Der Fuehrer At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

By Ray Vaughn

If there's one thing that we've learned about the man who occupies the office of President of the United States, it is that he's a racist of the first order. In this respect, he upholds the time honored tradition of the advocates of white supremacy while simultaneously promoting black inferiority as he grace the center stage.

Among the most prominent, I think, in this country are Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Wardell "The Boss Of The Hot Sauce" Connerly, Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, Lester Maddox, Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Bull Conner, Klu Klux Klan, Bill O'Reilly, Dinesh D'Sousza, Larry Elder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, National Collegiate Athletic Association, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Asa Hutchinson, Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Not to mention David Horowitz and his number one ass kissing spook, Larry Elder.

Outside this country, the person he's the mirror of is Adolph Hitler.

I discussed this kinship between Mr. Bush and Adolph Hitler in my essay, "The Bush Administration Plays The Daniel Pearl Race Card."

Those of you who read the essay will recall that I liken the tactics used by the current administration, following the events of September 11, 2001, as being similar to those used by Hitler following the Reichstag fire.

I still think that I'm right about this racist in the White House.

For those who beg to differ with my view about this career saphead, I will offer some food for you to chew on and digest before you go off the deep end and try to support your man in the White House. And his cronies. So keep your shirt on and seat yourself while I put something on your plate. The first dish I'll put on your plate is The Leader using upon Mr. Sharon the handle "A Man Of Peace."

You heard and saw him publicly heap this adoration on Sharon during a live television broadcast.

Despite what you think about me, one thing you have to acknowledge; I am not responsible for "The Leader" making that comment regarding Mr. Sharon. I will go so far as to say that you're not responsible for his statement as well.

Since you bear a testament to his comments, the question now is whether you're agreeable.

You also read and viewed the images of massive carnage of both Israelis and Palestinians as they are beamed across the world and into your living room.

Still think that I'm wrong?

Hearing this "man of peace," comment conjures up all manner of thoughts in my mind. None of which are positive. The first view is that "The Leader" is either:

a. Outta his rabbit ass mind.

b. Outta his rabbit ass mind.

c. Outta his rabbit ass mind.

e. All of um!

Secondly, maybe rigor mortis having took a firm grip, of whatever remains upstairs, is behind his rationale. Assuming for a moment intelligent life ever existed. Being of the manor born has its drawbacks you know. Most notably is not having to think your way out of a paper bag. You just simply hop your ass into pappy's pocket and let him transport you to where ever he wants you to go. Another drawback is that you never know what it is like having to scuffle to make ends meet. You have nothing in common with the working man or woman who has to worry about having enough money to pay the mortgage, keep the jalopy running, cutting grocery coupons from newspapers to save on everything from Fruit Loops to toilet paper.

He doesn't have a clue of what it means having to work full time and not having health insurance for his family or a senior citizen having to chose between medication and food.

I can't wait for him and his kind to tell me how it feels to suffer a lifetime of indignities of being black.

"The Leader" has as much awareness of being black, Hispanic or Arabic as men have of being pregnant and bearing a child.

It matters not what great husband or father a man is. He will never, ever have the same bond to a child that the mother has during the gestation period and childbirth.

So it is with white people trying to understand what it is to be black.

May as well accept the fact that mothers are special your whole life.

There is a reason for Mother's Day being the single most day of the year both financially and socially.

It's all good folks.

"The Leader" has been shortchanged in life experiences so when he talks about the less fortunately among us, the need of working hard to succeed, or making your own way; it is all rhetorical.

More exactly folks, it's a bunch of bullshit.

He can however, give us some insight on how the rich and powerful bond together to keep the commoner poor and powerless.

He may also be able to clear up us how during the Vietnam area that, giving to the writer Greg Palast in his book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," page 147, he got a score of 25 out of possible 100 on a test to decide if he qualified for pilot training. According to Palast the score of 25 was one point above "too-dumb-to-fly" status. Despite his "score, he could leap ahead of hundred of applicants to get the Guard slot."

Like his ace boon coon, Wardell "The Boss of the Hot Sauce" Connerly, he is averse to every modicum of "preferential treatment," or affirmative action as long as it does not apply to them and their friends.

I am sure that "The Leader" can explain how the election in Florida was rigged before November 2000. According to Greg Palast in the section "Jim Crow In Cyberspace," Jeb Bush and Katharine Harris had a hand in some dastardly deeds about voter eligibility. I read that blacks, particularly, were dealt a losing hand from a very racist deck.

One of the things which vexes black people are the fact that no matter how stupid, poor, lowlife and immoral white people, "The Leader" included, are viewed, they view themselves as better than the most polished of black people.

To many white people, race trumps substance any day.

That's the way it is with the racists, black or white.

There's something good to be said for the person who is born dirt poor and rising to unimaginable heights while remaining compassionate to the less fortunate and having a sense of right and wrong.

You don't get this experience through osmosis.

"The Leader" can't begin to understand such a person. This joker got everything on a silver platter from conception to now. Thanks to friends on the Supreme Court, even his present position was gifted to him.

And you thought they didn't stack shit as high as "The Leader."

We are talking 'bout a specimen who, aside from being born into the manor, came with an Earl Schibe white paint job, puts him ions ahead of nonwhites, who now thinks the world must see things his way and only his way.

Now he thinks himself a God.

He's not alone in his white superiority complex.

He is a man which needs to be idolized by the masses just like Herr Hitler.

The major difference is that Adolph had more class than his godson and goes to show you just how far this country has progressed into the abyss. Anyone whose view of things is different from his is subjected to all manner of atrocities.

He decides what terrorism is.

He decides who is a patriotic American.

He decides the removal of a leader of a sovereign nation by any means called for, including murder.

He decides what nation can own weapons of mass destruction.

Der Fuehrer is aided and abetted by the modern day clones of Heinrich Himmler, Josep Goebbels, and Hermann Goering as Donald Rumsfeld, John “Barney Fife” Ashcroft and Dick Cheney.

The elected officials in Congress, with rare exceptions, have all abandoned the Constitution which each of them swore to uphold. They've forgotten the argument laid on the U.S. Supreme Court by the late great Leon Jaworski. You remember him. He was the fella who battled Richard Nixon over the release of the Watergate tape. You will recall, Mr. Nixon's assertion that being the head of the Executive Branch, gave him sole authority over the release of the tapes.

In one of the greatest moments, I think, in American history, Mr. Jaworski stood before the highest court in this land and stated that if the President is to be the sole interpreter of the constitutional powers about the Executive Branch then this country has a big problem. Mr. Jaworski then posed a question to the court which was truly a shining hour in our history. He asked the court that if Mr. Nixon's position that he was the determiner of whether the tapes should be released, and he was wrong in this belief then who could tell him so.

We all know what the Supreme Court controlled unanimously then.

We all know what effect the ruling had on the presidency of Richard Nixon.

The point is that we simply cannot have a president and his cabinet running amok and interpreting the Constitution on the fly.

We now have a lineup of some of the most vile, repulsive and corrupt individuals in the world whom adamantly believe that they own the power of life and death over everybody they find adverse to them including the citizens of this country.

The Congress has gone from AWOL to Desertion status folks. They may even be enemies of the state.

We're talking 'bout a group who has decided to let the Washington Gestapo have their way and openly fulfill their campaign of anti-Semitism to the Arabs.

And you thought Semites applied only to somebody else.

Instead of standing firm to what is right and just, this bunch is more interested in cooking up one resolution after another condemning Mr. Arafat in particular and the Palestinian people in general. When you hear statements advocating a permanent occupation of the West Bank by Israelis and relocation of the Palestinians to another country, it is the sign of a demented specimen. The type of person the slaves had as their owners.

We're talking 'bout Congress members like Richard Armey. Also known as a dick.

Don't hold me to this because I could be wrong. It could be Dickhead, Dicklicker or Dick-brained.

Folks either moniker aptly describe this sad shack.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Dick, Dickhead, Dicklicker or Dick-brain, he is so full of ugly that he has to cover his head with ten or fifteen comforters and blindfolds so that sleep can slip up on him.

The Dicklicker is joined in his condemnation of the Palestinians by another Texan, Tom Delay. I do not wish to be too hard on this anti-Semite, but the mildest description I can tag him with is that he's one sorry ass mother.

Delay gives every appearance of a specimen who is as dead as a Dodo. I think the shade tree mechanics must have used a pair of ice tongs on his face to extract him from the "deep freezer" at birth.

Again, I can only guess about events surrounding his birth. I just have the vision of him being yanked from the freezer in the manner the iceman of old would deliver a block of ice with his tongs. They might have tried to screw him back into the socket after taking a gander at that kisser of his.

There must be a certain reason for these jokers to turn out the way they did.

As fervent racist that they are maybe "Sapphire" had something to do with the creation of these three-headed monsters.

Maybe, while "massa" was away "Sapphire" fed these birds a formula concoction having sewage, mule piss and Pet-Milk folks.

This I reckon to be so. I don't know for show.

However, if "Sapphire," was the culprit, can we get an amen for Sapphire.

Whatever the reason, every potential parent should make it a priority to find what it is that made these two specimens to be this ugly so to avoid making the similar mistake. As they say "Beauty is only skin deep." "Ugly is to the bone." Tom and Dicklicker ugliness run to the marrow. In this respect, they are flame keepers of the family tradition.

Too bad Dicklicker is the only one of these two jokers to leave town at the end of this term. All black people of America should get together and throw him a going away party; the day after The Dick leaves the town!

One thing is very clear. The Jewish lobby is destitute to have Tom and Dick speaking out on their behalf. The only missing link is Harry.

How bad is it for the Jewish lobby you ask?

Let me put it as gently and tactfully as possible.

People, my propensity for being gentle, tactful and humbly are the stuff of legends.

My grandfather was a man of wisdom who was fond of opening us youngsters minds and pouring some sage nuggets which lasts a lifetime. He told me a barometer of just how bad things are in any given household is to observe the eating habits of rats.

I asked the great one with hair of snow what he was driving at. He said when the rats reduce themselves to eating onions in your house; you can be one-hundred percent sure that your household is truly in bad shape. I'm gonna create a disturbance in your mind by letting you fill in the blanks on this onion wisdom.

Other onions in the House are the likes of Representatives Carrie Meek and Major Owens.

They are a couple of jive ass dipsy-doodle artists if ever such a pair existed.

Folks, we're talkin' bout a couple of real jugheads.

Whoever let these two out of the laughing academy ought ta be severely tortured by having them listen to an hour of Elvis Presley's sangin'. Anything longer would be subjecting them to a fate worse than death. We surely don't wish to incur the wrath of Amnesty International.

Anyway, watching the deed of Carrie Meek during the House debates on HR 392, a resolution supporting Israel, gave several textbook lessons for us to examine.

First, she gave aspiring actors a lesson in bad acting.

Her rhetoric about Israel being our friend who deserves our full support was not creditable. According to Congress member Meek, we must come to our friends aid in times of trouble.

I can agree that friends support each other especially in times of trouble. However, I don't know whether she had a mouse in her pocket when she parroted massa's support for Israel, but the "friend" and "we" stuff positively doesn't include me because I don't know a single person living in Israel. Conversely, I don't know a single person living in Palestine.

Nor do I have a beef or animus to the Jews or Palestinians. This is not to say that I don't care about them or all peoples of the world. I just have no personal relationships in that land.

What I am sayin' is that Mr. Sharon and Mr. Arafat haven't done jack shit for or to me so why should I consider them my friend or enemy.

To give a creditable act, an actor has to believe in the character she's portraying. It was noisy in Meek's comments of "Straighten Up And Fly Right," and "There is no good frog who won't praise his own pond. Israel is a part of our pond," that she did not conjecture in that script.

I’m glad to see her ass go also!

Then there was Owens foaming at the mouth to announce his support for the resolution. Their action support my belief that black people can be some of the most ardent proponents of racism that you'll ever run into. The first thing you will note about them and other black members of Congress is that these handkerchief head yokels sell their souls for chump change. The second thing is both displayed the classic sign of an all too common mental illness within the black community. That illness is wanting white people to love them. So much so that they'll do almost anything to get this love. Notice. I didn't say that they sought respect. I said they wanted to be loved.

Let's stop right here and acknowledge a tremendous difference between the mindset of the black man and white man. The white man wants to be respected and feared. The black man wants to be loved. My man, in this life fear and respect lasts much longer than love. A perfect example of this fear and respect is on display in Mr. Ariel Sharon. I don't care what you and I think about this elder warrior, you have to acknowledge that Mr. Sharon does not take any shit from anybody. His enemies greatly fear him which is just the way he wants it good, bad or indifferent.

Anyone who even thinks of bringing harm to him and his "household," must factor in the cost of such an effort and be willing to endure retribution.

In the black community, a black person who shows these qualities is called a Badd Ass Nigga; as in a black person, usually a male, who wins the respect of his own people by resisting the dominate white society; "A Badd Ass Nigga" is a nigga who "doesn't take no shit from nobody."

Instead, most blacks want massa to love them.

Lots of black people have this illness. Correction, millions of black folks walk around with this illness. They'll do and say anything to get the white man to pat them on head and tell them they did good.

That bullshit played out a long time ago and still in 2002, we have blacks mentally and socially of this mindset. They support the D'Souza's of the world racist comments involving black inferiority.

Even most whites find such black folk repulsive.

The sad thing is that whites and Jews don't love anybody they can't respect.

They positively do not respect any black person they can buy with chump change.

My thinking is that if you are selling your votes, at least get enough Benjamins to choke a mule. Ain't no need of being a chowderhead about it so think like a white man and a hard nose and corrupt mother. That way when you show the campaign contributions from the lobbyists, you will be able to show to your black constituents that you are a bona fide and savvy politician. Otherwise, the lobbyists will continue to look upon you as a couple of dumb ass niggaz.

The brother and sistahood will simply view you as little more than pickpockets.

Come election time, the votes cast by Owens and other black folk for HR 392 won’t mean shit.

The white man has a well-deserved reputation of leaving the bride at the altar. He does not make permanent friends. He makes only permanent enemies. So when you see blacks leaping in with both feet to give carte blanc support to Israel all in the name of Der Fuhrer's war on terrorism while condemning the Palestinians, you know right away that they're helping to carry out the white man's racist program in that part of the world and here in America against those of Arabic descent.

Folks, this is what you look at from self-hating and pathological spooks.

Owens and Meek threw their all behind the resolution supporting Israel to win the coveted cast-iron overcoats from Y.T. I suppose that I'd give them some props for upping the ante for their support of massa. Earlier, the man had only to provide them a year's supply of seeded watermelon, red Kool-aid, chittlin's, pigs feet, collard greens and a vacation for two in south central Los Angeles and they would vote twenty-four seven for massa's agenda. As a result, blacks I think, would be better off with an all white congress until we get our minds right.

Having a bunch of black folk with a slave mentality selling the black masses out does not help to advance blacks. Okay folks we know a few characteristics of a black politician who seeks the love of whites and Jews. Let's now check out a few signs of a black politician who is not craving love from the man.

Let's talk about a "Badd Ass Nigga" for a second.

If I'm a black congress person, the first thing I'd do is sponsor a resolution supporting the Palestinians demands that Israel immediately end the occupation of every inch of land in its territory.

Secondly, the resolution would call for all Israeli settlements to get the hell out of Palestine territory and leave the residential property for the Palestinian people to move into.

Third, the resolution would acknowledge a real existence of both Israeli and Palestinian. Each would enjoy all the benefits of a sovereign state to include a right to self-determination, form of government and the inherent right to defend themselves against foreign and domestic enemies.

This will mean the state of Palestine is free to arm itself with all manner of defensive and offensive weaponry to protect its citizenry the same as the United States, Israel, Great Britain, and France. The Palestinian would then form an armed force both air and ground. The armed forces must have the most modern tanks, helicopter, missiles, nuclear and conventional bombs, antiaircraft missiles, biological and chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction just like Israel, Great Britain, United States and France.

I would force that the proposal Mr. Barak presented to the Palestinians that we hear so much about Mr. Arafat refusing be presented to the world as written in its whole so that we can judge for ourselves just how fantastic the proposal was. We are tired of hearing the propaganda of this and that percentage of land Barack proposed giving up. Let the people here and the world sees what the document actually says.

Maybe Mr. Arafat had good reasons to reject the proposal. So let the world see whether he, Mr. Arafat, is so intent on destroying Israel that he would rather subject his people death and destruction as the anti-Semites claim he is.

My guess is that we'll not be privy to all that's in the documents.

Somebody said that truth is only dangerous to those who hate it. I think that's a just statement.

My second proposed resolution would support Iraq's right to hold weapons of mass destruction to include biochemical, nuclear and conventional bombs, antiaircraft missiles, ground and air force, intercontinental missiles, tanks, modern rifles and all the weaponry which the United States, Great Britain, France and Israel hold. Ain't no need of the white guys having all the fun.

Dat kosha' enough for you.

See, I don't blame my man Saddam Hussein for wanting to get all the weaponry he can to defend himself and his country against mostly white folks. Let's face it folks, the racist white people both here and abroad want to control the world.

They especially want people of color submissive to them. They want to be the only possessors of weapons of mass destruction to come into their country and place you in a position of slavery and servitude. Those who dare reject them are subjected to a final solution.

Saddam my man, you have my support in arming yourself to the maximum as I'm a firm believer in a sovereign country's right for self-determination and self-defense including owning nuclear weaponry.

So does North Korea and China. Just like the United States, Great Britain, France and Israel.

But, the most important thing I'd do as a Congress person is to uphold the Constitution of The United States Of America and The Bill Of Rights. I'd face Der Fuhrer every step of the way on the sham war on terrorism, and all atrocities being heaped on the citizenry in its name.

I would challenge this business of invading a sovereign country and removing a head of state without an attack on this land by its leader or elements of his government.

Lastly, I would propose a resolution banning the wearing of those sorry ass red neckties in the Congress.

I tell you folk, it is some sad shit watching so many members of congress, news men, announcers, talk show hosts, guests, and other jokers wearing red ties.

I guess if a red tie represents power then blue and other colors are the opposite.

My mindset is contrary to that. I prefer silk ties in solid colors of gray, blue, and a few other classy colors. My preferences in silk ties with designs are that they're minimal and complementary to my suits. Always there must be a silk handkerchief in the breast pocket.

I hate red ties with a passion.

We would have to rid the halls of Congress of red ties even if it took a constitutional amendment to make this. I hope the brothers get the subtext of this tidbit on red ties and act to un-ass them. Especially those highly visible brothers among us.

Despite a Congress, which willingly bend over and let "The Leader" and his racist tyrants drive them into the abyss we have those who are standing firm to the principles which America was founded.

It's inspirational seeing the young and old alike who unite to support that which is right and just in the face of the awesome powers of the tyrannical leaders of this government and racist supporters that try to masquerade as religious people and the real Americans.

It was such a joy watching those who gathered in Washington on April 20, 2002 in the "March On Washington Against War And Racism," as well as the one in DC and throughout America on October 26, 2002, and similar rallies throughout the world. If I had been in the area, you can be sure that I'd have been right there with them.

If some of the contents of this essay lead you to believe that I think all white people are racists I surely don't intend this to be the case. Some of my closest friends are white.

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