Lawsuit seeks to bar Jesse Jackson from speaking for African-Americans

Civil rights figure dismisses 'nuisance lawsuit'

A group calling itself African Americans Against Exploitation Inc. has filed a lawsuit alleging fraud against the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and is seeking a temporary restraining order barring him from representing African Americans without their consent.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on November 12, states Jackson "intentionally misrepresented himself as an official of the African American race," and alleges "plaintiffs will suffer irreparable financial harm, damage, and injury unless the acts of defendant are enjoined."

Jackson spokeswoman Tracy Rice told CNN she is "absolutely certain (the lawsuit) will be thrown out." She said she believes the lawsuit was not written by a lawyer because of the style in which it was written, along with numerous spelling errors.

Jackson released a statement saying, "This is a nuisance lawsuit with no basis in law or fact. Tomorrow we are filing a special motion to strike the complaint as a baseless action."

The statement goes on to say Jackson is deeply saddened that such organizations choose to waste time and resources to advance such "negativity, hatefulness, and blatant mistruths."

"It is also both unfortunate and disappointing that these matters then take away from those vitally important issues that are deserving of coverage," the statement says.

Rice contended that Jesse Lee Patterson, who is listed on the suit as a plaintiff with the group, could have a personal vendetta against Jackson She said this is the second lawsuit by Patterson and his group this year.

A January 7 hearing date has been set.

The group was to hold a news conference Wednesday day to announce a new lawsuit.

Jackson and Rice said they are not aware of any other lawsuits.

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