had she decided to spill her guts it would have been disastrous for Jordan, Nike, NBA, and other sponsors, financially and otherwise.

Most of all, it would have been unkind, even uncaring, to Mrs. Jordan.

This isn't to say the lady is the pillar of morality. In that respect she follows a long line of tramps who targeted corrupt and prominent married men only to end up a sort of victim of a person who's a confirmed misogynist.

They especially get up tight when the man who is cheating on his wife with her is now cheating on her with still another woman.

Its one of those “Hey Lady, Your Husband Is Cheating On Us,” things.

And they've the nerve to think that he'll cut his wife loose and marry them. They alone will be one to change the behavior and lifestyle of this fellow. Welcome to the club of how to ruin your life.

It takes more than a bath, shave, change of red polka dot boxers, and Karl Lagerfeld to clean these jokers up.

Through it, all I have to acknowledge that the lady here wasn't totally corrupt.

But, then my man dig; it could be that money is the motivating factor in this sordid relationship.

To top his accusations off, Jordan implicates her attorney as a participant of this extortion plot.

I think it unlikely that an attorney would risk the revocation of his license to practice law and possible jail time for conspiring to extort money from a well known figure as Michael Jordan.

But that's the type of bullshit we've come to expect from this clown.

Bottom line is this ain’t about extortion. Believe me, if it were, Michael Jordan, I think, would have headed straight to the authorities to have the lady’s phone tapped, entrapped and everything else, including his wearing recording devices to get her and the attorney on record making threats and demands under duress to get money from him.

One thing is sure, we know don’t think it extortion or the lady nor her attorney would have been charged.

As they say there are two sides to every story and, the lady surely has her take on the relationship.

You can read her court reply at www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/karlaresp1.html

Her story is a very different from his and, I think, more believable.

I don’t want to take too much time in discussing her court documents, but it's clear to me that were Jordan take his case to a jury, as he shows in his court documents that he wants to, that he would be opening up a can of worms which could make Marv Albert look like a saint.

Let’s face it folk, if some of what the lady has stated in her reply is true, hauling Jordan’s former teammates into court to testify on her behalf, could be problematic for them and Jordan.

We're talking about some serious accusations.

Juries don't view a man who engages in unprotected sex outside his marriage and returns home to jump in the sack with his wife as a loving husband and father.

We need to be real and acknowledge that if Jordan, as the lady alleges, engaged in intimate sex with her, then later have sex with his wife, one can't escape the reality of him endangering the health, welfare and even the life and death of his wife.

And what about his children losing their mother because of his shenanigans?

A jury might be inclined to view him f***ed up and lower the boom on his black ass should it believe the lady is creditable.

You saw all those women come out of the woodwork and badmouth him earlier this year when his wife considered a divorce. The National Enquirer had a field day on Jordan. I don’t think he wants them parading before the jury for the lady and telling the world of his proclivity for the blonde hair, blue eyed persuasion. They might even support her claim of Jordan viewing his wife as “hired help.”

Furthermore, in her court documents she paints Jordan as referring to his marriage as a “business arrangement,” and David Falk, Jordan’s agent, as having recommended him to marry his wife to “maintain his favorable public image.”

Ain’t that a mother for you!

And then there's the NBA referee, Eddie Rush, who supposedly eased her initial introduction to Jordan.

Juanita Jordan has to be the luckiest black woman in the world to have such friends looking out for her.

But, Jordan brought this on himself and he has a perfect right to be a piece of shit.

He, I think, would have been better served to pay up the money and move on with his life. Instead of reading a two sentence summary of what he said and she said in the local paper, it would better to review the actual court documents at the smoking gun website.

These two Michaels strengthen my belief the black community has too many negative people in a visible position to influence the youngsters.

The wrong black people are making all this money.

Young black people don’t need a black man or woman who promotes self-hatred and pathology to blacks generally.

They make it a habit to keep their distance from blacks except for the occasional photo ops or press clipping to claim racism to them when that white man gets on his case. Excepting this ploy they never address social injustice and racism to blacks.

The time is come for the black community en masse to denounce and reject Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan for what they are.

A couple of F***ed Up Niggaz!

Just the facts my man. Just the facts.

Ray Vaughn can be reached at ray_vaughn@yahoo.com

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